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Re: SPE and alt update

> martinm wrote:
> > Agreed. Speaking of non-toxicity in the case of these photopolymers is
> > simply a bit of an overstatement. As long as they're not polymerized (by
> > light or heat exposure), they're highly reactive ...
> >
> Thanks Martin,
> I'm not a chemist.  What does reactive mean in this context?
> Regards,
> Jon

Here are the material safety data for two of the most likely candidates in
this context, the monomers, acrylamide
(http://www.accepta.com/prod_docs/4216.pdf) and methacrylamide

I am fully aware that the health hazards may be greatly reduced in this case
since you're dealing with coated photopolymer layers. I only wanted to take
issue with their alleged "non-toxicity".