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RE: Pittsburgh

	Yes, mine were shot in my (former) loft studio on 19th between Park
and Broadway.  INTERVIEW hired a stable of photographers including Albert
Watson, Bill King, Barry McKinley, me, and many others.  The celebs would
come to our studios for hair, make-up, and styling (choosing clothing &
accessories) and then we would shoot.  I had the time to chat with them and
add some personal knowledge to the info I had gained by doing background
research on them before they arrived.  This gave me material to use to get
them to chat, relax, and open up in front of my lens.
	I would then print a 16X20 black and white print of the shot that
Robert Hayes (managing editor) and Bob Colacello (Publisher) had chosen.  I
would give it to Richard Bernstein who would make a large Photostat of my
print and do his multimedia magic on it; airbrush, hand brush, color pens,
grease pencils, rapidograph, and color acetate overlays.  These would then
be, in the early years, shot with a screen process camera, and in later
years, scanned. 
	I have a book that Richard signed for me of all of his multimedia
portraits.  Sadly, Richard died in (I think) the late 90s.   
	I think I mentioned that I had shot literally dozens of photos for
the pages inside INTERVIEW.  Most were at my studio but I did shoot some on
location around NYC and in L.A.  I was never a paparazzi.  Everything was on
	Ah, reminiscence!  Those were "high times" indeed, but I must
confess that, at this stage in my life, I am right were I want to be.
PS: If you like I think I have some of the covers scanned and can send you

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On Tue, 25 Mar 2008, BOB KISS wrote:

> 	I am glad you liked the Warhol Museum.  I understand that they have
> 2 of the 6 Interview Magazine covers that I shot on display as well as my
> portrait of Andy shot in 1982 which the museum acquired last year.
> 	Sadly I have never visited it but hope to on my next trip north.
> 			BOB

Hi bob,

Drat -- why didn't you tell me before ?  I would have paid more 
attention!!! As I recall, they filled an entire wall, and the total effect 
was smashing, though I didn't think to look for photo credits...  (Do you 
suppose there were any? Drat again?)

Obviously you need to visit it now -- and think what else you'll see.
But a question:   Those covers were posed portraits, not news shots, 


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