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Re: another 3 layer gum attempt

Thanks for these suggestions. (See my previous post for pigment info.)
I'll report back after the next round...!
Much thanks...
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Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 7:26 AM
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WHat pigments did you use this time? Your print has a lot of charm and a really nice overall tonality. Now if you want much stronger shadows that is most influenced by your blue layer. My solution for stronger shadows is to print a 4th layer of cyan, a shorter exposure, just for the shadows. Clearing highlights with the brush at this point keeps them clean. Thalo blue is my choice for the 4th layer, because is is very transparent and not as strong as other blues that I use. If you do not like the shadows to be so blue, print another layer of quinacridone rose, also exposed for shadows.
Actually you are printing gum in the best possible way, building the image from thinner layers. Don't be afraid to add more layers, you will love it.
If you think that your negatives are too dense then try to increase the exposure by say 30%. Your development times are quite manageble, so you could try that. ANother possibility is that your negative is overall too dense and lack local contrast (a curve that would decrease pigment density in the shadows is needed).
I would also suggest that you should expose an old-fashioned 21step test wedge just with the cyan layer and a strip of clear transparency you use(to see how much it blocks UV). This little test will provide you with so much information. ANd remember to share the test pics with us.

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 17:08:46 -0700
From: viapiano@pacbell.net
Subject: another 3 layer gum attempt
To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca

Hello everyone...hope you had a nice weekend.
I tried another 3 layer gum print (same image as before) and althought the colors are better than the last time I did 3 layers only, I'm not getting enough color down to give my print a nice strong density. I'm getting good strong color in the clear borders...
I'm getting good clearing in approx 20-40 minutes...
My guess is I should be using a less dense negative. Do you all concur?
Thanks to everyone for your help...

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