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(1270/870/875DC) New Mailing List for EPSON x7x Inkjet Printers
 Editor P.O.V. Image Service09/20/00-06:59:02 PM Z
(EPSON 870/1270) I have been Threatened with a potential lawsuit by Jack Reznicki and PNN
 Editor - P.O.V. Image Service09/03/00-10:29:45 AM Z
5X7 Tri X better price
 Gumprint@aol.com09/25/00-05:57:55 AM Z
Advances in CCD to go with Canon
 ken Watson09/13/00-08:59:52 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/12/00-10:23:50 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz09/12/00-09:34:25 PM Z
 James Young09/12/00-08:59:57 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/12/00-08:43:16 PM Z
 Alan Duke09/12/00-07:11:48 PM Z
 Joachim09/12/00-06:19:34 PM Z
 ken Watson09/12/00-05:20:25 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz09/12/00-04:58:58 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer09/12/00-08:32:24 AM Z
 dbaird09/12/00-02:57:35 PM Z
 ken Watson09/12/00-01:38:37 PM Z
 erobkin@uwc.edu09/12/00-02:13:57 PM Z
Advances in lens design
 David J. Romano09/12/00-12:36:02 PM Z
 erobkin@uwc.edu09/11/00-11:32:12 AM Z
Alltime Best B/W Film & Paper Combination
 Cactus Cowboy09/20/00-10:14:34 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/20/00-10:20:29 PM Z
 Richard Maddox09/20/00-01:26:10 PM Z
Alt APIS: Re Bath Oct. 10 - 14
 Art Chakalis09/24/00-07:42:24 PM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca09/01/00-01:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca09/25/00-01:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca09/18/00-01:00:01 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca09/11/00-01:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca09/04/00-01:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo subscription - HELP
 Sam Wang09/28/00-08:44:08 AM Z
 Sandy King09/04/00-09:52:40 AM Z
 Bob Kiss09/04/00-07:14:34 AM Z
Art, yadda yadda yadda
 Judy Seigel09/28/00-11:09:37 PM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/27/00-08:29:17 PM Z
artists section
 Malin Hylen09/12/00-09:11:32 AM Z
Back-saver suggestions?
 Ed Stander09/15/00-06:27:11 AM Z
 James Romeo09/16/00-09:39:37 AM Z
 Joe09/14/00-09:39:51 PM Z
 Joe09/14/00-09:34:20 PM Z
 Rick Moore09/14/00-08:36:57 PM Z
 Peter McDonald09/14/00-08:00:56 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/14/00-06:51:13 PM Z
 DFStein@aol.com09/14/00-05:42:10 PM Z
 Robert Hudyma09/14/00-05:42:30 PM Z
 Wayne D09/14/00-05:17:45 PM Z
 Richard M. Koolish09/14/00-05:04:29 PM Z
 lva09/14/00-04:54:58 PM Z
 Matthew Hoffman09/14/00-05:18:07 PM Z
Blue Daguerreotypes
 Cactus Cowboy09/29/00-10:15:00 PM Z
book name change
 Gerard NIEMETZKY09/13/00-11:35:52 AM Z
 James Romeo09/13/00-11:23:45 AM Z
 lva09/13/00-11:01:57 AM Z
 Sil Horwitz09/13/00-11:07:27 AM Z
 James Romeo09/13/00-10:58:01 AM Z
 julio and imelda09/13/00-09:21:09 AM Z
 lva09/13/00-04:24:57 AM Z
 James Romeo09/09/00-04:26:22 PM Z
 Randall Webb09/09/00-08:06:22 PM Z
 Sandy King09/09/00-12:04:58 AM Z
 James Romeo09/08/00-11:52:40 PM Z
Books on the Body in Photography
 Rod Fleming09/20/00-03:19:32 PM Z
 EWRPhoto@aol.com09/20/00-01:21:41 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/29/00-07:51:32 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/29/00-10:43:04 AM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/28/00-12:49:28 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/28/00-08:41:57 AM Z
Cactus Cowboy Introduction
 Gumprint@aol.com09/07/00-05:58:30 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/06/00-09:16:32 PM Z
Cmos sensors, more than you want to know
 John Upton09/13/00-11:51:02 AM Z
 ken Watson09/13/00-10:01:21 AM Z
Coating with a Meyer bar
 John Kalina09/10/00-10:31:51 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/09/00-03:15:18 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/08/00-07:03:30 PM Z
 Jonathan Bailey09/29/00-08:02:57 PM Z
Dags info
 Joachim09/28/00-08:50:11 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/28/00-12:05:35 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/28/00-12:32:35 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey09/27/00-08:22:34 PM Z
 ken watson09/27/00-04:24:15 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/28/00-12:32:43 PM Z
 MICHAEL STEINLE09/27/00-06:01:14 PM Z
 Nash Computer Technology09/27/00-04:02:21 PM Z
 Nash Computer Technology09/27/00-04:02:21 PM Z
Digital vs. Gum
 Cactus Cowboy09/29/00-12:34:39 AM Z
Digital vs. Gum, Platinotype, Cyanotype, Chrysotype, Daguerreotype, etc
 Robert W. Schramm09/29/00-07:41:45 PM Z
Duplicate Messages
email glitch
 Sil Horwitz09/17/00-11:02:45 AM Z
Expired film
 Tox Gunn09/06/00-07:36:55 PM Z
 lva09/06/00-06:44:57 PM Z
F-130 IN U.K.?
