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35 mm b&w neg by SprintScan
 Judy Seigel10/30/01-11:21:52 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com10/30/01-08:59:11 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com10/30/01-12:21:26 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/29/01-09:27:01 PM Z
a good imagesetter is hard to find
 Ender100@aol.com10/08/01-05:24:55 PM Z
 Sam Wang10/08/01-03:12:45 PM Z
 Mac Legrandi10/06/01-02:14:22 AM Z
 sstoney10/05/01-12:53:16 PM Z
Actinic Light: Received Fallacy
 Sandy King10/27/01-08:19:51 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/27/01-04:22:25 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/27/01-04:14:31 PM Z
Actinic Light: The Urban Myths
 Ed Stander10/29/01-11:50:13 AM Z
 Cor Breukel10/29/01-06:47:09 AM Z
 garimo10/28/01-04:06:17 PM Z
 Ed Stander10/28/01-12:13:20 PM Z
 garimo10/28/01-11:47:01 AM Z
 Sandy King10/27/01-05:53:42 PM Z
 Sandy King10/27/01-05:31:27 PM Z
 Ed Stander10/27/01-04:10:47 PM Z
 Sandy King10/27/01-03:48:37 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com10/27/01-02:11:03 PM Z
 Sandy King10/26/01-10:44:11 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen10/26/01-11:45:12 PM Z
 Sandy King10/26/01-04:01:56 PM Z
Actinics versus Super Actinics
 Sandy King10/29/01-09:00:56 AM Z
Aerial Photos of the area
 Nick Makris10/07/01-02:09:58 PM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca10/01/01-12:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca10/29/01-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca10/22/01-12:00:02 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca10/15/01-12:00:01 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca10/08/01-12:00:01 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca10/01/01-12:00:01 AM Z
artists in academia; WTC in art; insufficient irony?
 Judy Seigel10/22/01-06:27:15 PM Z
 Guillermo10/22/01-06:18:28 PM Z
 Ricardo Wildberger Lisboa10/22/01-05:40:43 PM Z
 Christopher Lovegnuth10/17/01-08:13:08 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/17/01-05:14:18 PM Z
 Carl Weese10/17/01-11:51:32 AM Z
 Christopher Lovegnuth10/17/01-10:28:28 AM Z
 Darryl Baird10/17/01-10:14:32 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/17/01-09:55:44 AM Z
Bad Hair day
 Jonathan Bailey10/25/01-05:03:19 AM Z
big easel
 Judy Seigel10/08/01-02:29:24 PM Z
BLs and BLBs: The Unexpected Result!
 Sandy King10/29/01-06:44:18 PM Z
 Patrick10/29/01-05:12:40 PM Z
 Philippe Ayral10/29/01-02:42:24 PM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro10/29/01-04:41:09 AM Z
 Sandy King10/28/01-09:22:14 PM Z
 H. C.10/26/01-02:14:11 PM Z
 Art Chakalis10/26/01-07:25:06 AM Z
 H. C.10/26/01-02:34:36 AM Z
 Sandy King10/25/01-10:13:38 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:49:54 PM Z
bowdlerized (so OT!..;-)>>)
 Steve Shapiro10/29/01-01:40:53 AM Z
 Steve Shapiro10/29/01-01:20:32 AM Z
 Cor Breukel10/29/01-06:32:16 AM Z
Brushes for Gum
 Lukas Werth10/17/01-04:29:04 AM Z
 Nash Computer Technology10/17/01-03:13:00 AM Z
Building the BL units in PF
 Sandy King10/01/01-12:12:12 PM Z
Carbon arc exposure unit
 Tox Gunn10/25/01-10:14:25 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan10/25/01-08:37:34 AM Z
 Kemal Delic10/24/01-05:11:26 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow10/24/01-04:30:18 PM Z
 Gary Beasley10/24/01-01:27:43 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/24/01-09:32:59 AM Z
 sam tischler10/24/01-09:06:37 AM Z
 Gary Beasley10/22/01-02:25:29 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/22/01-02:14:23 PM Z
 sam tischler10/22/01-01:27:38 PM Z
