October 2004 Alt-photo-process-L By Subject

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Advice: Drying Large Sheet Film (20x24+)
 Tom Ferguson 10/31/04-09:24:21 AM Z
 Sean 10/31/04-07:45:46 AM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 10/01/04-12:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 10/25/04-12:00:01 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 10/18/04-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 10/11/04-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 10/04/04-12:00:00 AM Z
Alternative Process Traveling Portfolio Round 2 for 2004 is now online
 Loris Medici 10/30/04-01:14:06 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/30/04-12:09:02 PM Z
Aluminum for photo trays
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/07/04-07:29:23 AM Z
 Jamie Young 10/07/04-07:02:59 AM Z
Another Ziatype question
 Loris Medici 10/14/04-02:37:13 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/13/04-07:22:28 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/13/04-02:46:19 PM Z
 Clay 10/13/04-09:31:26 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/13/04-06:22:25 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/13/04-06:27:24 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/13/04-05:29:01 AM Z
 Martin Angerman 10/12/04-07:43:56 PM Z
 Martin Angerman 10/11/04-09:28:04 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/12/04-03:04:40 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/12/04-08:22:29 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/12/04-08:54:01 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/12/04-08:36:29 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/12/04-08:34:07 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/12/04-07:41:15 AM Z
 nze christian 10/12/04-06:38:02 AM Z
 wcharmon@wt.net 10/12/04-06:04:27 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/12/04-05:17:11 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/12/04-05:07:45 AM Z
 Martin Angerman 10/11/04-09:28:04 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/11/04-08:33:37 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/11/04-08:27:57 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/11/04-08:21:20 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/11/04-06:39:27 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/11/04-04:09:54 PM Z
 Jim Collum 10/11/04-03:49:12 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-03:46:08 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-03:42:11 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-03:31:00 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/11/04-03:28:33 PM Z
 nze christian 10/11/04-02:38:26 PM Z
 Jim Collum 10/11/04-02:10:49 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-01:53:49 PM Z
 nze christian 10/11/04-12:28:18 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-12:44:53 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-12:41:29 PM Z
 Jim Collum 10/11/04-12:17:13 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/11/04-12:03:49 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/11/04-11:50:26 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-07:47:07 AM Z
any nice web page to find out about photographic shows in NYC ?
 Gerry Giliberti 10/04/04-06:43:23 AM Z
any nice web page to find out about photographic shows in NYC?
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/04/04-09:34:17 AM Z
 Palladium4@aol.com 10/01/04-04:21:46 PM Z
Atlanta exhibition and gallery talk
 Jonathan Bailey 10/26/04-01:45:25 PM Z
attachments OT
 Kris Erickson 10/05/04-06:02:27 PM Z
 Barry Kleider 10/05/04-01:29:41 PM Z
bold liners and fine liners
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/10/04-09:24:03 AM Z
Casein printing questions
 Sam Wang 10/05/04-09:40:39 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 10/06/04-12:44:31 AM Z
chemigrams (again?)
 kris 10/19/04-05:47:09 AM Z
chemigrams (again?)/ cyanide
 kris 10/19/04-05:25:21 AM Z
Chris Andeson there?
