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!!!!!!!!!!! PEROXIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Judy Seigel03/01/02-10:24:51 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/01/02-07:08:36 PM Z
 dsbryant@telocity.com03/01/02-12:54:06 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/01/02-11:36:59 AM Z
 robert03/01/02-11:11:08 AM Z
"dream printer"
 Ender100@aol.com03/09/02-02:41:18 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/09/02-02:39:40 PM Z
 Sandy King03/09/02-12:30:40 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/08/02-10:37:42 PM Z
 Cactus Cowboy03/08/02-09:04:05 PM Z
 William Marsh03/08/02-12:42:05 PM Z
"Good" Photography
 Grafist@aol.com03/01/02-04:44:59 PM Z
"Good" Wagner
 Robkin, Eugene03/01/02-02:06:56 PM Z
 Grafist@aol.com03/01/02-04:39:03 AM Z
Alt Photography in UK
 Darryl Baird03/20/02-12:49:08 AM Z
 Camera Chiara03/20/02-12:34:58 AM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca03/01/02-12:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca03/25/02-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca03/18/02-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca03/11/02-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca03/04/02-12:00:00 AM Z
Alternative Photo Workshops (and my workshop in NYC)
 FDanB@aol.com03/22/02-03:17:56 PM Z
Alternative Photography Workshops
 Darryl Gage03/22/02-07:31:29 AM Z
Alternative process mailing list archive
 Xosni03/09/02-05:31:33 PM Z
anthotype advice and hints
 Thom Mitchell03/01/02-04:24:30 PM Z
APIS 13 and 14 July 2002 at Bradford.
 Richard Sullivan03/20/02-09:35:02 AM Z
APIS 2002: papers and speakers
 Richard Sullivan03/09/02-12:01:02 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/08/02-01:39:36 PM Z
Archival Matters
 Ender100@aol.com03/22/02-01:02:53 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/21/02-11:46:58 PM Z
 Phillip Murphy03/21/02-08:14:00 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/21/02-09:25:48 AM Z
 clay03/21/02-06:53:55 AM Z
 Bob Kiss03/21/02-05:54:47 AM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-10:54:48 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/20/02-10:26:55 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/20/02-09:43:57 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/20/02-08:30:18 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-08:01:26 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-07:09:45 PM Z
 Kerik Kouklis03/20/02-06:28:49 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm03/20/02-06:12:38 PM Z
 clay03/20/02-06:07:28 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-05:54:14 PM Z
 Joachim03/20/02-05:38:38 PM Z
 Ed Buffaloe03/20/02-05:12:04 PM Z
 John Campbell03/20/02-04:34:24 PM Z
 jeffbuck@swcp.com03/20/02-04:28:19 PM Z
 Kerik Kouklis03/20/02-04:18:08 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-03:48:51 PM Z
beginner seeks help---long pt/pd exposure times
 Eric Neilsen03/31/02-09:44:51 PM Z
 Sandy King03/31/02-04:24:29 PM Z
 xrogers03/31/02-04:14:05 PM Z
 xrogers03/31/02-03:50:39 PM Z
 Nick Makris03/31/02-03:25:52 PM Z
 Carl Weese03/31/02-03:14:10 PM Z
 Joe Portale03/31/02-03:03:39 PM Z
 Carl Weese03/31/02-02:45:49 PM Z
 xrogers03/31/02-01:52:00 PM Z
 Sandy King03/24/02-02:15:58 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/21/02-09:30:37 PM Z
Casein Prints, Sodium Caseinate Availability
 Tom Ferguson03/07/02-08:15:06 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/06/02-11:15:15 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/06/02-10:45:02 PM Z
Communicating with Kentmere
 epona03/19/02-11:05:24 AM Z
 jeffbuck@swcp.com03/19/02-10:19:21 AM Z
 Tony McLean03/26/02-05:01:23 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/26/02-04:04:14 PM Z
digital negative production from imagesetters
 Ted Edkins03/11/02-06:39:18 AM Z
Dr Dunstan Perera's Creart Process AM Z
 Jonathon Russell03/14/02-01:21:26 PM Z