 Judy Seigel09/02/00-12:22:17 PM Z
 Bob Kiss09/02/00-06:08:37 AM Z
Fine Line Developer for Kodalith
 Ken Sinclair09/22/00-11:29:31 AM Z
 Jack Fulton09/22/00-10:46:53 AM Z
Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
 Robert W. Schramm09/26/00-05:15:05 PM Z
Fwd: Successor to APIS/PhotoHistorica <fwd>
 Richard Morris09/04/00-09:38:18 AM Z
 Richard Morris09/04/00-02:43:36 AM Z
 Richard Morris09/04/00-02:30:57 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer09/29/00-04:07:21 AM Z
Giclee prints
 Steve Shapiro09/30/00-10:03:06 PM Z
 DFStein@aol.com09/29/00-10:47:57 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com09/29/00-10:07:58 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow09/17/00-10:27:38 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow09/17/00-10:23:41 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/17/00-09:11:03 PM Z
 Don Bryant09/17/00-09:20:19 PM Z
 Bob Kiss09/17/00-06:07:58 PM Z
 msandquist09/07/00-10:00:22 AM Z
 garimo09/05/00-12:32:05 PM Z
 garimo09/08/00-01:10:11 PM Z
Kodak to re-introduce Super-XX
 Rod Fleming09/19/00-04:05:21 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/18/00-10:47:25 PM Z
 Mark Malloy09/18/00-09:14:13 PM Z
Kodak to re-introduce Super-XX?
 Richard Knoppow09/19/00-04:50:20 PM Z
 Sandy King09/19/00-10:57:19 AM Z
Kodak to reintroduce Super-XX and....5X7 Tri-X
 James Romeo09/25/00-09:32:52 AM Z
 James Romeo09/25/00-09:25:18 AM Z
 DFStein@aol.com09/25/00-07:57:33 AM Z
 Philippe Ayral09/25/00-02:19:39 AM Z
 Steve Shapiro09/24/00-11:31:14 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com09/24/00-07:41:03 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/20/00-02:41:33 AM Z
Links to alt-photo websites
 Robert W. Schramm09/29/00-07:29:24 PM Z
 Gerard NIEMETZKY09/29/00-10:47:54 AM Z
 Editor P.O.V. Image Service09/29/00-12:59:11 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/28/00-11:49:32 PM Z
list trouble ?? (who is Valerie, where is she?)
 valerie_matthews@notes.teradyne.com09/29/00-10:58:29 AM Z
 Steve Shapiro09/27/00-11:20:24 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/27/00-01:04:59 PM Z
meyer bar
 thierry09/12/00-12:18:40 PM Z
 Richard M. Koolish09/12/00-12:01:30 PM Z
 Boone, M.J.09/27/00-11:16:51 AM Z
Murkey or murky?
