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Re: Paper negatives (Re: Tricolor gum, order of layers)

The following is the info I got from my supplier:

Technical White Oil

Description     This mineral oil is based on especially selected
saturated paraffinic and cyclo-paraffinic hydrocarbons. Due to an
intensive method of refining this white oil is acid-free and nearly
colourless and odourless.

Application     This white oil has a wide range of applications:
-   as a lubricant for precision machining, sewing machines, other
textile machining etc.
-   as base material in the plastic, rubber, chemical and other
-   as baseoil for insecticides
This oil can not be used in the medical or food industry where food
can contaminate with the lubricant.
Performance Level     WOMA - 1006

Typicals  :  Colour, Saybolt     28,0
Density at 15 C, kg/l     0,855
Viscosity 20 C, mm/s     31,00
Viscosity 40 C, mm/s     14,50
Viscosity 50 C, E     1,90
Viscosity 100 C, mm/s     3,60
Viscosity Index     135
Flash Point COC, C     185
Pour Point, C     -13

It seems to be a fairly common basic oil, priced around 5 euro/litre.
I completely agree with Katharine's post: I no longer bother with the
mylar separation sheets and have used oiled negs after approx. 2 years
with the same exposure times, the paper feels only slightly greasy.


2008/10/5 Keith Gerling <keith.gerling@gmail.com>
> Hi Guido,
> Could you provide a source for that "white technical oil"?