Epson 1680 Film Flatness
 Jeff Mickey03/18/02-04:15:55 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/18/02-12:22:54 PM Z
 Carl Sander Socolow03/18/02-10:56:42 AM Z
Fabric for alt photography (as opposed to paper)
 Tom Ferguson03/25/02-06:21:07 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm03/20/02-05:46:47 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/20/02-02:51:37 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/04/02-10:12:24 AM Z
 Witho Worms en Jorien van Santen03/04/02-09:15:37 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/04/02-07:41:46 PM Z
 Eric S. Theise03/04/02-05:42:09 PM Z
 Jack Fulton03/01/02-07:49:00 PM Z
 William Marsh03/28/02-04:01:29 AM Z
 Bill Collins03/23/02-01:06:02 PM Z
 Devon John03/23/02-11:13:57 AM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/22/02-01:24:50 PM Z
 epona03/22/02-12:33:36 PM Z
Fuji Pictrograph
 Markham Johnson03/12/02-11:06:06 AM Z
Gum discovery by S. Melvin -- maybe
 Judy Seigel03/12/02-11:59:34 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/12/02-06:40:33 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/12/02-01:38:30 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/12/02-01:24:57 AM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/12/02-12:23:17 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/11/02-04:21:40 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/11/02-03:53:14 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/11/02-02:40:22 PM Z
gum printing size
 pete03/12/02-03:41:53 AM Z
 julian smart03/11/02-03:23:03 PM Z
 Cactus Cowboy03/11/02-12:50:27 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/11/02-10:58:56 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/11/02-10:53:37 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/11/02-02:10:38 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/11/02-09:40:54 AM Z
Gum without glass
 Katharine Thayer03/31/02-03:52:19 AM Z
help with pinhole cameras and bleprint paper in camera
 stephen03/20/02-09:52:35 PM Z
humidifer recommendations?
 Eric Neilsen03/29/02-10:59:47 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen03/29/02-02:52:30 PM Z
 Matthew Hoffman03/29/02-09:33:25 AM Z
 Jeff Buckels03/29/02-09:07:29 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/29/02-10:42:01 AM Z
 Carl Weese03/29/02-08:06:18 PM Z
 Carl Weese03/29/02-08:41:28 AM Z
 Matthew Hoffman03/29/02-06:43:45 AM Z
humidifier recommendations?
 Larry Roohr03/29/02-08:51:03 AM Z
ignore this test
 Gordon J. Holtslander03/17/02-01:05:15 AM Z
Inkjet transparencies for Pt/Pd and Cyanotype
 garimo03/09/02-12:11:22 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/09/02-11:32:59 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/09/02-10:52:26 AM Z
 Sandy King03/09/02-10:00:34 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/09/02-08:11:49 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-11:15:17 PM Z
 David Oliver03/08/02-04:56:27 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/08/02-08:52:31 AM Z
 jacques verschuren03/08/02-09:06:21 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/08/02-12:19:20 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/08/02-03:41:34 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/08/02-03:23:26 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/08/02-11:10:48 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/08/02-10:50:29 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/08/02-02:14:48 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/08/02-09:54:03 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/08/02-12:21:52 AM Z
 David Oliver03/08/02-03:44:41 AM Z
kallitype fogging
 shannon stoney03/28/02-07:54:37 PM Z
kallitype fogging?: EDTA solution life?
 wcharmon03/28/02-10:58:36 AM Z
 Sandy King03/28/02-09:26:15 AM Z
 shannon stoney03/28/02-06:54:18 AM Z
kallitype questions: EDTA solution life?
