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Re: acorns(!)

31 Ekim 2008, Cuma, 8:46 pm tarihinde, Katharine Thayer yazmış:
> ... I agree with Marek that the pointillistic
> effect is very attractive and could be exploited to good effect, but
> as long as you use the negatives you use, you're always going to get
> this color scattering in all but the darkest areas, where it is
> obscured because the   pigment is laid down densely enough in all the
> layers so that the spaces between the dots don't show.  There's
> absolutely nothing wrong with this pointillistic effect,  but it
> seems to me it would make it more difficult to achieve your other
> goal of achieving a perfect tonal scale in perfect neutral greys this
> way.  The two effects seem, maybe not mutually exclusive, but
> certainly not very mutually compatible either.  Just a thought.

Probably, anyway I'm ready to live with it -> because it's different and
has a special kind of beauty + it's my only option regarding the cost of
more suitable materials...