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Re: green-yellow

Hi Christina,

12 Nisan 2009, Pazar, 6:56 pm tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
> ...
> 3. Loris, you said that you "know" that printers do not lay down more ink
> when mixing a color. Is that a for sure fact or a surmise? Because let's
> just deal with the visible light example in my BW print then.  If you see,
> the combination of yellow and magenta to produce red holds back the most
> light, but if you look at the yellow alone and the magenta alone it is
> hard
> to make that "leap" from those darknesses to the combination of the two
> colors, which holds back more light than even black.  Which, at least for
> me, provides more food for thought about the printer drivers.  But if you
> KNOW that is a fact then I will remove that conjecture from my mind.

I can't "know" it for sure -> but being the other way would be unlogical
since every paper has a specific limit on how much ink it can absorb and
the printer absolutely shouldn't exceed that limit otherwise the paper
will be flooded and the print is going to be ruined. In fact, that's the
first parameter you dictate to the printer - by selecting the paper type,
such as transparency / plain paper / matte paper / glossy paper. On the
other hand, we can't be sure that the printer doesn't put a cyan dot over
a yellow one too. Pretty much gray area...

The visible light example you kindly provide us proves that the paper
isn't sensitive to red light at all, nothing else. (Which is pretty much
the case for a single or multigrade b&w paper. The filter below the
enlarger lightsource is red right?)