 Katharine Thayer09/03/00-03:15:16 AM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/03/00-09:33:43 AM Z
Murkey silver nitrate
 Judy Seigel09/03/00-10:53:02 AM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/03/00-09:27:18 AM Z
New Alt-Photo Group
 Sil Horwitz09/13/00-12:06:59 AM Z
new archive address
 Gordon J. Holtslander09/18/00-12:01:24 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander09/18/00-11:57:59 AM Z
New chip/ was Advances in CCD to go with Canon
 Wayne D09/13/00-10:19:56 PM Z
 Gary Miller09/13/00-10:04:27 PM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/13/00-07:33:55 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/13/00-07:31:12 AM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/12/00-11:37:37 PM Z
 Darryl Baird09/12/00-05:00:40 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/12/00-08:47:40 PM Z
New chip/ was Advances in CCD to go with Canon - and now is about nudes
 Rod Fleming09/13/00-08:41:55 AM Z
ortho film
 Wisbl09/26/00-10:05:20 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/27/00-02:59:51 AM Z
 arkins@banet.net09/26/00-10:47:13 PM Z
 Mark Malloy09/26/00-10:49:53 PM Z
 DFStein@aol.com09/26/00-10:40:09 PM Z
 DAVID DISTEFANO09/26/00-10:18:07 PM Z
P-F & Step Tablets
 Judy Seigel09/13/00-11:04:50 AM Z
 Jack Fulton09/29/00-10:56:36 AM Z
Photo Expo EAST 2000 - November 2-4 NYC - Free Pass
 Editor P.O.V. Image Service09/21/00-07:04:43 AM Z
photo opaque
 Jenfieldny@aol.com09/15/00-02:04:07 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/15/00-01:30:01 PM Z
 Don Bryant09/15/00-06:09:16 PM Z
Photo Warehouse
 Tillman Crane09/26/00-07:26:38 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/25/00-09:55:31 AM Z
Point source UV
 Sandy King09/19/00-05:06:02 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/15/00-07:46:17 PM Z
 Sandy King09/15/00-09:45:51 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/16/00-05:56:08 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias09/17/00-04:07:41 PM Z
 Sandy King09/12/00-09:11:34 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/12/00-08:20:16 PM Z
Post Factory
 Steve Shapiro09/28/00-11:31:22 PM Z
 Peter McDonald09/29/00-12:18:14 AM Z
 DFStein@aol.com09/28/00-11:06:45 PM Z
 Steve Shapiro09/28/00-10:31:57 PM Z
 Rod Fleming08/31/00-07:43:24 PM Z
Prices at Engelhard
 Rod Fleming09/13/00-07:34:13 AM Z
 Cor Breukel09/13/00-03:34:05 AM Z
 Cor Breukel09/13/00-01:52:26 AM Z
 Witho Worms en Jorien van Santen09/12/00-01:34:28 PM Z
Princess Valerie
 Steve Shapiro09/28/00-11:29:15 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/27/00-11:14:37 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson09/04/00-10:05:05 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow09/02/00-04:48:45 PM Z
 Bob Kiss09/02/00-06:00:33 AM Z
 arkins@banet.net09/26/00-09:52:51 PM Z
 Sandy King09/26/00-09:51:50 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/26/00-09:10:48 PM Z
 Sandy King09/26/00-09:13:42 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz09/26/00-09:07:19 PM Z
 ward09/26/00-10:25:20 PM Z
Re : Three-color gum prints
 Gerard NIEMETZKY09/11/00-08:25:23 AM Z
 lva09/08/00-06:37:57 AM Z
 Pascal Miele09/08/00-05:21:15 AM Z
 lva09/07/00-01:45:57 PM Z
 Pascal Miele09/07/00-05:06:57 AM Z
Re scanners
 Tom Ferguson09/08/00-09:53:09 AM Z
 Jack Fulton09/08/00-08:47:53 AM Z
 Jack Fulton09/08/00-08:53:42 AM Z
Sensitometric control of skin tones in nude photography
 Rod Fleming09/19/00-12:59:26 PM Z
 Sandy King09/19/00-12:07:52 PM Z
Silver Nitrate
 Sandy King09/04/00-10:16:50 AM Z
SPE conference in the NW
 Christina Z. Anderson09/21/00-06:32:02 PM Z
spotting van dykes
 James Romeo09/08/00-11:55:18 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen09/08/00-11:15:49 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/08/00-08:28:36 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/06/00-07:55:50 PM Z
 garimo09/06/00-12:01:18 PM Z
 Gumprint@aol.com09/06/00-07:45:44 AM Z
Stiching Software for Mac?