 Sandy King03/27/02-06:29:18 PM Z
 shannon stoney03/27/02-03:47:07 PM Z
Kallitype toners and warmth/color
 Sandy King03/25/02-07:04:19 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/25/02-06:07:31 PM Z
Kamera Korner
 Sandy King03/31/02-03:49:08 PM Z
 Carl Weese03/31/02-06:25:20 AM Z
 Leonard Robertson03/30/02-11:22:57 PM Z
 Sandy King03/30/02-10:40:51 AM Z
 Sandy King03/30/02-09:31:50 AM Z
 Leonard Robertson03/29/02-11:32:32 PM Z
 Sandy King03/29/02-04:53:46 PM Z
 jeffbuck@swcp.com03/29/02-04:10:59 PM Z
 Liam Lawless03/01/02-08:44:09 PM Z
Larry Roohr
 Larry Roohr03/02/02-10:03:13 AM Z
 Nick Makris03/02/02-09:48:57 AM Z
Light source for big prints
 William Marsh03/28/02-04:17:16 AM Z
 John Campbell03/28/02-03:18:22 AM Z
 William Marsh03/28/02-03:33:07 AM Z
 William Marsh03/28/02-03:28:00 AM Z
 Graeme Lyall03/21/02-01:45:19 AM Z
 Erich Camerling03/20/02-03:35:42 PM Z
 John Campbell03/20/02-09:30:23 PM Z
 James Young03/20/02-06:33:39 PM Z
 John Campbell03/20/02-02:48:11 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-12:22:58 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-12:21:30 PM Z
 Bill Collins03/20/02-12:08:22 PM Z
 Steve Shapiro03/20/02-11:06:27 AM Z
 James Young03/20/02-10:22:03 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/19/02-09:29:46 PM Z
 Keith Gerling03/19/02-05:26:23 PM Z
 Keith Gerling03/19/02-06:18:32 PM Z
 Sandy King03/19/02-03:07:43 PM Z
 John Campbell03/19/02-02:48:50 PM Z
 Keith Gerling03/19/02-04:09:00 PM Z
 John Campbell03/19/02-12:53:12 PM Z
 Keith Gerling03/19/02-02:33:51 PM Z
 John Campbell03/19/02-11:40:07 AM Z
 Keith Gerling03/19/02-12:07:48 PM Z
Lith printing and contrast
 Christina Z. Anderson03/05/02-11:41:22 AM Z
 Xosni03/05/02-07:42:53 AM Z
Magic brush ?
 Neal Oshima03/13/02-04:57:17 AM Z
 Witho Worms en Jorien van Santen03/13/02-02:59:58 AM Z
 Erich Camerling03/12/02-06:38:49 AM Z
 pete03/03/02-05:52:34 PM Z
Manual typos
 pete03/08/02-06:29:13 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/29/02-02:57:00 AM Z
 John Campbell03/29/02-01:26:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/29/02-01:20:33 AM Z
 John Campbell03/29/02-01:03:49 AM Z
 John Campbell03/29/02-12:57:38 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/28/02-11:40:37 PM Z
 Sandy King03/28/02-07:23:27 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/28/02-01:12:34 AM Z
 Sandy King03/27/02-08:53:54 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/27/02-12:05:41 AM Z
 Sandy King03/26/02-06:58:26 AM Z
 Sandy King03/26/02-06:43:08 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it03/26/02-03:06:30 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/26/02-12:59:23 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it03/25/02-01:39:08 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/22/02-12:02:18 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it03/21/02-01:30:27 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/20/02-03:06:51 PM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it03/20/02-01:13:45 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander03/19/02-11:36:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/19/02-09:57:43 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/19/02-08:26:42 PM Z
 jeffbuck@swcp.com03/19/02-03:49:07 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/19/02-02:59:57 PM Z
measuring chemicals; masking tape alternatives
 CCBaggett@aol.com03/19/02-05:04:27 PM Z
 curt.onstott@orst.edu03/19/02-03:17:24 PM Z
 jeffbuck@swcp.com03/19/02-10:13:57 AM Z
 Eric Nelson03/19/02-10:06:20 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias03/18/02-09:54:06 PM Z
 Brian Casey03/18/02-06:54:27 PM Z
 Jason Plunkett03/18/02-06:28:12 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen03/18/02-08:15:02 PM Z
 shannon stoney03/18/02-05:19:16 PM Z
 Bill Collins03/11/02-11:06:44 AM Z
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira03/10/02-04:54:28 AM Z
 Bill Collins03/09/02-04:38:33 PM Z
Need help with Pinhole Cameras and Blue Print Paper in Cameras
 Mark03/21/02-10:48:19 PM Z
 George L Smyth03/20/02-06:30:24 PM Z
 Mark Kronquist03/20/02-04:14:46 PM Z
New project
 Galina Manikova03/02/02-02:38:59 AM Z
Niepce Analysis
 Eric Nelson03/13/02-03:57:52 PM Z
No. 2 Mixture for Pt/PD
 Eric Neilsen03/19/02-10:18:15 AM Z
 Carl Weese03/09/02-05:44:01 AM Z
 William Marderness03/08/02-09:13:24 PM Z
Oleobrom information and more.