 res1dvao@verizon.net 10/07/04-03:42:57 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/07/04-01:31:10 PM Z
 res1dvao@verizon.net 10/07/04-01:19:23 PM Z
 res1dvao@verizon.net 10/07/04-12:39:26 PM Z
 Jalo Porkkala 10/07/04-12:25:36 PM Z
 res1dvao@verizon.net 10/07/04-12:09:04 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/05/04-09:30:58 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/05/04-08:27:05 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/05/04-07:26:24 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/05/04-06:17:45 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/05/04-12:15:29 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/04/04-06:31:55 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/02/04-11:02:52 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/02/04-02:47:49 PM Z
CMYK separations on Adobe Photoshop
 Judy Seigel 10/31/04-09:31:51 PM Z
 gdimase@hotmail.com 10/31/04-09:28:12 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/31/04-08:26:21 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/31/04-12:50:09 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/31/04-12:16:13 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/31/04-03:49:58 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/31/04-04:20:24 AM Z
 Kate M 10/30/04-06:02:00 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/30/04-04:20:41 PM Z
 philippe berger 10/30/04-11:56:01 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 10/30/04-11:05:51 AM Z
 philippe berger 10/30/04-10:33:39 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 10/30/04-10:19:27 AM Z
 philippe berger 10/30/04-09:44:20 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 10/30/04-09:31:16 AM Z
 gdimase@hotmail.com 10/30/04-09:02:08 AM Z
 gdimase@hotmail.com 10/30/04-09:00:57 AM Z
 philippe berger 10/30/04-02:57:42 AM Z
 Kate M 10/30/04-02:42:49 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/29/04-10:32:26 PM Z
 gdimase@hotmail.com 10/29/04-09:48:24 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/29/04-03:59:16 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/29/04-08:22:56 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/29/04-06:56:31 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/29/04-06:12:31 AM Z
 Manuel Galán 10/29/04-03:57:04 AM Z
color accuracy in gum bichromate
 Joe Smigiel 10/31/04-10:14:51 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 10/08/04-10:30:24 AM Z
Crystal Clear Film and Epson 2200
 Don Bryant 10/24/04-12:44:51 PM Z
 res1dvao@verizon.net 10/24/04-12:11:46 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/23/04-03:17:01 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/23/04-02:55:30 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/23/04-02:15:55 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/23/04-01:51:45 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/23/04-11:16:25 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/23/04-09:44:32 AM Z
Crystal Clear Transparency
 Hans & Chia 10/31/04-06:12:36 AM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 10/30/04-05:15:21 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/30/04-09:16:13 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/30/04-08:48:12 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/30/04-08:47:20 AM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 10/30/04-08:10:26 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/30/04-07:47:24 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl 10/30/04-05:02:59 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/30/04-01:18:14 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/29/04-09:08:30 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/29/04-08:55:40 PM Z
cyanotype/buffered matboard
 Anne van Leeuwen & Peter Hoffman 10/30/04-04:07:41 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 10/30/04-01:13:38 PM Z
 Anne van Leeuwen & Peter Hoffman 10/30/04-12:45:50 PM Z
Developing dryplates
 Robert W. Schramm 10/18/04-07:41:30 PM Z
 Timo Sund 10/17/04-06:05:32 AM Z
 MARTINM 10/16/04-10:28:39 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 10/16/04-08:25:14 PM Z
 Timo Sund 10/16/04-02:19:09 AM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 10/15/04-09:13:47 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 10/15/04-02:47:39 PM Z
 Dennis Moser 10/15/04-11:55:10 AM Z
 Timo Sund 10/15/04-11:37:42 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/15/04-11:08:13 AM Z
 Timo Sund 10/15/04-07:24:36 AM Z
Digi Sep neg not in register
 mmatusz@pdq.net 10/14/04-08:27:05 AM Z
