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Re: acorns(!)

Keith, that's breathtaking! Like it so much, can't wait to see other
prints with more gum layers... I also absolutely love the cracks -> it
looks like plaster indeed.

Meanwhile I just coated a sheet of aluminum with 1 part acrylic gesso + 1
part calcium carbonate powder + 1/2 part water mixture (gesso+water ->
2+1). Will sand it tomorrow a little bit (to lessen the brush marks caused
by using thick gesso) and try to print on it. The surface is pretty far
from being slick (like gesso w/o additives) after adding that much calcium
carbonate. Looks like gum may cling onto it - will see...


31 Ekim 2008, Cuma, 5:32 pm tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
> Here's one coat of gum on spackled and gessoed plywood
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gesso4.jpg  Lighter than I expected, but I'm
> going to leave it alone as it captures the subject nicely.  Up close
> it looks like a fresco.
> Keith