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Re: gesso for watercolor?

On Mon, 16 Mar 2009, phritz phantom wrote:

is this stuff the same as acrylic gesso/primer?
i've used acrylic before and the results were ugly: flaking, very greyish... allover not pleasant. at all dilutions.also sometimes the emulsion seems to go very deep into the size, so the prints could really take a strong brushing without the emulsion coming off. mixing it with gelatine helped a little, but still not as good as pure gelatin or no size at all.
now (i still have almost a whole bucket of acrylic gesso left...a 500ml was the smallest size) i've found out that acrylic primer is not suited fot watercolor pigments. i should read labels before buying. but i found a gesso which is suited for watercolor, it's lascaux gesso. but before i spend money on half a liter of stuff that doesn't work either, has anyone ever tried this product?
here's a link to the datasheet:


A fellow named Bernie Boudreaux did absolute miracles with combination gesso sizes, and shared that info with Post-Factory... It's in one of the middle issues & when I get a chance I'll look it up. (And when I die and go to heaven, an angel will make a P-F index for me.) From memory though, it's combined with gelatin, -- and his gum prints were extraordinary.