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RE: for Marek

This is simple, or at least in my mind.
First foreget the negatives,
Then coat a piece of paper with blue emulsion. Yellow is a terrible way to calibrate the system since you can't see it very well. Take your 21 step wedge and a piece of clear transparency that you are using. Place the wedge on top of transparency and expose 3 strips. 1 minute, 3 minutes and 4 minutes. You should develop until they more or less stop developing, about 30 minutes. Post the results to the alt community, you will get a lot of positive feedback. This really opens your eyes to the understanding of the process.
This will establish a correct exposure/development. It will not change much if you increase strength of your pigment.
As far as negatives, I am printing on 3800 with photo black and yellow at 25% strength with no curvature in QTR. You do want to curve in photoshop to place middle grays where you want them.
I was actually impressed with your last yellow attempt. If your were doing monochromatic gums you would be very close to a sweat spot.

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