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RE: Artists' tape

	Actually there is a significant difference between Gaffers tape and
Camera tape.  Gaffer's tape will, if left long enough, leave a residue.
Camera tape won't.  Also, gaffer's tape has a much stronger adhesive which
can, if you are not careful, (as those of us who have worked with it in film
making know) take wall paper and paint off a wall. 

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On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, BOB KISS wrote:

> 2) CAMERA TAPE: Available from cinema supply houses, it is a cloth tape
> has a long lasting, strong bond, but leaves no residue behind.  It is used
> to tape anything on cine cameras and especially the edges of the large
> magazines.

That sounds like what we used to call gaffer's tape.  It did as you say 
but expensive.


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