December 2005 Alt-Photo-Process-L By Subject

SubjectAuthor Date
"the whole thing all at once"
 Yves Gauvreau 12/16/05-01:08:57 AM Z
(Gum) Multi prints??? 12/15/05-10:03:29 AM Z 12/15/05-02:35:20 AM Z 12/14/05-03:41:54 PM Z 12/14/05-02:43:03 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/14/05-02:43:31 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-02:09:10 PM Z
 Dave Rose 12/14/05-01:06:32 PM Z
 Dave Rose 12/14/05-12:38:42 PM Z
 Kate M 12/14/05-11:59:31 AM Z 12/14/05-10:58:15 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-10:56:44 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/14/05-09:05:44 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/14/05-08:34:00 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-08:28:05 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/14/05-03:06:34 AM Z 12/14/05-02:55:39 AM Z 12/14/05-02:42:17 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/14/05-12:54:32 AM Z
 Dave Rose 12/13/05-08:42:53 PM Z 12/13/05-08:36:56 PM Z 12/13/05-06:29:04 PM Z
 T. E. Andersen 12/13/05-05:40:06 PM Z 12/13/05-04:24:53 PM Z
 T. E. Andersen 12/13/05-01:58:26 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/13/05-01:25:11 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/13/05-01:11:06 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/13/05-09:05:01 AM Z 12/13/05-09:41:02 AM Z
 T. E. Andersen 12/13/05-06:59:56 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/13/05-05:05:14 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/13/05-05:15:56 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/12/05-04:05:04 PM Z
(Gum) Tonal scale
 Yves Gauvreau 12/09/05-09:41:43 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/09/05-08:57:51 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/09/05-08:36:10 AM Z
 peter 12/09/05-07:24:12 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/08/05-10:44:38 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/08/05-09:15:20 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/08/05-05:16:03 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/08/05-05:04:45 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/08/05-03:13:43 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/08/05-01:19:11 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/08/05-12:55:13 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/08/05-11:42:06 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-01:56:13 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-01:27:43 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-01:34:42 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/07/05-01:08:19 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-09:30:06 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-08:53:19 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-08:21:17 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/07/05-07:01:33 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/07/05-03:23:12 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/06/05-10:48:23 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/06/05-09:58:35 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-01:18:50 AM Z
 peter 12/06/05-08:35:30 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/06/05-06:58:24 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/06/05-12:46:26 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/04/05-09:43:38 AM Z 12/06/05-08:41:26 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/06/05-09:02:53 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/06/05-07:39:04 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/06/05-05:40:04 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/06/05-02:39:46 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/06/05-09:05:10 AM Z 12/06/05-12:39:56 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/05/05-10:39:18 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/05/05-06:38:50 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/04/05-08:50:46 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-02:44:27 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/03/05-02:16:38 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-01:31:03 PM Z 12/03/05-01:00:49 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-12:57:11 PM Z 12/03/05-12:57:11 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/03/05-01:56:44 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/02/05-07:42:23 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/02/05-10:15:41 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/02/05-01:02:39 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/02/05-12:56:15 AM Z 12/01/05-11:49:05 PM Z 12/01/05-11:27:57 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/01/05-10:17:40 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-09:54:30 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/01/05-09:43:47 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/01/05-09:35:30 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-09:21:49 AM Z
 Clay 12/01/05-08:44:33 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-07:58:42 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/30/05-11:46:49 PM Z
(Gum) Tonal scale)
 Loris Medici 12/06/05-02:03:17 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/05/05-03:24:56 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/06/05-02:54:09 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/05/05-03:41:59 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/06/05-02:03:44 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/05/05-03:35:50 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-11:00:18 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-10:09:53 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-09:00:08 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/03/05-01:34:18 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/02/05-06:37:31 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/02/05-05:34:27 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/02/05-03:47:11 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/02/05-01:35:51 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/02/05-12:30:15 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/02/05-10:00:50 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/02/05-09:50:42 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/02/05-09:27:44 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/02/05-09:08:13 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/02/05-08:55:23 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/02/05-08:38:11 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/02/05-08:32:17 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/02/05-07:39:23 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/02/05-06:05:39 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/02/05-12:53:05 AM Z
 roman sokoler 12/01/05-11:31:19 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-07:39:22 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-06:55:16 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-06:47:38 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/01/05-04:26:55 PM Z
 Loris Medici 12/01/05-02:24:35 PM Z
 Loris Medici 12/01/05-01:56:15 PM Z
 Loris Medici 12/01/05-01:46:34 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-10:51:02 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-10:34:39 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/01/05-09:36:03 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/01/05-09:19:40 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/01/05-08:36:42 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/01/05-02:34:29 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 11/30/05-11:18:39 PM Z
(Gum) Tonalscale
 Loris Medici 12/09/05-12:28:45 PM Z
.... ferric citrate? can I make it?
