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WHat a beautiful print. While the colors are not photo-realistic, they are absolutely convincing. What I mean is that if you were to post the original photo we would say  that your interpretation is so different. Well, I think that is the point to print a "different print". I just adore the background that has a mix of random pigmentation.
It seems that your stripe pattern is only evident in the magenta negative. It is quite distractive from the randomness of the background. I wonder why that is the case.
It seems that you have arrived at a very balanced combination of pigment ratioes, gum thickness and exposure/development.
Do yo need any more encouragement? 
Hope to see some more work

> Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:37:27 -0800
> From: kthayer@pacifier.com
> Subject: acorns(!)
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> >>
> >> 2008/10/30 Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>:
> >>
> >>
> >>> Hi Keith,
> >>>
> >>> BTW, see my latest print here:
> >>> http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/acrons_03_ymc_sm.jpg
> >>> Partial calibration; single curve for all colors (devised for
> >>> magenta),
> >>> stock yellow and magenta solutions, eyeballing cyan from tube...
> >>> The horizontal bands are the effect of paper negative.
> >>> (Unfortunately some
> >>> sheets show that pattern.) Print size 7x10".
> >>>
> >>> There's considerably more staining than I'd like to have, but
> >>> still works
> >>> for me...
> Thanks for sharing your progress, Loris. A couple of questions:
> (1) what is the background color supposed to be? Is it white except
> for the shadows under the figures, or is there some tone there?
> (2) remind me what you use for size?
> The reason I'm asking these questions is that I'm not entirely
> convinced that what you're calling stain is actually stain, but I
> need a little more information to be more confident about what I
> think is going on.
> I can't quite see the relationship between what you've said you've
> done here and what you said you were proposing to do, but that's okay
> with me. I'd rather see you (or anyone) making gum prints than
> getting lost in calibration and testing, and besides, it's more fun
> to make pictures. (I can say this after spending some time a year or
> two ago printing calibration charts myself).
> Katharine

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