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Re: Anybody experimented with Argyrotypes?

Fernando, pt/pd is an acronym(?) for Platinum/Palladium printing. It's
similar to Argyrotype - where the light sensitive compound is an iron salt
(albeit different one/s), but in the Platinum/Palladium process the image
is formed by colloidal noble metals: pure palladium or platinum/palladium
mixture or pure platinum (pure platinum prints are somehow harder to do
BTW...) In Argyrotype the image is formed by colloidal silver. The
advantage of pt/pd is that the image is very stable compared to silver,
the disadvantage is price -> colloidal silver images cost in terms of
cents but pt/pd images will cost you in terms of dollars (not taking paper
into account)... Also, I (subjectively) like more the tonality I can get
from pt/pd prints.


27 Nisan 2009, Pazartesi, 11:29 pm tarihinde, fernando cruz florez yazmış:
> Loris,
> I've been following this thread with interest... great tips and good to
> see
> others also experimenting with these processes.
> I was just wondering what you were referring to with "pt/pd". I get the
> feeling it's going to be another technique to look into ...
> 2009/4/21 Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>
>> I see. Let's hope Sam's nice suggestion works for you then -> if you're
>> still interested in making Agryrotypes, that is. Also definitely try COT
>> 320 (for whatever iron process), it's a really good paper. (If they
>> didn't
>> changed it!) I was happy with my Argyrotypes because I was always toning
>> them with gold (which is pretty good priced in my location) -> which
>> would
>> give convincing blacks almost every time... Never liked the results I
>> was
>> getting with selenium and Vandykes (too yellow for my taste) therefore I
>> never tried to tone my Argyrotypes in selenium. I would prefer pt/pd
>> every
>> time against Argyrotypes - no question! (Ease and quality.)
>> Is there any on-line gallery showing those prints?
>> To anyone: please let me know if you're coming to Istanbul/Turkey. I'd
>> like to meet (and provide any help you need - if I can - with utmost
>> pleasure).
>> Regards,
>> Loris.