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RE: Gum website update

On Sat, 6 Sep 2008, Don Bryant wrote:


Why anyone would want to suffer with dial up speeds in the age of DSL is
beyond me. I know you can afford DSL so why bother with dial up.
Don, I know you're not one of those folks who know everything already so you can't take in new info, so I repeat, in case it's my fault for not having said it clearly enough:

The "DSL" or whatever mail programs I've tried (about 8 different ones) are absurd. They're awkward, unintuitive, clunky, and dumb. Also badly configured. The one with my Mac makes me want to sell my Mac stock. The Pine program that comes with my dial-up ($9/month) is efficient, intuitive, and beyond simple. Techies, folks who have to do mail all day, use it.

It also, FYI, boots or opens or whatever you call it, in 45 seconds.

Why would I want to switch to a kludge?

As for what I can afford... would you believe that I CAN afford what I really care about -- including a fabulous cast bronze wolf I just put in our back yard (circa 1920, I guess, husband and daughter kind of hate it, but every artist who's seen it falls in love -- come see it yourself !!!) because I DON'T waste money on trendy or PITA trivia, never have, never will.

As for a private feud, I'm all for feuds, *especially* private ones -- they help clear the adrenal glands and keep personal life sweet and light. Still, I've never in the 15 years I've been on the list, seen anybody, especially a fellow, tell ANYBODY onlist, especially a woman, to "chill out, you take things to seriously" (or even "too seriously"). That could start a feud in itself !! (being, as I'm sure you didn't intend, patronising and, because only said to women, sexist).

Now I'm going to go watch the rain on my wolf...

xxxxs & ooooos