 Don Bryant 12/11/05-11:07:42 AM Z 12/11/05-10:53:23 AM Z
a great show of platinum prints
 Judy Seigel 12/03/05-01:09:02 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/02/05-03:12:31 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/02/05-02:14:03 AM Z
AHA!!! WAS Trivia time: room temperature solubility of platinic acid
 Eric Neilsen 12/09/05-08:57:34 AM Z
 BOB KISS 12/09/05-08:35:09 AM Z
album or box?
 Barry kleider 12/05/05-08:12:41 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/02/05-09:17:50 AM Z
 Shannon Stoney 12/02/05-08:05:27 AM Z
Alt Process
 Weber, Scott 12/21/05-11:42:48 AM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder 12/01/05-12:00:00 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder 12/26/05-12:00:00 AM Z 12/19/05-12:00:01 AM Z 12/12/05-12:00:01 AM Z 12/05/05-12:00:01 AM Z
An Ebay experiment
 christine shepherd 12/05/05-12:55:16 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/04/05-05:34:57 PM Z
 George L Smyth 12/04/05-10:52:03 AM Z
 John Ptak 12/03/05-12:08:25 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/03/05-11:31:15 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 12/03/05-10:55:13 AM Z
AW: tween 20
 Hans-Dieter Niepötter 12/05/05-11:16:40 AM Z
bellows extension
 SteveS 12/03/05-08:02:02 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/03/05-05:10:24 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/03/05-05:06:54 PM Z
 Don Bryant 12/03/05-04:31:58 PM Z
 SteveS 12/03/05-03:54:50 PM Z
 SteveS 12/03/05-03:51:06 PM Z
 SteveS 12/03/05-03:47:14 PM Z
 Shannon Stoney 12/02/05-07:09:17 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/02/05-04:51:06 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 12/02/05-04:32:05 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/02/05-04:29:21 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/02/05-03:56:47 PM Z
 Wayne D 12/02/05-03:48:28 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 12/02/05-03:42:05 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 12/02/05-03:19:57 PM Z
 SteveS 12/02/05-02:14:31 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/02/05-01:19:07 PM Z
 SteveS 12/02/05-12:13:08 PM Z
 SteveS 12/02/05-12:19:22 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 12/02/05-10:21:46 AM Z
 Shannon Stoney 12/02/05-10:07:11 AM Z
 Dan Burkholder 12/02/05-09:41:24 AM Z
 Shannon Stoney 12/02/05-07:59:39 AM Z
bellows extension in The Hole
 Shannon Stoney 12/03/05-06:45:08 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 12/02/05-08:14:17 PM Z
 Clay 12/02/05-07:17:03 PM Z
 Shannon Stoney 12/02/05-07:17:06 PM Z
Blue Blend-O-Color
 Greg Schmitz 12/15/05-02:39:03 AM Z
 John C. 12/15/05-12:23:54 AM Z
Canon inks for digital negatives
 Kai Hamann 12/06/05-11:21:21 AM Z
 Kare Bondeson 12/06/05-10:34:43 AM Z
Carbon black and gum 12/03/05-03:38:15 AM Z
 Dave Rose 12/02/05-08:53:27 AM Z
 Marek Matusz 12/02/05-08:30:36 AM Z
Carbon black and gum correction 12/03/05-06:52:29 AM Z
carbon web site
 Philippe Berger 12/17/05-07:47:31 AM Z
Chemical suppliers for alt. proc. chemicals
 Malin Fabbri 12/06/05-02:00:50 PM Z
 roman sokoler 12/06/05-01:08:21 PM Z 12/05/05-10:08:38 AM Z
 Malin Fabbri 12/05/05-01:42:59 AM Z
 Jonathan Bailey 12/04/05-05:57:26 PM Z
 Ernesto Burciaga 12/04/05-07:27:32 PM Z
 Malin Fabbri 12/04/05-01:54:47 PM Z
Chemical suppliers for alt. proc. chemicals - updated list
 Malin Fabbri 12/18/05-03:19:52 AM Z
Christmas Greetings
