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Re: 3 questions (one of them dumb)

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Diana Bloomfield wrote:

Over the summer, I saw the alt process show at Tilt Gallery in Phoenix, and there was also a c-print included in that show. Although the print was wonderful, I was very surprised to see that a c-print was considered "alternative." I would have thought a straight b&w silver print to be a whole lot more "alternative" at this point, than a c-print. Is it really that unusual for someone to be making a print from a color negative these days?
We begin, perhaps, to suspect that the folks "curating" these shows don't know a c-print from a chromogenic print,from a dye transfer, nor, for that matter, do I, at least just looking at them. My hunch, meanwhile, would be that making a "c-print" without one of those "color printers" they had in the lab at school (which I never used or even talked to) would be much harder than gum printing. I did meanwhile, make a dye transfer print (in a class taught by Nina Prantis) -- and, trust me, gum printing is MUCH quicker and easier... (AND cheaper).