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Re: TYPO ...Re: 3 questions (one of them dumb)

Hi Colleen,

It was a good party, and I was sorry I couldn't stay longer, as there were quite a few people I would have liked to have talked to more, not least Jim and Millie. But I had fun taking the photos, and it's good to know that people like them. It was rather like the work I do on the streets really, except for the champagne!

I've been around here for quite a while and used to contribute rather more, but these days I'm rather a heretic so far as the list is concerned, having gone over to inkjet printing, finding I can get the results I want from that rather than platinum or salt etc. But I used to use (and occasionally teach) many of the alt processes.

I did enjoy the Sabine Weiss show at the MEP rather more - all silver gelatin, but they would have been good however they were printed. And it was nice to actually meet her there. Did you see the prints at the Bergger Gallery - I quite liked some of the architectural work - I think kallitypes by David Rase.. And at Paris Photo it was interesting to see some by Heinrich Kuhn, including a pretty large gum - around 55x75cm


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DimitriColleen Deneux wrote:
000801c94db3$57f8d5e0$4101a8c0@dimitribbhhy5d" type="cite">Hello Peter,

How funny, we met at the lensculture party and I had no idea that you were part of this list!
I saw your photos of the party at Jim and Millie's afterwards and they were fantastic!
I completely agree with you about the MacDermott prints, I commented afterwards that I have seen much better from this list.

Colleen Leonard

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I wrote a little piece somewhere a couple of years ago after going round one of the big shows - probably Paris Photo - about all the various different ways dealers were trying to hide the fact that some prints on sale were inkjet prints.  Of course many are still at it, though I did see the "i" word used a little more this year. And many of the best contemporary prints on show were inkjet, particularly colour but also some fine b/w prints.

There were also some fine historical examples of alt-process prints on show this year, and of course the MEP had the impressive MacDermott & MacGough show, though I have to say I was not impressed by the quality of their gum prints or cyanotypes - I think most people here could have made better prints for them!

I'll possibly get round to writing more about this later - if so I'll try and remember to post here. At the moment I'm still trying to catch up after a rather busy time in Paris

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Judy Seigel wrote:

oops -- typo... that's,

not "glicee," but "GICLEE" was (also if not primarily) used to obscure the fact ...



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