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A bunch of gear/chems/etc for sale

Hello List
Interested parties can contact me offline.
I am selling a large amount of alt photo and general photo related stuff.
Some examples:
Camera Gear and Lighting
Kodak Master View 8x10 and Caltar-N lenses (240, 360) and a Scheider Super Angulon 165
A bunch of 8x10 film holders--some old wooden ones, some newer Fidelity
An enormous backpack for the 8x10 system
Hasselblad 500CM with T* 50, 80 and 150, several backs, finders, and more
A mint, mint, mint Rolleiflex with 80 2.8 Xenotar in like new leather case
Speedotron 4803, several 102 heads, a 104 head
boom stand
Halliburton cases in various sizes
Very nice Omega d2 with wall mount
A bunch of quality enlarging lenses
20x24 4 blade easel mint
Doug Kennedy 16x20 contact frame
Amergraph Plate burner/for Alt processes
6' plus Stainless Steel sink with accessories
Like new Arkay film drying cabinet with seemingly lifetime supply of filters.
jobo 3005 for 8x10 film, a few beseler motorbases, tons of 120 reels, tanks
tons of trays 16x20, a couple 20x24,
Chems and Paper
Sodium chloropalladite:  I have quite a bit in solution from Bostick & Sullivan...probably 150ml
I also have a good amount in powder
Ferric Oxalate
Silver Nitrate--sealed bottle.  Meant to get into Kallitypes and never did.
Quite a bit of powdered chems for Pt/Pd, Kalli, etc  
COT320 11x14, sealed pkg of 25
20x24 Ilford multigrade fiber/glossy about 50 sheets, fresh
If you're interested in more detail, please contact OFF list.  Don't want to burden others with the correspondence.   All items located in the NYC Metro area.  Delivery available for larger pieces.
Neal Wilson