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Re: gum negatives redux

Paul, I meant to point that out to you when I saw those pics; glad you saw that. But if I'm understanding it right, that was before development, and I thought yours was after development, big difference. Or was yours after exposure and before development too? I too get a mustard color sometimes after exposure, but when the development is finished, all I have is yellow, and looking at Keith's finished picture, the places that were brown after exposure weren't brown in the finished picture but yellow. But yes, interesting. The more we share, the more we learn,


On Sep 12, 2009, at 4:35 PM, Paul Viapiano wrote:

Just a side note...

Remember back in July when I exposed a Cadmium Yellow Pale layer (well, really overexposed), and the color of the yellow was kind of mustard-y in the darkest parts.

Well, reviewing the fantastic pics at unblinkingeye of Keith Taylor's process revealed this:


Also, the pic before and a few after that one...he uses a Cad Y Pale and yes, it looks a bit mustard after exposure. Isn't that wild?


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I should've been more clear...I'm getting better gum results from palladium negs than using less contrasty negs for gum. My palladium prints print wonderfully with the palladium negs ;-)

This would be a huge advantage for me, in not having to keep track of two different styles of digital negatives.

Now, I'm wondering how the palladium negs will work with tri-color gum...only one way to find out!


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> Hi all...
> I'm getting much better results using my QTR inkjet palladium negatives for
> pure gum purposes. Detail is much sharper with these contrasty negs and I'm
> getting a pretty full range of tones.
> Exposures with 1:1 gum/dichromate ratio (pot di) are 6-7 min for highlights,
> 2 1/2 min for shadows and mids somewhere btw those.
> This is for exposure in full blazing blue sky sun, Southern California
> style.
> Still adjusting and experimenting, but happy to have a printing day that is
> not frustrating ;-)...of course, it's not over yet.
> Paul