 Hans & Chia 10/13/04-04:49:19 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/13/04-03:14:03 PM Z
 Hans & Chia 10/12/04-04:25:04 PM Z
Digital Negatives
 Ehud Yaniv 10/23/04-11:19:56 PM Z
Drying Inkjet Negatives
 Gary Nored 10/26/04-09:57:30 AM Z
Enlarged Digital Negatives for Projected Printing
 Dennis Moser 10/04/04-04:15:39 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/15/04-09:26:19 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/15/04-11:14:18 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/15/04-11:27:44 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/15/04-06:40:18 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson 10/14/04-10:08:54 PM Z
 Martin Angerman 10/14/04-09:00:00 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/14/04-07:58:29 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/14/04-05:12:53 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/12/04-09:47:32 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/12/04-06:55:24 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/12/04-06:50:18 AM Z
fine line developer
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/13/04-06:22:45 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/07/04-07:56:14 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 10/07/04-12:06:41 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/06/04-11:54:44 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/06/04-11:33:20 PM Z
 Dave Soemarko 10/06/04-11:09:18 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 10/06/04-10:48:26 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/06/04-10:02:06 PM Z
For Sale: Nu Arc and Olec unit
 Ed Stander 10/06/04-06:07:16 PM Z
For Sale: Nu Arc for platinum
 Jonathan Bailey 10/06/04-11:26:15 AM Z
Framed Fine Art Prints from Volrat Photos
 SteveS 10/31/04-02:39:50 PM Z
 Michael Healy 10/31/04-10:17:14 AM Z
 Elisa Locci 10/31/04-09:52:10 AM Z
Free vacuum easel
 Adam Waterson 10/26/04-02:08:18 PM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 10/25/04-06:13:19 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/25/04-02:47:51 PM Z
Freezing Film
 Liam Lawless 10/21/04-08:51:45 PM Z
 Bill William 10/20/04-03:29:05 AM Z
 henk thijs 10/19/04-07:21:39 AM Z
 Bob Kiss 10/19/04-04:06:00 AM Z
 Liam Lawless 10/18/04-06:30:08 PM Z
 mak@teleport.com 10/18/04-06:18:36 PM Z
 Liam Lawless 10/18/04-05:26:56 PM Z
Graphic Arts Lamps (for KT or anyone else who cares to answer)
 Katharine Thayer 10/14/04-04:52:33 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/14/04-03:15:15 AM Z
 Schuyler Grace 10/14/04-09:57:16 AM Z
Graphic Arts Lamps + OT Spam Issue
 Schuyler Grace 10/14/04-11:34:51 AM Z
Gum - gelatin sizing or not?
 Dwayne Sandall 10/10/04-04:12:53 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/10/04-02:55:29 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/09/04-05:46:54 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/09/04-05:38:16 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/07/04-07:29:10 AM Z
 Kate M 10/07/04-01:39:25 AM Z
 Dwayne Sandall 10/06/04-08:05:52 PM Z
 Dwayne Sandall 10/02/04-03:21:22 PM Z
Gum - gelatine sizing or not?
 Hamish Stewart 10/07/04-12:56:26 PM Z
Gum analysis
 Katharine Thayer 10/16/04-03:09:11 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-04:35:20 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-12:00:35 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 10/15/04-02:18:24 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-07:02:16 AM Z
Gum Beer
 philippe berger 10/28/04-05:39:33 AM Z
gum prints from digital color sepations. (Since the topic has been brought up)
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/31/04-03:10:34 PM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 10/30/04-03:22:50 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/30/04-07:11:37 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/30/04-09:43:10 AM Z
 gdimase@hotmail.com 10/29/04-09:42:41 PM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 10/29/04-06:44:04 PM Z
gum prints from digital color sepations. (Since the topic has beenbrought up)
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/31/04-05:17:46 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/31/04-04:06:37 PM Z
Gum Sizing
 Katharine Thayer 09/29/04-04:45:39 AM Z
Handmade paper
 Judy Seigel 10/27/04-10:11:53 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/27/04-09:53:12 PM Z
 Lambert McLaurin 10/27/04-12:15:58 PM Z
 Dennis Moser 10/27/04-10:38:15 AM Z
 Marilyn 10/27/04-10:36:47 AM Z
 Dennis Moser 10/27/04-10:17:16 AM Z
 STUART GOLDSTEIN 10/27/04-06:04:21 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson 10/27/04-01:23:54 AM Z
