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Re: Paper negatives (Re: Tricolor gum, order of layers)

Hi Guido,

Could you provide a source for that "white technical oil"?  I've
searched in vain with google.  I use plenty of baby oil and, to avoid
the mess detailed by Katherine, squirt a little on the negative and
then re-use oily paper towels to rub it in.  Honestly, the cloying
smell of that baby oil has permeated my work area to the point of
distraction.  I'm hoping the white oil might be more "neutral".


On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Guido Ceuppens <altguido@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Laura,
> Just rub the reverse side of the negative with a suitable oil. After trying
> different oils I settled on "white technical oil", it is as liquid as water
> and has the same (no)
> color. I believe it is the same (paraffin) oil sold in smaller cans for
> sewing-machines, in greater quantities (1 litre) it is very cheap. I usually
> rub it generously in and let it sit overnight when all the oil seems to be
> completely absorbed by the paper and for gum I don't even use the thin milar
> separator sheet (between neg and coating to avoid oil stains) anymore. After
> a few days the oil may evaporate more and the paper becomes less
> transparent, just oil again if you want to reuse the negative.
> Another method is to use blocks of paraffin on the, heated, reverse side of
> the negative. Use an iron to heat the paper in parts and apply the paraffin,
> ending with rubbing the molten paraffin with a paper towel to spread/clean
> up excess paraffin. Takes a bit of practice but once cooled down the paper
> remains translucent and is not oily.
> Greetings,
> Guido
> 2008/10/5 Laura Valentino <laura@this.is>
>> Since I just recently paid about $150 to have 40 sheets of 11x17 OHP film
>> shipped to me, I gotta try the paper negative. I have a box of this formerly
>> named photo quality inkjet paper. How do I oil it?
>> Thanks, Laura