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Re: Coating Without a Machine

Yves !
Your correction for John's software translation is so approximate that it does not serve good understanding of the original Art Chakalis' sentence .
So, for the French speaking / reading readers, here is the way we would say things :
L'objecif prioritaire est de réaliser des tirages de qualité supérieure, et ce en utilisant n'importe quel procédé de couchage de l'émulsion permettant d'atteindre ce but.
By the way, I must say that since the beginning of the Echague / Carbon / Ortiz / fresson / Coating machine / etc. thread, we (the list members) have been offered one of the most surrealistic English /French dialogs you can imagine, especially between John and Philippe ! 
Philippe and John, please don't feel insulted by my comments : they are full of empathy ; and trying to communicate together in spite of the linguistic barriers is one of the things I really appreciate on this list !   I had not time enough to help you last week for translating your messages and some other members tried to do that but though, translations were still very, very approximate.
What I've learnt for a very long time is that you must absolutely not rely on translation softwares which give results exactly as bad as when you try to translate a text by looking word after word for translations in a dictionnary. The translated sentence will be at the best understandable but probably its meaning will not be faithful to the original sentence . In any case, using a bad translation is not a form of respect for your reader !
It's why I so much apppreciate on this list the way the spanish alt-printer Juan-Miguel Jusdado always ends his posts by this very respectful note  "Excuse for my English text translated by computer."
Sorry for this off-topic comments for which Yves Gauvreau's "correction" offered me the starting-point
and all my apologizes for my very approximate use of English   ;-(
Amitiés photographiques de France !

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Subject: Re: Coating Without a Machine

the software translation in french is so bad that one migth be better without it.
Le premier objectif est de faire des tirages de grande qualité et ce peut importe la façon d'appliquer l'émulsion.
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Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 4:27 PM
Subject: Re: Coating Without a Machine

       I think that your following statement is so important and helpful that I am including  translations to our European friends.
Thank you. 
 John - Photographist - London - UK.
Cher John,
 le premier objectif doit faire des copies de qualité avec celui qui le processus enduisant soit nécessaire.
Sincèrement, Art. 
Estimado Juan,
 el objetivo primario debe hacer impresiones de la alta calidad con lo que el proceso de capa es necesario.
Sinceramente, Art.  
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Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 8:25 PM
Subject: Re: Coating Without a Machine

Dear John,

The primary objective is to make high quality prints with whatever coating process is neccessary.

Sincerely, Art 

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Subject: Coating Without a Machine

> Hi Philippe, Art, Sandy,  Dick and  All,
>                                                          I have found  possible, tho' amittedly tricky, a successful Direct Carbon coating procedure, by hand, with only a Hake brush or similar , probably in the same way  that Artigue and  Great grandfather Fresson and many others have found it possible.
>  Whether you could make the result ''commercial'' or not depends on what price tag you would put on it. Dont forget, this is approaching the ''funny money'' level.
> At any event as many Gum worker take for granted they do not use a machine for coating, unless a brush might be described as a machine.
> Much depends on the type of  coatings you have arrived at. Gelatine takes much practice to control with a brush 
> and, probably, more so if a machine is used.
> With the complex equipment decribed below I would advise that, certainly, ''rethinking alternatives'', is definately,  in order.
>        ............................................................
>  Computer French for Phillipe and others:-
> .....................................................................
> J'ai eu la possibilité de réaliser ce procédé enduisant de carbone direct évidemment rusé, à la main, avec seulement une brosse de merluches ou semblable, probablement de la même manière qu'Artigue et grand Fresson première génération et beaucoup d'autres l'ont trouvée possible.
>  Si vous pourriez faire le '' commercial de '' de résultat ou pas dépend de quelle étiquette des prix vous la mettriez dessus. N'oubliez pas, ceci approche le niveau de '' de fausse monnaie de ''.
> À aucun événement autant de prise d'ouvrier de gomme pour accordée eux n'utilisent une machine pour enduire, à moins qu'une brosse pourrait être décrite comme machine.
> Beaucoup dépend du type d'enduits que vous êtes arrivés à. La gélatine prend beaucoup de pratique de commander avec une brosse
> et, probablement, plus ainsi si une machine est utilisée.
> Avec l'équipement complexe décrit ci-dessous je conseillerais ce, certainement, le '' repensant le '' de solutions de rechange, est certainement en règle.

> Good Luck
> John- Photographist - London - UK.

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> Subject: Re: Réf. : Re: Fresson = Echague Look.
> Phillippe,

> I am not aware of a technique to make direct print paper by hand, that is to say, without equipment.    I only wish it were possible.

> Actually Sandy's comment about how it should be possible has started me to rethink alternatives.  However, all three of the coatings needed are currently sprayed.  I have shared photos of my spray coating system during each of my APIS presentations.   The equipment includes a spray booth, a heated chamber, and a force air dryer.   At that, it is not all of what is needed for a commercial product.

> Sincerely, Art 


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