 RHobbs3@aol.com 10/26/04-09:03:42 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/26/04-08:48:41 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/26/04-08:16:02 PM Z
 Kate M 10/26/04-07:18:40 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/26/04-03:16:13 PM Z
 Alistair Calder 10/26/04-12:29:21 PM Z
Handmade paper - Adding Sizing
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/28/04-03:33:44 PM Z
 Ritab19106@aol.com 10/28/04-03:26:53 PM Z
Help to restore old ferrotypes (fwd)
 Martin Angerman 10/31/04-06:50:58 PM Z
 Iain Williams 10/30/04-05:04:19 AM Z
 joachim oppenheimer 10/29/04-09:07:34 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 10/29/04-08:50:04 PM Z
Jack Brubaker I love you
 Kris Erickson 10/05/04-07:57:44 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/05/04-06:30:56 AM Z
 Kris Erickson 10/05/04-06:22:01 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/04/04-06:40:32 AM Z
list blacklist
 Gordon J. Holtslander 10/05/04-05:03:46 PM Z
list messages
 Jack Fulton 10/05/04-07:21:18 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/05/04-06:11:22 AM Z
 Cedomir Igaly 10/05/04-02:30:46 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/04/04-10:56:52 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 10/04/04-05:45:48 PM Z
list messages...the dam breaks
 Eric Nelson 10/05/04-12:11:31 AM Z
Little lens
 Richard Knoppow 10/17/04-05:36:59 PM Z
 John Cremati 10/17/04-03:16:21 PM Z
Little lens AND Toy cameras
 Jeff Foster 10/19/04-10:43:15 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/18/04-10:32:52 PM Z
 PhotoGecko Austin 10/18/04-06:25:21 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/18/04-06:13:24 PM Z
 PhotoGecko Austin 10/17/04-10:01:08 PM Z
london photographic award
 Barry Wilkinson 10/05/04-03:14:06 PM Z
 henk thijs 10/05/04-10:51:57 AM Z
 henk thijs 10/01/04-06:01:36 AM Z
mordancage print
 Gerry Giliberti 10/11/04-06:58:29 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 10/07/04-08:05:02 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/07/04-07:53:46 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/07/04-07:14:41 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/07/04-07:01:19 PM Z
 Grace Taylor 10/07/04-04:31:15 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/07/04-04:25:01 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 10/07/04-03:02:09 PM Z
My first Ziatype print.
 Loris Medici 10/16/04-11:12:51 AM Z
Name of Mark Nelson's book
 Alex Swain 10/25/04-01:50:55 PM Z
 Jeff Dilcher 10/24/04-08:04:05 PM Z
 Alex Swain 10/24/04-06:23:47 PM Z
 Ehud Yaniv 10/23/04-11:33:59 PM Z
 Mike Frankel 10/23/04-11:28:52 PM Z
New TMAX 100, UV & VDB
 Joe Smigiel 10/19/04-08:54:54 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/15/04-05:39:58 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/15/04-05:16:15 PM Z
Nuarc Process Camera converted to ULF enlarger.
 John Cremati 10/02/04-05:58:04 PM Z
October news of Peter Fredrick
 HNMM CLEARY 10/04/04-09:39:42 AM Z
Optimum AFO sensitizer % for Ziatype
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/11/04-08:58:52 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/11/04-05:53:30 AM Z
OT - MF High speed B&W Film/Digital Negs
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/15/04-12:53:15 PM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 10/15/04-12:48:44 PM Z
OT: Buckham Gallery's 20th Anniversary Season & Benefit Bash (w/online and silent auctions)
 Baird, Darryl 10/12/04-03:38:27 AM Z
PDN Negatives and Epson Ink Jet
 Sandy King 10/16/04-12:27:22 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/16/04-09:34:33 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/16/04-09:31:48 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/16/04-08:55:07 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/16/04-12:53:47 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/15/04-10:39:05 PM Z
Pinhole forum?
 Eric S. Theise 10/05/04-01:12:29 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 10/05/04-08:47:39 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 10/05/04-08:30:09 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/01/04-03:15:04 PM Z
Pinhole forum? (fwd)
 Eric S. Theise 10/05/04-01:37:41 PM Z
Printing Grayscale Prints with the Epson 2200
 Editor P.O.V. Image Service 10/05/04-12:27:09 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/05/04-11:25:06 AM Z
 Rocky Boudreaux 10/04/04-10:05:38 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 10/04/04-07:07:00 AM Z
Pt / Pd Supplier
 rrphotog@intergate.ca 10/01/04-11:42:56 PM Z
pyro developed negs for cyanotype?
