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RE: possible answer to archivalness comparison between carbon gum andpt/pd

My 2 cents...
	Someone mentioned previously that painters in the past were
concerned with the permanence of their work and that they carefully chose
their materials.  This was confirmed when I read "Michelangelo and the
Pope's Ceiling".  Let's not forget that we know of these 600 year old (and
older) works exactly because they survived.  
	Further, photography had, and still has with some, the reputation of
producing rather non permanent pieces.  It is, after all, only about 175
years old and has not yet got the "track record" of longevity of other
	Lastly, I don't consider it ego or pretense to want your work to
last.  Who knows what will be considered significant in the future?  The old
joke is, you can't win if you don't show up.  Some have suggested that our
knowledge of history is skewed simply by what has lasted the centuries.
Things may have been entirely different from what we have inferred from
artifacts because a more accurate portrait of history may have deteriorated
with those artifacts that would have given us the more accurate information.

	I have already posted my rant that every photo (except, perhaps, a
photogram) is an historical document, regardless of the original intention
for making the photo.   
	Sooooooooo, given that our very chemical processes have both the
tendency and reputation toward fading, it is a nice idea to at least do our
best to make them permanent.  Best reasonable efforts in NOT obsession.  
	As also previous stated, let posterity, not our posteriors, decide
the significance of our work in the future...

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I've tried to get a copy.  There is a later edition, even.

However, it is $179...so if you all can find a copy, buy it if cheaper.

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> Chris,
> The entire book is only 115 pages, and it is a very interesting read for 
> anyone interested in this kind of thing, as most of here are. My book even

> has a neat little flow chart with photomacograph examples of different 
> processes. If you can locate a good copy I highly recomment the book as a 
> reference source.
> Sandy King
> At 11:44 AM -0700 3/2/08, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>>Heheheh, I bet everyone is thinking it'll be a short, light read, and 
>>instead will have to slug through 22 pages.  So beware!
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>>and pt/pd
>>>Try now... or go directly to
>>>(all in a row)
>>>>Alberto, It's possible that you have it pointing to a local directory
>>>>instead of the one loaded to the web. So it shows up on your local 
>>>>but not for the rest of us.  Eric (same 404 error message) Eric Neilsen 
>>>>4101 Commerce Street
>>>>Suite 9
>>>>Dallas, TX 75226
>>>>Skype ejprinter
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>>>>>and pt/pd Anyone has problems?
>>>>>I have checked the page before and after my announce and all was/is OK.

>>>>>>  I get a "Page not found" error with the link.
>>>>>>   Gregg
>>>>>>  On Mar 2, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Alberto Novo wrote:
>>>>>>>  Dear List,
>>>>>>>  thanks to Christina, and in agreeement with her, I have uploaded >>

>>>>>>> part
>>>>>>>  the Reilly's book "Care and Identification of 19th Century
>>>>>>>  Prints" in
>>>>>>>  http://www.grupponamias.com/reilly/
>>>>>>>  Alberto
>>>>>>  Gregg Kemp
>>>>>>  gregg@roanokesound.com
>>>>>>  http://www.greggkemp.com

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