 Rod Fleming09/01/00-04:21:54 AM Z
Straining Van Dyke Solution?
 e n09/04/00-02:54:09 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/03/00-11:21:19 AM Z
 Gumprint@aol.com09/02/00-09:07:10 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/28/00-12:48:54 AM Z
 James Romeo09/22/00-11:42:52 PM Z
 Bob Kiss09/08/00-06:05:41 AM Z
The Star Camera Company
 Manuel Estébanez09/11/00-04:34:43 PM Z
threaded porcelain fixture for sunlamp
 Sarah Van Keuren09/11/00-09:27:04 PM Z
 Nelson Goforth09/11/00-09:14:12 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/11/00-08:16:33 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/11/00-04:57:21 PM Z
 DFStein@aol.com09/11/00-08:25:50 AM Z
 Darryl Baird09/11/00-04:16:01 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/11/00-07:33:55 AM Z
Three-color gum prints
 lva09/13/00-11:01:57 AM Z
 Sandy King09/13/00-09:59:28 AM Z
 lva09/13/00-02:47:57 AM Z
 Jenfieldny@aol.com09/08/00-09:48:13 PM Z
 Garet Denise09/08/00-12:06:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/08/00-11:28:45 AM Z
 dalrymple09/08/00-09:16:27 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/08/00-08:22:44 AM Z
 lva09/08/00-02:00:57 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/07/00-10:00:34 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/07/00-05:23:24 PM Z
 lva09/07/00-03:17:57 PM Z
 Gerard NIEMETZKY09/07/00-03:11:56 PM Z
 lva09/07/00-01:45:57 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/07/00-01:27:39 PM Z
 Richard M. Koolish09/07/00-08:01:30 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/07/00-05:07:36 AM Z
 Editor - P.O.V. Image Service09/07/00-03:01:27 AM Z
 Editor - P.O.V. Image Service09/07/00-02:58:29 AM Z
 Cor Breukel09/07/00-02:40:02 AM Z
 Judy Seigel09/07/00-12:23:44 AM Z
 Garet Denise09/06/00-10:32:12 PM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/06/00-10:00:35 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/06/00-09:12:27 PM Z
 lva09/06/00-08:12:57 PM Z
Three-color gum prints)
 Sil Horwitz09/13/00-10:57:36 AM Z
Three-color gum prints/cyanotype
 Sarah Van Keuren09/11/00-06:59:42 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen09/11/00-12:13:00 AM Z
 Nick Makris09/10/00-08:48:18 PM Z
 Jenfieldny@aol.com09/10/00-02:42:58 PM Z
 garimo09/10/00-01:27:58 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/09/00-09:26:45 PM Z
 garimo09/09/00-03:18:00 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/06/00-08:12:57 PM Z
 Gerard NIEMETZKY09/06/00-10:29:49 AM Z
 Bob Kiss09/06/00-06:50:55 AM Z
Tutti Nudi
 Lukas Werth09/20/00-07:48:28 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/19/00-03:31:15 AM Z
 Judy Seigel09/18/00-05:53:00 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/18/00-03:09:23 PM Z
 Randall Webb09/18/00-06:35:33 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/18/00-04:01:55 AM Z
 Lukas Werth09/18/00-03:41:22 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/17/00-11:22:16 PM Z
 Sandy King09/17/00-08:39:54 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson09/17/00-06:40:52 PM Z
 Liam Lawless09/18/00-01:53:30 AM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/15/00-01:31:54 AM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/15/00-01:24:09 AM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/15/00-01:19:47 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/15/00-01:23:39 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/15/00-01:23:35 PM Z
 Pam Niedermayer09/15/00-03:03:23 PM Z
 Sandy King09/15/00-08:50:24 PM Z
 Wayne D09/15/00-01:12:03 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/16/00-06:14:07 AM Z
 Judy Seigel09/16/00-10:39:57 AM Z
 Sandy King09/16/00-10:43:51 PM Z
 Grafist@aol.com09/17/00-06:47:35 AM Z
 Robert Lyman09/16/00-08:12:50 PM Z
 Editor - P.O.V. Image Service09/17/00-01:46:03 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/17/00-04:33:51 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/17/00-04:09:33 PM Z
 Editor - P.O.V. Image Service09/17/00-04:05:54 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/17/00-03:33:43 PM Z
 LAShively@aol.com09/15/00-12:59:36 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson09/15/00-12:44:18 AM Z
