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Re: Coffee bean grinder + Chris's prints & blather

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008, Jack Fulton wrote:

Eric and company: What do you know about the keeping qualities of chemicals in general when they're bought in bulk but not used right away? I recently, for instance, threw out a large hunk of ferric ammonium citrate because it had turned into just that -- a really hard, solid hunk.

I'd think, Judy, you could buy a cheap coffee bean grinder and whirl that stuff to death to make it usable. Outside of course. Just a thought.
Thanks Jack -- NOW you tell me. So where were you when I was tossing it out?! Tho truth to tell, I'm not planning any cyano's in forseeable future, tho REALLY truth to tell, if I don't have FAC I WON'T plan any, so maybe I should get some...

anyway, TBC,