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Re: green-yellow

13 Nisan 2009, Pazartesi, 4:37 pm tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
> ...But until you asked your question, Loris, of why the combination
> of the two (yellow and cyan) which visually seems to not "add up" to hold
> back as much light, I had always assumed that the color combination was
> more
> UV resistant in that process (as related to filtering light which Alberto
> shot down as having nothing to do with the actual color but everything to
> do
> with double bonds etc.) or more ink was laid down by the driver (as you
> shot
> down as not being true)...

I always assumed (from what I've read about inkjet printers - maybe they
weren't clear enough or I was having comprehension problems or both) that
the total max. amnt. of ink that could be laid down was set
firmly/constant also for when inks are combined and that the percentages
were according to that constant figure... Now I realize that those
percentages are independent. So your assumption was right, eventually what
I threw as a boomerang that missed the target and hit back to me :)

Now, I wish I had an Epson printer -> just for being able to use that
wonderful Quadtone RIP program! Or better I wish they were supporting
upper-mid-end to high-end HP printers (using Vivera inks, like my HP