 Grafist@aol.com03/03/02-06:48:40 AM Z
OT questions about dags and geneology software
 Manuel Estébanez03/13/02-08:18:57 AM Z
 bi3@georgetown.edu03/12/02-08:06:05 AM Z
 Devon John03/20/02-08:32:25 AM Z
 Stan Frost03/19/02-04:49:42 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/19/02-02:45:38 PM Z
 Randall Webb03/19/02-04:09:39 PM Z
 Breukel, C (HKG)03/18/02-03:34:55 AM Z
 Ed Stander03/17/02-12:40:42 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/17/02-12:16:21 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/17/02-09:04:40 AM Z
 Nick Makris03/02/02-11:29:39 AM Z
Pictorico (& Epson & Mac)
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-11:49:44 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-10:42:14 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-10:39:40 PM Z
 dsbryant@mindspring.com03/08/02-10:32:47 AM Z
 Christine03/08/02-10:34:59 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/08/02-10:09:25 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/08/02-10:02:58 AM Z
 Baird, Darryl03/08/02-09:23:08 AM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/08/02-08:46:14 AM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/08/02-08:14:27 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/08/02-07:25:05 AM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/08/02-06:57:25 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/08/02-05:14:48 AM Z
 Sandy King03/08/02-12:26:32 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/07/02-11:47:11 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/07/02-11:44:35 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/07/02-11:36:55 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/07/02-11:32:34 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/07/02-11:24:28 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/07/02-10:35:42 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/07/02-10:24:03 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/07/02-09:25:01 PM Z
 jamesromeo03/07/02-04:27:31 PM Z
 Kerik Kouklis03/07/02-02:41:03 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/07/02-06:05:52 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/07/02-01:26:11 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/07/02-11:30:07 AM Z
 Sandy King03/07/02-09:51:27 AM Z
 Christine03/07/02-10:26:26 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/07/02-03:30:32 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/06/02-11:02:28 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/06/02-10:54:52 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/06/02-10:31:22 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/06/02-02:30:35 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/06/02-10:15:53 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/06/02-01:37:36 PM Z
 Darryl Baird03/06/02-09:23:35 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/06/02-09:09:25 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/06/02-11:47:07 AM Z
Pictorico (& Larry Roohr)
 Larry Roohr03/02/02-10:39:22 PM Z
 Carl Peterson03/02/02-06:56:13 PM Z
 John Campbell03/02/02-05:29:26 PM Z
pictorico/peizo negs
 Larry Roohr03/09/02-08:59:33 PM Z
Piers . . peers . . looks @
 Jack Fulton03/01/02-08:03:15 PM Z
Pigment vs dye ink density's for pt/pd, gum
 lrryr@attbi.com03/08/02-11:17:40 AM Z
Platypus 2002!
 Tillman Crane03/20/02-01:51:08 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/20/02-12:08:48 PM Z
please ignore this messages
 Kees Brandenburg03/21/02-02:16:07 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/23/02-05:13:11 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/23/02-03:26:30 PM Z
POP print online
 plebian03/18/02-03:52:41 PM Z
Posting images
 Richard Sullivan03/27/02-02:26:08 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/30/02-10:45:30 PM Z
 Breukel, C (HKG)03/28/02-05:22:02 AM Z
 alnovo@inwind.it03/28/02-03:40:27 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg03/28/02-03:23:43 AM Z
 Breukel, C (HKG)03/28/02-02:08:34 AM Z
Pt-Pd exhibit
 K03/15/02-10:24:08 AM Z
 Cactus Cowboy03/14/02-09:40:24 PM Z
 roger kockaerts03/14/02-09:59:49 AM Z
Pyro-cat HD
 clay03/04/02-06:38:11 AM Z
 Linas Kudzma03/04/02-06:18:04 AM Z
 Sandy King03/03/02-10:58:58 PM Z
 Don Bryant03/03/02-10:27:36 PM Z
Pyrocat-HD and the Glossies.