 Judy Seigel09/15/00-12:34:35 AM Z
 Sandy King09/14/00-10:03:38 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/14/00-09:50:28 PM Z
 Maria T. Olmedo09/14/00-09:33:29 PM Z
 Gary Miller09/14/00-07:37:38 PM Z
 Tala Brandeis09/14/00-02:42:47 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/14/00-12:23:16 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/14/00-12:20:20 PM Z
 Rick Moore09/14/00-12:04:46 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/14/00-11:36:42 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson09/14/00-09:42:31 AM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/14/00-06:56:32 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/14/00-06:05:55 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/14/00-04:43:23 AM Z
 Jack Fulton09/14/00-12:22:29 AM Z
 Gregory Parkinson09/13/00-10:26:50 PM Z
 Sandy King09/13/00-08:10:42 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/13/00-06:32:35 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson09/13/00-06:19:42 PM Z
 Sandy King09/13/00-04:11:11 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/13/00-11:50:01 AM Z
Tutti nudi & apology
 Don Bryant09/17/00-09:20:32 PM Z
 Liam Lawless09/18/00-04:23:11 AM Z
Tutti Nudi (ad infinitum)
 Sil Horwitz09/20/00-10:56:03 AM Z
Tutti Nudi (fini ici)
 Rod Fleming09/19/00-04:48:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/19/00-02:28:56 PM Z
Tutti Nudi (fwd)
 Rod Fleming09/14/00-07:29:36 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/14/00-03:18:08 PM Z
Tutti nudi continued
 Christina Z. Anderson09/13/00-06:33:40 PM Z
Tutti Nudi Rudi
 Ender100@aol.com09/17/00-05:03:10 PM Z
Tutti nudi y todo continuado
 Sandy King09/13/00-08:22:16 PM Z
Tutti Nudi- postscript (I hope)
 Rod Fleming09/20/00-02:55:26 AM Z
 Bob Kiss09/14/00-10:01:02 AM Z
url for stitchprograms
 Rod Fleming09/09/00-01:59:48 PM Z
 Witho Worms en Jorien van Santen09/09/00-01:15:19 PM Z
Vandyke Brown
 CMPatti@aol.com09/30/00-08:12:27 PM Z
Various "ites"
 Sil Horwitz09/27/00-11:38:20 AM Z
 Jack Fulton09/27/00-10:57:34 AM Z
Weather Underground: UV Forecast
 David J. Romano09/15/00-03:30:38 PM Z
Web site response
 Kenneth Carney09/20/00-10:18:30 AM Z
 Jenfieldny@aol.com09/19/00-09:37:02 PM Z
 Nick Makris09/19/00-06:14:47 PM Z
 Alessandro09/19/00-05:45:11 PM Z
 John Richardson09/19/00-05:17:36 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/18/00-08:16:49 PM Z
 Nick Makris09/18/00-06:54:32 PM Z
What makes photography art
 Nick Makris09/29/00-01:58:54 PM Z
 Jack Fulton09/29/00-12:30:31 PM Z
 blaze09/29/00-02:15:04 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren09/28/00-09:39:20 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/28/00-03:25:48 AM Z
 Gary Miller09/27/00-10:47:13 PM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/27/00-09:16:27 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/27/00-08:47:04 PM Z
 JAHJE@aol.com09/27/00-04:00:27 PM Z
 Alessandro09/27/00-03:34:57 PM Z
 Randall Webb09/27/00-10:42:36 PM Z
 Judy Seigel09/27/00-01:12:39 PM Z
 Lukas Werth09/27/00-12:52:30 PM Z
 John Richardson09/27/00-12:51:00 PM Z
 Nick Makris09/27/00-10:52:27 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/27/00-05:31:26 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy09/26/00-09:30:51 PM Z
 Liam Lawless09/27/00-04:38:28 AM Z
 Michael F Jacobson09/26/00-06:47:28 PM Z
 Monica Mitchell09/26/00-09:47:46 AM Z
 Jon09/26/00-09:35:56 AM Z
 Nick Makris09/26/00-09:20:48 AM Z
 Rod Fleming09/25/00-03:14:58 PM Z
 Monica Mitchell09/25/00-01:34:43 PM Z
 blaze09/25/00-01:19:11 PM Z
 Nick Makris09/25/00-11:53:29 AM Z
where are you all
 Gordon J. Holtslander09/24/00-01:03:06 PM Z
 Rod Fleming09/24/00-12:46:32 PM Z
 Nelson Goforth09/24/00-12:28:52 PM Z
 jamesromeo@mac.com09/24/00-12:15:21 PM Z
Workshop announcement
 Jonathan Bailey09/06/00-07:58:42 PM Z
xtol developer dilution
 Sandy King09/12/00-09:21:01 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm09/12/00-08:12:58 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson09/11/00-06:11:25 PM Z
Yankee film tank & Pyro developing
 Sandy King09/11/00-05:15:23 PM Z
 Darryl Baird09/11/00-11:04:22 AM Z

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