 Sandy King 10/31/04-08:43:04 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/31/04-06:31:37 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/31/04-06:08:22 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/31/04-05:45:42 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/31/04-05:25:36 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/31/04-04:27:19 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 10/31/04-03:59:13 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/31/04-01:58:05 PM Z
 Etienne Garbaux 10/31/04-01:43:16 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/31/04-12:10:46 PM Z
Pyro negs
 Diana Bloomfield 10/31/04-02:08:01 PM Z
 wcharmon@wt.net 10/31/04-01:47:19 PM Z
recipe for fine-line developer?
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/06/04-05:37:09 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/06/04-05:25:34 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 10/06/04-12:07:20 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 10/06/04-10:01:07 AM Z
 Dave Soemarko 10/06/04-09:23:35 AM Z
 Dave Soemarko 10/06/04-09:21:05 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/06/04-09:03:46 AM Z
 Dave Soemarko 10/06/04-08:55:33 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 10/06/04-08:42:04 AM Z
 Dave Soemarko 10/06/04-07:21:42 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/06/04-12:03:36 AM Z
 Eric S. Theise 10/05/04-11:54:59 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/05/04-11:44:08 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/05/04-03:34:10 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 10/05/04-02:07:35 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/05/04-01:56:47 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise 10/05/04-01:26:15 PM Z
registration methods for four color carbon
 ruthie 10/06/04-11:24:53 AM Z
Research Question - Darkrooms closed?
 Ender100@aol.com 10/11/04-05:42:00 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/11/04-05:32:28 PM Z
 Susan Huber 10/11/04-12:08:40 AM Z
 SteveS 10/10/04-03:45:34 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 10/10/04-03:42:07 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/10/04-02:57:37 PM Z
 jpptprnt@verizon.net 10/10/04-02:22:51 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan 10/10/04-01:45:16 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/10/04-11:49:55 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan 10/10/04-09:58:23 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/09/04-12:53:32 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/09/04-12:40:50 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/09/04-11:27:19 AM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/09/04-07:22:32 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/08/04-11:11:02 PM Z
 Liam Lawless 10/08/04-09:17:47 PM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/08/04-05:38:43 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/08/04-07:36:14 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 10/07/04-10:57:36 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/07/04-03:02:42 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/07/04-09:29:48 AM Z
 Marie Wohadlo 10/07/04-09:29:01 AM Z
 BKPhoto@aol.com 10/07/04-09:26:30 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan 10/07/04-09:20:15 AM Z
S.F. Open studios
 Jack Fulton 10/05/04-11:33:53 PM Z
 Arie Knoops 10/05/04-11:29:14 PM Z
Sacramento Galleries
 Eric S. Theise 10/22/04-02:30:32 PM Z
 Thomas Gary Howard 10/22/04-08:34:26 AM Z
 D. Mark Andrews 10/21/04-07:18:08 PM Z
Sodium Bisulfite
 Katharine Thayer 10/19/04-08:10:07 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/19/04-07:20:07 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/19/04-07:14:52 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/19/04-03:06:58 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 10/19/04-02:59:47 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 10/19/04-12:32:04 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/18/04-05:26:32 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 10/18/04-05:02:34 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/17/04-10:43:10 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/17/04-03:13:13 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-04:11:57 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-12:16:30 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-10:25:11 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-05:10:33 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-05:04:12 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-03:41:51 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/15/04-03:23:56 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 10/15/04-12:07:15 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 10/14/04-02:22:35 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/14/04-03:22:58 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/13/04-04:06:19 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/13/04-03:56:20 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/08/04-02:54:41 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 10/07/04-11:53:29 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/07/04-04:37:39 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/07/04-03:42:19 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/06/04-06:18:01 PM Z
 Alberto Novo 10/06/04-11:57:25 PM Z
 Martin Angerman 10/06/04-08:58:47 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/06/04-06:15:39 AM Z
 Giovanni Di Mase 10/06/04-12:44:37 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 10/05/04-11:23:28 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/05/04-03:58:50 PM Z
 Martin Angerman 10/05/04-09:36:18 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/05/04-06:15:12 AM Z
Step Wedge
 Ehud Yaniv 11/01/04-12:55:51 AM Z
talking about problems
 Jack Brubaker 10/29/04-09:40:52 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/29/04-07:23:29 AM Z
tap tap...