Carbon double transfer
 Sandy King10/08/01-11:19:02 AM Z
 Witho Worms en Jorien van Santen10/08/01-10:14:42 AM Z
 Sandy King10/08/01-09:53:25 AM Z
 Witho Worms en Jorien van Santen10/08/01-08:48:52 AM Z
Centennial POP
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/06/01-07:45:52 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/06/01-07:22:02 PM Z
Congratulations Sandy King
 Ender100@aol.com10/08/01-11:05:48 AM Z
Copying prints
 Eric Neilsen10/28/01-12:39:06 AM Z
 H. C.10/27/01-02:39:14 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen10/26/01-11:52:02 PM Z
cross processing
 Christina Z. Anderson10/03/01-08:36:27 PM Z
 tonyascrizzi@juno.com10/03/01-09:04:33 PM Z
 Gary Beasley10/03/01-04:59:12 PM Z
 Wendy Mackender10/03/01-03:51:45 PM Z
 Carl Weese10/18/01-06:31:11 AM Z
 Trickstrr@aol.com10/17/01-09:41:12 PM Z
cyanotype + chine colle
 nze christian10/26/01-02:09:36 AM Z
 Gary Beasley10/25/01-02:30:17 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise10/25/01-09:24:34 AM Z
 dsbryant@telocity.com10/25/01-08:38:10 AM Z
 nze christian10/25/01-03:30:49 AM Z
 Eric S. Theise10/23/01-10:08:04 AM Z
 yudit10/23/01-09:33:47 AM Z
 Eric S. Theise10/23/01-02:35:04 AM Z
cyanotype - the missing formula: a correction
 alnovo@inwind.it10/15/01-04:40:30 AM Z
cyanotype exposure times
 benedict johnson10/17/01-11:01:35 AM Z
cyanotype, the missing formula
 alnovo@inwind.it10/16/01-07:32:35 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/15/01-02:26:56 PM Z
 Cor Breukel10/15/01-04:58:47 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it10/15/01-04:36:06 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:56:20 PM Z
 Sandy King10/25/01-07:50:48 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:11:00 PM Z
 Sandy King10/25/01-03:16:21 PM Z
Digital neg media - a moving target
 Jalo Porkkala10/16/01-12:28:07 AM Z
 Nick Makris10/15/01-02:00:17 PM Z
 Jalo Porkkala10/15/01-12:53:48 PM Z
 Nick Makris10/12/01-06:36:13 PM Z
Digital Proofing of large format negatives
 Carl Weese10/19/01-09:49:48 AM Z
 Carl Weese10/19/01-09:34:13 AM Z
 BobWicks@aol.com10/19/01-09:20:06 AM Z
 Sandy King10/19/01-08:42:56 AM Z
direct positive cyanotype
 Alberto Novo10/13/01-03:19:53 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/13/01-02:38:51 PM Z
 Richard M. Koolish10/12/01-12:02:05 PM Z
 fb10/12/01-10:51:52 AM Z
 fb10/12/01-03:14:15 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it10/12/01-01:33:38 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/11/01-07:41:13 PM Z
 Richard M. Koolish10/11/01-07:48:45 AM Z
 fb10/11/01-07:46:21 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it10/11/01-04:55:41 AM Z
 FB10/11/01-02:43:44 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it10/10/01-11:58:19 PM Z
dogma in academia
 Gary Miller10/20/01-11:01:50 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/20/01-03:54:47 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/20/01-12:56:24 AM Z
 BKPhoto@aol.com10/19/01-09:10:23 AM Z
 Carl Weese10/19/01-06:53:52 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/19/01-06:20:56 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/18/01-10:20:13 PM Z
 Darryl Baird10/18/01-09:11:09 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl10/18/01-08:49:56 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/18/01-08:02:16 PM Z
 garimo10/18/01-02:08:09 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl10/18/01-01:34:11 PM Z
 Jan Pietrzak10/18/01-02:16:48 PM Z
 James Luckett10/18/01-12:20:15 PM Z
 Gary Miller10/18/01-08:55:56 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/18/01-05:50:45 AM Z
