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Re: ammonium citrate recipe?

On Sun, 15 Mar 2009, etienne garbaux wrote:

There are two kinds of "household ammonia" commonly available in the US -- "sudsy" and "clear." Even the "clear" household ammonia I can find here has other junk in it. I do not believe pharmacies in the US generally stock ammonia other than in the cleaning products section of larger chain pharmacies (i.e., same stuff as at the supermarket). I'll check to see if paint stores have unadulterated ammonium hydroxide.

I have both kinds... the more-or-less bomb-grade ammonium hydroxide that resides in (bomb shelter) darkroom in cellar, and the "clear ammonia" I buy in the cleaning supplies section at the supermarket (as opposed to the "sudsy ammonia" which is probably terrible even for cleaning). The regular "ammonia" I also keep in the studio for both cleaning and occasional formulas -- it seems fine when it's an adjunct rather than important

The current bottle is very old (I don't clean a lot) but as "ingredients" it lists "ammonium hydroxide solution and quality control agents." They of course could be anybody at all (you know them?).

As noted, I wouldn't use the cleaner for anything high end or serious -- BUT, be advised, that strong stuff is HELL to use... respirator or a VERY long held-breath advised.