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Re: gum prints on Yupo

Be sure to test it. I've tried several different plasters and spackles
lately.  Some of them soften again when wet and some of them just chip
away off of the surface after the print is developed.  Plywood makes
for an unreliable substrate.  It swells and warps and does all kinds
of bad things.  I am using very thin plywood, though - will upgrade to
something thicker soon.

2008/11/5 Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>:
> Hi Keith.
> I will look for it in the weekend. One warning: it's dangerous when it
> gets airborne and you inhale it (will cause lung problems, similar to
> asbestos). So look for powder with reasonably large (= which won't get
> airborne easily) particle size...
> I found a mostly plaster based product which is used for affixing
> plasterboard to walls, that sets very quickly (30-40 minutes). May try
> this also for priming rigid supports...
> Regards,
> Loris.
> 4 Kasım 2008, Salı, 5:06 pm tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
>> Silica fume looks good.  Thanks for the tip. I'll try that when I run
>> our of pumice.
>> I found two large jars of animal glue dry gesso mix on the sale table
>> of a craft store , and bought both of them for $10
>> http://www.pearlpaint.com/shop~parentID~9915~categoryID~9909.htm
>> Bad.  On first attempt, the gesso slid right off the surface as soon
>> as I brushed on gum emulsion. Added gluteraldahyde and it stuck to
>> plywood (still won't stick to aluminum), but it stains horribly.