dogma in academia; long critiques
 Jonathan Bailey10/19/01-06:19:23 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/19/01-06:12:35 AM Z
dogs getting run over in texas
 shannon stoney10/20/01-07:53:10 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl10/19/01-09:25:03 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/19/01-12:02:08 PM Z
email address of Ed Buffaloe of the Unblinking Eye
 Art Chakalis10/01/01-11:18:41 AM Z
 Ken Sinclair10/01/01-10:48:51 AM Z
 Sandy King10/01/01-10:28:37 AM Z
Europe trip
 Richard Morris10/08/01-02:20:47 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/06/01-07:58:18 PM Z
Exposure /Becquerel Developed Daguerreotypes
 Manuel Estébanez10/03/01-02:50:51 PM Z
Film and irradiation
 FDanB@aol.com10/25/01-05:19:45 PM Z
 lva10/06/01-01:39:26 AM Z
 Nash Computer Technology10/04/01-03:45:32 PM Z
 lva10/03/01-03:39:26 PM Z
 Nash Computer Technology10/03/01-01:58:18 PM Z
 Dave & Adina Ewaldz10/02/01-07:49:14 PM Z
 Argon3@aol.com10/02/01-08:20:21 AM Z
 lva10/01/01-09:34:26 AM Z
 lva10/01/01-09:34:26 AM Z
Gene Laughter's bromoils
 Toshiaki Ozawa10/03/01-11:31:17 PM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it10/03/01-06:13:53 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/03/01-01:07:09 AM Z
Good Deal on Sudek: Pigment Print Book
 Mac Legrandi10/27/01-10:41:25 PM Z
Good old Ted Orland
 Jack Fulton10/18/01-04:52:37 PM Z
grad school
 shannon stoney10/19/01-11:51:41 AM Z
graduate schools in photography; artists in academia
 Darryl Baird10/19/01-08:55:10 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/19/01-11:49:29 AM Z
 Sam Wang10/19/01-07:56:40 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/19/01-06:14:23 AM Z
 Darryl Baird10/19/01-05:54:35 AM Z
 Sam Wang10/18/01-09:32:50 PM Z
 Darryl Baird10/17/01-10:21:10 PM Z
 Trickstrr@aol.com10/17/01-06:50:54 PM Z
 Baird, Darryl10/17/01-12:15:21 PM Z
 sam tischler10/17/01-11:30:54 AM Z
 Trickstrr@aol.com10/17/01-11:04:07 AM Z
 Darryl Baird10/17/01-09:33:54 AM Z
 Gary Miller10/17/01-08:57:27 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey10/17/01-08:57:38 AM Z
 Bob Kiss10/17/01-06:39:21 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/17/01-07:21:49 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/17/01-06:25:55 AM Z
ground glass
 Jonathan Bailey10/12/01-06:33:31 AM Z
 Keith Gerling10/09/01-07:14:49 AM Z
 Robert W. Schramm10/08/01-07:47:45 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow10/08/01-07:11:59 PM Z
 Sandy King10/08/01-05:18:47 PM Z
 Ed Stander10/08/01-12:14:50 PM Z
 Jonathan Bailey10/08/01-07:41:34 AM Z
Ground glass, etc
 Jonathan Bailey10/09/01-07:33:38 PM Z
Gum and contrast (was: UV printing systems)
 Judy Seigel10/18/01-10:03:14 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/18/01-02:38:30 AM Z
 Sandy King10/18/01-06:12:28 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/18/01-12:21:50 AM Z
 Sandy King10/17/01-08:42:45 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/17/01-05:32:53 PM Z
 Sandy King10/16/01-10:58:29 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/16/01-10:35:43 AM Z
gum flat and lacking contrast
 Gumprint@aol.com10/14/01-09:05:24 PM Z
 BobWicks@aol.com10/14/01-07:24:37 PM Z
 Sandy King10/14/01-04:57:33 PM Z
gum help
 Smieglitz@aol.com10/20/01-01:59:30 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/20/01-03:31:31 AM Z
 BobWicks@aol.com10/20/01-07:01:28 AM Z
 Nick Frazier10/20/01-09:30:41 AM Z
Irridation of USPS Mail...
 Ed Stander10/24/01-06:04:58 PM Z
 Tox Gunn10/24/01-05:19:24 PM Z
 Bill Collins10/24/01-05:06:30 PM Z
 robert/pat poor10/24/01-04:57:26 PM Z
Kallitype over Cyanotype?
