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Re: muddy gum print--help?

Charles, I think it depends a lot on the paper how the Gamblin PVA behaves. On Arches bright white (a very crisp-surfaced paper) I found it rather shiny and almost like a plastic coating at full strength, but on a more absorbent paper, I gather it soaks in more and gives a more matte appearance. So you really have to see how it works best on your paper. Good luck,

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The person who Jim refers to as using the 1:1 dilution of Gamblin PVA Size uses several coats at that dilution, letting it dry for a few minutes btw each coat. He uses the Gamblin because he has had a double lung transplant! He gets beautiful results...

Supposedly, the undiluted Gamblin will give a slight sheen to the print, while the 1:1 dilution will be more matte...

I have a bottle and haven't used it yet, mainly because I haven't started printing gums or gum-overs...yet...yet...;-)


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Sorry about the confusion. I'm using standard liquid gum. The 50/50 water mix was determined empirically to be thick enough to coat and thin enough to measure with reasonable repeatability in an eyedropper. It is possible that I could or should use a thicker gum, but this coats evenly. Charles Portland Oregon