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RE: acorns(!)

Hi Marek,

31 Ekim 2008, Cuma, 5:14 am tarihinde, Marek Matusz yazmış:
> Loris,
> WHat a beautiful print.


> While the colors are not photo-realistic, they are
> absolutely convincing. What I mean is that if you were to post the
> original photo we would say  that your interpretation is so different.
> Well, I think that is the point to print a "different print". I just adore
> the background that has a mix of random pigmentation.

Me too, that's why I chose to keep it -> it may not work for other images,
but it doesn't ruin this one.

> It seems that your stripe pattern is only evident in the magenta negative.
> It is quite distractive from the randomness of the background. I wonder
> why that is the case.

It's because of the paper negative (some have this type of pattern)...

> It seems that you have arrived at a very balanced combination of pigment
> ratioes, gum thickness and exposure/development.
> Do yo need any more encouragement?
> Hope to see some more work

Thanks much, will definitely try foam roller later (expecially for larger


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