 Keith Gerling10/15/01-02:56:30 PM Z
 garimo10/15/01-01:19:54 PM Z
 Joachim10/15/01-11:50:00 AM Z
 Keith Gerling10/15/01-08:19:10 AM Z
 illovich10/12/01-08:40:26 AM Z
 Keith Gerling10/12/01-05:36:45 AM Z
 Keith Gerling10/11/01-12:59:08 PM Z
 garimo10/11/01-12:04:26 PM Z
 Keith Gerling10/11/01-11:34:24 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/02/01-03:46:48 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/23/01-11:33:34 PM Z
 Dave Rose10/23/01-10:34:22 PM Z
 Bob and Carla10/23/01-08:20:59 PM Z
 Bob Kiss10/23/01-06:55:12 PM Z
 Bob Kiss10/23/01-11:07:11 AM Z
liquid emulsion
 Christina Z. Anderson10/21/01-09:23:59 AM Z
location of White Street
 Judy Seigel10/04/01-07:57:31 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com10/04/01-07:51:52 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/04/01-07:39:38 PM Z
Make me one with everything
 Jack Fulton10/19/01-09:25:30 AM Z
metal halide kits
 Jeff Foster10/01/01-12:46:14 PM Z
 Bill Collins10/01/01-12:20:50 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/01/01-12:17:32 PM Z
 Jeff Foster10/01/01-11:59:15 AM Z
mordancage again
 Jonathan Bailey10/08/01-07:41:35 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey10/08/01-06:45:18 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/07/01-09:48:44 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow10/05/01-11:02:47 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/05/01-11:58:37 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/05/01-08:40:14 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey10/05/01-06:35:35 AM Z
 Peter Marshall10/05/01-03:19:26 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/04/01-07:34:11 PM Z
 Peter Marshall10/04/01-03:18:26 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/03/01-07:11:29 PM Z
more mordancage
 Christina Z. Anderson10/21/01-09:31:34 AM Z
my karma ran over their dogma
 Carl Weese10/19/01-03:35:13 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/19/01-12:01:44 PM Z
negatives for POP
 Christine10/08/01-07:20:43 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/06/01-05:14:22 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/06/01-02:25:14 PM Z
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira10/06/01-01:51:49 PM Z
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira10/06/01-01:49:26 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/06/01-11:36:39 AM Z
 Gary10/06/01-08:05:44 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/05/01-03:03:20 PM Z
 sstoney10/05/01-12:56:49 PM Z
Oh oh
 Sandy King10/25/01-07:48:00 PM Z
 Nathan Bramall10/25/01-12:04:30 PM Z
 Sandy King10/25/01-11:56:51 AM Z
 Bill Collins10/25/01-11:14:56 AM Z
 Sandy King10/25/01-10:29:21 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/25/01-09:29:59 AM Z
 Jack Fulton10/25/01-08:58:37 AM Z
 Sandy King10/24/01-08:28:44 PM Z
 Jack Fulton10/24/01-07:30:52 PM Z
OT: Ag content of fixer
 roger kockaerts10/09/01-12:39:12 PM Z
 Istvan Bibo10/09/01-04:22:57 AM Z
 sstoney10/13/01-08:50:22 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/13/01-10:12:30 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/13/01-02:46:21 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/13/01-07:14:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/13/01-01:44:55 PM Z
 garimo10/13/01-11:11:08 AM Z
 Carl Weese10/13/01-09:45:43 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/12/01-04:54:19 PM Z
 Carl Weese10/12/01-02:28:37 PM Z
 George L Smyth10/12/01-11:55:32 AM Z
photo etcing litho blocks
 zby10/02/01-10:02:48 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander10/02/01-09:43:41 AM Z
 Rosae Reeder10/02/01-07:17:55 AM Z
 zby10/01/01-05:18:26 PM Z
 Gary Beasley10/01/01-02:35:46 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander10/01/01-02:05:44 PM Z
Photopaper as neg. for gum
 Joao Ribeiro10/20/01-08:18:55 PM Z
Photoshop as a new medium?