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-11:44:55 PM Z
 Sandy King03/08/02-11:46:27 PM Z
respirator cartridges
 shannon stoney03/30/02-07:56:55 AM Z
 Robert W. Schramm03/29/02-09:12:34 PM Z
 shannon stoney03/29/02-09:00:46 PM Z
S&G photography equipment
 garimo03/24/02-09:58:39 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/24/02-09:42:51 PM Z
 garimo03/23/02-02:43:42 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/23/02-02:27:49 PM Z
S&S photography equipment
 garimo03/23/02-05:21:00 PM Z
 Don Bryant03/23/02-03:24:49 PM Z
 Matthew Hoffman03/22/02-10:14:02 PM Z
 pete03/22/02-05:43:53 PM Z
 jamesromeo03/22/02-05:09:41 PM Z
 Eric Kees03/22/02-02:31:41 PM Z
 Keith Gerling03/22/02-02:04:48 PM Z
 garimo03/22/02-11:27:58 AM Z
 jamesromeo03/22/02-10:44:33 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/21/02-11:13:01 PM Z
 jamesromeo03/20/02-06:35:32 PM Z
 Richard M. Koolish03/20/02-03:57:32 PM Z
 Sandy King03/20/02-03:11:59 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/11/02-01:58:37 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/09/02-11:11:23 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-11:42:03 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/08/02-08:20:45 PM Z
Sabatier halation and bromide
 Ed Buffaloe03/10/02-03:56:22 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/10/02-02:55:41 AM Z
 Ed Buffaloe03/09/02-03:37:23 PM Z
Sabatier, theory, myth, etc.
 Judy Seigel03/08/02-11:08:44 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/08/02-12:25:19 PM Z
 Joachim03/08/02-12:01:48 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/08/02-08:46:08 AM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/08/02-08:13:35 AM Z
 Joachim03/08/02-07:33:43 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/07/02-11:27:12 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/07/02-11:05:27 PM Z
Salt paper from Kentmere
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira03/19/02-05:56:32 PM Z
 Randall Webb03/19/02-04:18:03 PM Z
 Randall Webb03/19/02-04:14:13 PM Z
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira03/18/02-07:22:44 PM Z
search in internet
 m_ayouby_nx03/22/02-06:24:35 AM Z
Sensiometry with Digital Negatives
 Larry Roohr03/21/02-08:13:39 AM Z
 David Oliver03/21/02-02:18:15 AM Z
Sensitometry with Digital Negatives
 Judy Seigel03/23/02-03:30:03 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow03/02/02-10:12:15 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/02/02-02:02:35 PM Z
Sodium acetate
 Ralph Rinke03/26/02-08:09:35 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander03/25/02-10:03:32 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow03/25/02-06:40:13 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen03/25/02-08:32:31 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/25/02-05:07:39 PM Z
 curt.onstott@orst.edu03/25/02-03:02:54 PM Z
 Kris Erickson03/25/02-06:03:41 PM Z
solarization and alt process observations
 Clay Harmon03/28/02-06:30:00 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/28/02-01:38:45 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/28/02-01:36:59 AM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth03/27/02-10:07:07 AM Z
 wcharmon03/27/02-06:15:19 AM Z
 Breukel, C (HKG)03/27/02-02:28:46 AM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth03/27/02-02:15:55 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/27/02-12:08:58 AM Z
 Philippe Ayral03/26/02-02:21:18 PM Z
 Kerik Kouklis03/26/02-01:34:11 PM Z
 wcharmon03/26/02-12:02:51 PM Z
 Carl Weese03/26/02-06:30:06 AM Z
 Sandy King03/26/02-10:23:09 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson03/26/02-10:49:07 AM Z
Storage Life of Glyoxal
 Tom Ferguson03/15/02-08:55:13 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/15/02-01:05:48 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/14/02-09:30:53 PM Z
 Judy Seigel03/14/02-01:17:29 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/13/02-09:21:27 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg03/18/02-08:36:10 AM Z
 Robkin, Eugene03/05/02-09:22:45 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/05/02-01:12:38 AM Z
 Bob Kiss03/05/02-08:53:50 AM Z
Thanks to Darryl & Peter
 Camera Chiara03/27/02-05:21:11 AM Z
 Bob Kiss03/07/02-06:34:01 AM Z
The future of the handmade print?
