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	What's in a word?  Or phrase?  In fencing (epee) we use "en passant"
to indicate that your opponents point has passed you, i.e. gone past the
target area and even past your body without hitting.  The important point
(pun intended) here is that your opponent would have to withdraw their arm
(and weapon) and replace the attack in order to hit taking a LOT of time and
giving you the chance to strike first.  It is often used with what are
called "ceding parries" with which you purposefully step forward while
parrying while your opponent is attacking causing your opponents point to
pass you while your point is still in line to hit on target.  
	Talk about an off topic reply!  What I have written above and a
token will get you a ride on a bus or subway.    

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Agreed, Richard.

I had a person translate German text for me a couple years ago (who since 
has had a baby and is no longer doing so) who translated gum print as a 
rubber print.  Lotsa condoms in that text and that word is not in my French 
dictionary :)  Something like "en passant" which translates "in passing" 
really is equivalent to our "by the way" which doesn't relate textually at 

Anyway, I am so excited because my Amergraph exposure unit just came--at 7 
PM....in a snowstorm....in an 18 wheeler....and FedEx even helped carry it 
in because he was so late!

Back to work--no rest for the procrastinator...

   A brief off topic comment here if I may. I think
translation must be one of the most difficult things to do
there is. This judgement is based on translated novels. One
can compare translations of some classic works from French
or Russian such as _War and Peace_ to see just how much they
can differ. I also read detective stories. One of the most
popular series is by Georges Simenon. The originals are
written in French, many different translators have worked on
English versions, the quality of their work varies from
excellent to unreadable. It gives a clue as to how much
trouble there can be in translating even something as short
as a post to a mailing list.
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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