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Re: SPE and alt update


I was glad that Jon asked more about the potential toxicity of polymer plates.  I read
your links with interest, but very little understanding of how it relates to the km73
plates we use, because I don't know anything about their specific composition.

If you ever see any info that's more directly related, or explains any possible
risks in layman's terms, I'd appreciate you sending it on.


On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 4:10 AM, martinm <martinm@gawab.com> wrote:

> martinm wrote:
> > Agreed. Speaking of non-toxicity in the case of these photopolymers is
> > simply a bit of an overstatement. As long as they're not polymerized (by
> > light or heat exposure), they're highly reactive ...
> >
> Thanks Martin,
> I'm not a chemist.  What does reactive mean in this context?
> Regards,
> Jon

Here are the material safety data for two of the most likely candidates in
this context, the monomers, acrylamide
(http://www.accepta.com/prod_docs/4216.pdf) and methacrylamide

I am fully aware that the health hazards may be greatly reduced in this case
since you're dealing with coated photopolymer layers. I only wanted to take
issue with their alleged "non-toxicity".


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