 Grafist@aol.com03/12/02-05:56:04 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/12/02-01:42:00 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/12/02-01:22:35 AM Z
 Jack Fulton03/11/02-08:39:38 PM Z
 Joe Portale03/11/02-08:11:27 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/11/02-07:41:37 PM Z
 Sandy King03/11/02-11:49:17 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/11/02-10:01:33 AM Z
 Pam Niedermayer03/11/02-09:04:33 AM Z
 clay03/11/02-07:32:03 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/11/02-05:56:47 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/11/02-01:34:53 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen03/10/02-03:38:10 PM Z
 Bob Kiss03/10/02-08:12:31 PM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/10/02-02:34:24 PM Z
 Joachim03/10/02-02:28:37 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/10/02-01:54:29 PM Z
 david distefano03/10/02-12:41:49 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/10/02-04:19:53 AM Z
 Joe Portale03/10/02-10:36:22 AM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/10/02-06:45:48 AM Z
 Bob Kiss03/10/02-06:14:08 AM Z
 Judy Seigel03/10/02-03:13:33 AM Z
 John Cremati03/09/02-04:27:32 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/09/02-02:47:31 PM Z
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira03/09/02-02:44:51 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/09/02-01:57:36 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth03/09/02-01:23:54 PM Z
 Jack Fulton03/09/02-12:08:55 PM Z
 Sandy King03/09/02-09:48:58 AM Z
 Sandy King03/09/02-11:37:51 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer03/09/02-03:25:18 AM Z
 Sandy King03/09/02-10:04:25 AM Z
 Manuel Gomes Teixeira03/09/02-08:35:54 AM Z
 Alejandro Lopez de Haro03/09/02-03:44:18 AM Z
 Jeff Buckels03/08/02-04:32:06 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/08/02-04:00:39 PM Z
 lrryr@attbi.com03/08/02-01:45:06 PM Z
 R Kirk Williams03/08/02-01:44:16 PM Z
 FDanB@aol.com03/08/02-01:07:30 PM Z
The Impress Signature -- was the future of handmade
 Devon John03/11/02-08:48:43 PM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/11/02-09:45:33 AM Z
The Temperaprint Fellowship
 Richard Sullivan03/09/02-11:48:19 AM Z
 pete03/09/02-05:43:26 AM Z
 Richard Sullivan03/07/02-09:11:54 AM Z
 pete03/03/02-04:36:33 AM Z
 Galina Manikova03/03/02-03:47:05 AM Z
Thick Carbon Tissue Gelatin Pours
 Sandy King03/15/02-12:50:35 PM Z
 JohnDixon20@aol.com03/15/02-12:16:36 PM Z
Tillman Crane show in Brussels
 Huib Smeets03/14/02-01:42:51 PM Z
Tillman Crane show in Brussels --ooops now did I violate a rule: HTML included
 Huib Smeets03/14/02-02:02:05 PM Z
Tillman show
 William Marsh03/14/02-01:33:36 PM Z
 Eric Nelson03/25/02-01:44:36 PM Z
 sandracdavis@earthlink.net03/25/02-12:49:44 PM Z
Traveling Portfolio (2002A)
 FotoDave@aol.com03/23/02-08:38:39 PM Z
 shannon stoney03/23/02-05:41:48 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com03/21/02-09:50:56 PM Z
 Michael Clokey03/25/02-01:47:37 PM Z
 uri almagor03/21/02-10:38:43 AM Z
UV-A transmittance
 Erich Camerling03/24/02-01:42:37 AM Z
vacuum easel
 Rocky LaRochelle03/14/02-11:55:57 AM Z
 Bob and Carla03/14/02-11:19:28 AM Z
 Bob and Carla03/14/02-11:17:25 AM Z
 Dean Lastoria03/14/02-10:22:12 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/14/02-09:41:35 AM Z
 Sandy King03/14/02-09:35:01 AM Z
 William Marsh03/14/02-01:25:40 AM Z
 William Marsh03/14/02-01:06:10 AM Z
vacuum easles
 Gregory W. Blank03/14/02-07:53:27 AM Z
 Sandy King03/13/02-11:33:51 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com03/13/02-10:42:17 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/13/02-10:08:19 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/13/02-09:48:57 PM Z
 Mark Kronquist03/13/02-03:45:03 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/13/02-05:03:09 PM Z
 Gregory W. Blank03/13/02-03:19:26 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson03/13/02-02:58:36 PM Z
Vs: Pictorico (& Epson & Mac)
 Jalo Porkkala03/07/02-06:08:47 AM Z
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
 Richard Koolish03/22/02-08:14:27 AM Z

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