 Baird, Darryl10/31/01-08:43:39 AM Z
 K10/31/01-11:25:24 AM Z
 shannon stoney10/31/01-07:12:37 AM Z
Pictorico and the Epson2000P
 lva10/06/01-01:39:26 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com10/05/01-02:38:24 PM Z
 C Downs10/04/01-06:42:58 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com10/04/01-03:50:00 PM Z
 lva10/04/01-02:17:26 PM Z
pigments and more
 pete10/08/01-09:42:30 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/08/01-03:22:20 PM Z
 lva10/07/01-04:26:26 PM Z AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com10/06/01-08:29:03 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/06/01-08:04:37 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com10/06/01-02:45:22 PM Z
 lva10/06/01-02:10:26 AM Z
 lva10/06/01-02:44:26 AM Z
 lva10/06/01-02:44:26 AM Z
 lva10/06/01-02:44:26 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com10/06/01-08:51:33 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/05/01-12:47:28 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/05/01-12:37:39 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/05/01-12:32:08 PM Z
 Nicolas Mollard10/05/01-09:27:51 AM Z
 lva10/04/01-02:17:26 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/04/01-11:42:34 AM Z
 lva10/04/01-07:51:26 AM Z
 lva10/04/01-07:51:26 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/03/01-04:52:01 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/03/01-03:50:06 PM Z
 lva10/03/01-11:31:26 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/03/01-09:24:13 AM Z
 lva10/03/01-03:38:26 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/03/01-03:08:41 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/03/01-02:11:45 AM Z
 lva10/02/01-04:36:26 PM Z
 lva10/02/01-04:02:26 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/02/01-04:00:27 PM Z
 lva10/02/01-03:19:26 PM Z
 Gary Beasley10/02/01-02:25:31 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/02/01-01:56:51 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/02/01-12:34:49 PM Z
 lva10/02/01-09:32:26 AM Z
 lva10/02/01-08:45:26 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/02/01-08:36:09 AM Z
 Breukel, C10/02/01-08:30:29 AM Z
 Richard M. Koolish10/02/01-07:23:39 AM Z
 Breukel, C10/02/01-03:53:24 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/01/01-05:16:56 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/01/01-04:34:23 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/01/01-03:54:54 PM Z
 lva10/01/01-01:53:26 PM Z
 lva10/01/01-01:53:26 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/01/01-01:08:27 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/01/01-12:56:32 PM Z
pigments and more Part II
 Richard Sullivan FRPS10/01/01-01:55:19 PM Z
pigments-- Color from the Earth:..
 lva10/07/01-02:44:26 AM Z
Polaroid for POP
 Don Bryant10/30/01-05:31:48 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro10/30/01-04:27:28 AM Z
 Sandy King10/29/01-09:08:09 PM Z
 dsbryant@telocity.com10/29/01-03:07:03 PM Z
 George L Smyth10/29/01-02:38:02 PM Z
 George L Smyth10/29/01-02:37:05 PM Z
 Tox Gunn10/29/01-12:10:46 PM Z
 george logan10/29/01-12:05:54 PM Z
 Christine10/29/01-10:05:57 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl10/28/01-03:51:28 PM Z
 Ken Sinclair10/28/01-09:31:41 AM Z
 Carl Weese10/28/01-06:57:20 AM Z
 george logan10/28/01-05:35:00 AM Z
Poll: which Epson?
 Christine10/24/01-01:02:13 PM Z
POP and finger prints
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:15:04 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:13:12 PM Z
 MICHAEL STEINLE10/25/01-06:56:58 AM Z
 george logan10/24/01-04:14:36 PM Z
 Bob and Carla10/23/01-08:14:33 PM Z
 James Young10/23/01-11:10:41 PM Z
 garimo10/23/01-05:11:09 PM Z
 Gary Beasley10/23/01-05:01:32 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/23/01-03:58:29 PM Z
Pt-Pd exhibit
 roger kockaerts10/16/01-02:29:44 AM Z
questions about toning cyanotypes
 shannon stoney10/06/01-05:24:14 PM Z
R: Kallitype over Cyanotype?
 Alberto Novo10/13/01-03:19:32 PM Z
R: pigments and more
 Judy Seigel10/06/01-07:40:54 PM Z
 Alberto Novo10/06/01-01:48:21 PM Z
Re : Gum and contrast (was: UV printing systems)
 Jean-Paul Gandolfo10/17/01-02:59:04 AM Z
re :temperaprint exhibition
 Jean Burdett10/26/01-12:48:29 AM Z
Recreating Traditional Photo Printing Techniques Digitally
 Philip Trauring10/30/01-12:06:27 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/11/01-07:42:05 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it10/10/01-11:51:19 PM Z
Rip Van W.