 Photogecko Austin 10/04/04-10:13:10 PM Z
 Eric Nelson 10/03/04-11:35:19 PM Z
Test Tickle
 Ender100@aol.com 10/05/04-12:05:07 AM Z
 Eric Nelson 10/03/04-11:10:16 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/04/04-06:39:15 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/04/04-06:18:17 AM Z
 Diana Bloomfield 10/04/04-04:38:55 AM Z
Toy cameras
 kris 10/17/04-01:49:55 PM Z
Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200
 Judy Seigel 10/25/04-09:20:52 PM Z
 Jonathan Borden 10/25/04-11:44:18 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/25/04-04:28:42 AM Z
 Eric S. Theise 10/25/04-12:37:13 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/23/04-04:45:43 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/23/04-11:17:41 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/23/04-11:06:57 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/23/04-03:21:31 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/23/04-08:38:29 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/23/04-08:27:20 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/23/04-07:14:43 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/23/04-06:55:32 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/23/04-06:49:15 AM Z
 Jon Lybrook 10/23/04-04:23:21 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/23/04-01:30:42 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/23/04-01:16:44 AM Z
 Jon Lybrook 10/23/04-12:54:52 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/22/04-10:53:28 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/22/04-10:44:08 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/22/04-10:28:47 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/22/04-10:26:27 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/22/04-10:16:01 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/22/04-10:04:46 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/22/04-09:07:46 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/22/04-12:00:29 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/22/04-08:07:13 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 10/22/04-12:19:32 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/21/04-10:41:14 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/20/04-10:02:21 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 10/20/04-09:29:41 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/20/04-06:30:12 AM Z
 Don Bryant 10/20/04-05:25:55 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/20/04-01:19:29 AM Z
 Jalo Porkkala 10/20/04-12:53:08 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/19/04-09:58:51 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/19/04-09:38:42 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/19/04-09:25:08 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/19/04-09:15:49 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/19/04-09:12:52 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/19/04-08:36:48 PM Z
 Sandy King 10/19/04-07:53:32 PM Z
 Don Bryant 10/19/04-07:27:26 PM Z
UV Densitometers
 Robert Hall 10/26/04-08:56:57 AM Z
 Sandy King 10/26/04-08:39:45 AM Z
 TalCshare@aol.com 10/26/04-08:01:27 AM Z
was Chris Andeson there? now digineg smear
 Loris Medici 10/07/04-01:34:31 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 10/05/04-10:51:17 PM Z
 Jeremy Moore 10/05/04-10:46:35 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 10/05/04-09:54:45 PM Z
 halvor 10/30/04-08:08:30 PM Z
Ziatype: how many coatings?
 Sandy King 10/11/04-11:35:51 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/10/04-09:08:04 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/10/04-08:56:18 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/10/04-04:12:08 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/10/04-04:04:57 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/10/04-08:26:33 AM Z
 nze christian 10/10/04-12:52:35 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/09/04-03:22:17 PM Z
 Loris Medici 10/09/04-03:12:23 PM Z
Ziatype: the result of my second test.
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 10/13/04-04:45:11 AM Z
 Loris Medici 10/12/04-03:59:53 PM Z

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