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Re: Mac OS X Leopard

Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
I'm more familiar with using Preview for PDF files, but the
capability of Preview (on Tiger anyway) is limited and the
rendering is sometimes inaccurate when compared to Acrobat 7
or 8. Preview is ok for web-quality text but nothing more

This is likely to be a bigger issue for PDF files than for bit mapped files such as JPEGs or .PSDs. The reason being that a PDF stores the shape of things rather than the pixels used to display or print it. The final pixels are only rendered at the last possible moment when the scaling and the characteristics of the output device are known. In this way it is possible to scale text as big as you like without getting jagged edges. If you scale in the print driver then you are doing so after the rendering process is complete so you are back to scaling bitmaps rather than shapes with all the inherent loss of quality. Obviously this only applies to text and vector graphics (such as you get with Adobe Illustrator), embedded JPEGs will scale badly whatever.