 John and Sandra Edwards10/18/01-06:16:07 PM Z
 Trickstrr@aol.com10/18/01-06:12:57 PM Z
 John and Sandra Edwards10/18/01-04:34:21 PM Z
Rives BFK 250 vs Rives BFK 280
 Don Bryant10/29/01-08:44:19 PM Z
 Peter Marshall10/11/01-03:41:26 PM Z
 K10/11/01-09:07:32 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey10/11/01-05:57:00 AM Z
 garimo10/10/01-11:48:39 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/10/01-10:02:11 PM Z
shipping paper
 sstoney10/14/01-08:04:46 AM Z
Speed point of photosensitive materials
 Sandy King10/31/01-08:10:55 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias10/31/01-05:46:19 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/30/01-10:53:57 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias10/30/01-09:16:49 AM Z
 Judy Seigel10/29/01-09:33:35 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias10/29/01-07:29:57 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com10/28/01-11:23:54 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/28/01-08:45:34 PM Z
 Sandy King10/28/01-08:46:48 PM Z
 Ed Stander10/28/01-06:45:11 PM Z
 Sandy King10/28/01-06:23:15 PM Z
step wedges; POP and gold toner
 clay10/31/01-09:36:40 PM Z
 Sandy King10/31/01-05:30:31 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/31/01-12:28:36 PM Z
sudek's pigment prints
 Katharine Thayer10/25/01-01:30:35 PM Z
 clay10/25/01-08:23:20 PM Z
 clay10/25/01-08:21:04 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:53:57 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/25/01-12:50:10 PM Z
 Judy Seigel10/25/01-07:22:22 PM Z
 Mac Legrandi10/24/01-07:53:25 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/24/01-10:42:40 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/24/01-10:29:01 AM Z
 Sandy King10/24/01-05:04:17 PM Z
 Philippe Ayral10/24/01-12:26:12 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer10/24/01-04:13:32 AM Z
 Sandy King10/24/01-08:38:12 AM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann10/24/01-07:58:11 AM Z
Temperaprint exhibition
 pete10/26/01-12:01:13 AM Z
 Jean Burdett10/25/01-06:04:58 PM Z
 pete10/25/01-08:45:42 AM Z
 Jack Fulton10/24/01-06:52:50 PM Z
 pete10/24/01-05:57:56 PM Z
 Jack Fulton10/24/01-01:45:43 PM Z
 Jack Fulton10/24/01-08:52:59 AM Z
 Gary Beasley10/23/01-04:57:53 PM Z AM Z
 Jack Fulton10/21/01-02:34:26 PM Z PM Z
 Christine10/25/01-10:27:12 AM Z
 Christine10/24/01-03:41:54 PM Z
the next fad
 Bob Kiss10/17/01-02:51:56 PM Z
 Tox Gunn10/17/01-03:52:04 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com10/17/01-03:41:00 PM Z
 Carl Weese10/17/01-03:19:44 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/17/01-02:46:52 PM Z
thursday NYTimes
 Tom Hawkins10/19/01-08:27:04 AM Z
To provide a link to another
 Hadi Alsegaf10/25/01-06:50:10 PM Z
 Vamaza@aol.com10/20/01-07:58:06 AM Z
 Jean Burdett10/19/01-11:39:49 PM Z
 Eirik Berger10/19/01-04:45:45 AM Z
 tonyascrizzi@juno.com10/18/01-08:27:13 PM Z
urban myths PM Z
using a stat camer a a picture camera
 Sam Wang10/24/01-07:44:00 PM Z
 Gary Beasley10/24/01-05:57:06 PM Z
 Jeff Foster10/24/01-05:29:41 PM Z
UV light and Contact Frame
 Bill Walsh10/01/01-02:48:17 PM Z
UV light sources
 Alan Mynett10/31/01-03:26:14 PM Z
 Alan Mynett10/31/01-01:40:36 PM Z
 Bowdish Wayne10/31/01-01:05:10 PM Z
 MichaelSpedding@aol.com10/31/01-12:44:58 PM Z
UV printing systems
 Judy Seigel10/15/01-02:01:15 PM Z
 Juan Riera10/14/01-01:40:13 PM Z
 Sandy King10/13/01-10:16:42 AM Z
VHO Super Actinic tubes for alt?
 Bob and Carla10/09/01-10:33:39 PM Z
 Sandy King10/09/01-02:53:48 PM Z
where are archives
 Gordon J. Holtslander10/10/01-09:52:36 AM Z
 Nick Makris10/08/01-10:56:21 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson10/08/01-08:15:04 AM Z
Where is the dog in the media, ma?
 Christina Z. Anderson10/19/01-08:37:19 AM Z
 Jack Fulton10/19/01-07:41:06 AM Z
Why ARt Cannot be Taught; photoshop?
 Judy Seigel10/30/01-10:49:41 PM Z
 shannon stoney10/30/01-06:54:45 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias10/07/01-06:16:02 AM Z
 Xosni10/07/01-11:48:41 AM Z
 Salvatore Mancini10/06/01-06:24:34 PM Z
 Salvatore Mancini10/06/01-06:01:48 PM Z

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