 Susan Huber 12/24/05-10:09:24 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/23/05-02:42:21 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/23/05-02:28:59 PM Z
 dklinker 12/22/05-03:50:52 AM Z
Chromoskedasic Painting (was: Color Images from B/W Paper)
 Grace Taylor 12/02/05-02:16:50 PM Z
clearing dichro stain with sulphuric acid
 Judy Seigel 12/11/05-02:47:18 AM Z
Combining Pt/Pd and cyanotype
 David & Jan Harris 12/31/05-02:01:57 PM Z
coming to terms with gum
 Jack Brubaker 12/07/05-01:03:37 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/07/05-12:46:14 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/07/05-10:16:05 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/07/05-09:16:40 AM Z
correctiion of typo in terry king's website was searching for the elusive
 Peter Marshall 12/13/05-04:03:19 PM Z
 ryberg 12/12/05-12:36:45 PM Z
correctiion of typo in terry king's website  was searching for the elusive 12/13/05-07:52:40 AM Z
cyanotype rex 12/13/05-05:04:27 PM Z 12/12/05-12:26:32 PM Z 12/12/05-12:32:14 PM Z
cyanotype rex and chrysotype rex 12/12/05-07:24:03 AM Z
Epson 2200 Banding
 Marek Matusz 12/12/05-09:35:43 AM Z
favorite gum pigment colors 12/13/05-08:50:55 PM Z 12/13/05-08:44:28 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/13/05-10:21:07 AM Z 12/13/05-10:49:19 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/13/05-10:19:08 AM Z 12/11/05-06:47:14 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/11/05-10:29:09 AM Z
Film Scanner Questions
 Neal Oshima 12/18/05-05:32:13 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 12/18/05-03:54:03 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/18/05-01:55:05 PM Z
 Kate M 12/18/05-01:47:26 PM Z
 Lew 12/18/05-01:06:21 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 12/18/05-12:12:40 PM Z
Film Scanner Questions)
 Richard Knoppow 12/19/05-07:00:22 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/19/05-05:22:32 PM Z
Fwd: OT: Nikon D-70 for dig negs
 Judy Seigel 12/12/05-11:14:01 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 12/12/05-04:45:23 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/15/05-09:30:55 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/15/05-05:18:38 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/15/05-03:53:52 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/15/05-02:14:57 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/15/05-10:56:12 AM Z 12/15/05-08:55:46 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/15/05-08:46:27 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/15/05-08:32:29 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/15/05-08:26:26 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/15/05-07:14:00 AM Z 12/15/05-07:10:09 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/15/05-06:30:48 AM Z 12/15/05-05:39:38 AM Z
 maria ahlberg 12/15/05-05:10:58 AM Z
 maria ahlberg 12/08/05-05:32:58 AM Z
Group purchase of Palladium Chloride
 Tsuyoshi Ito 12/20/05-11:18:52 AM Z
Gum Duotones
 Loris Medici 12/26/05-05:41:23 AM Z
gum printing color combinations
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/22/05-02:47:15 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/22/05-12:58:48 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/22/05-12:41:06 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/22/05-11:46:41 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/22/05-11:44:16 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/22/05-10:19:51 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/22/05-08:58:07 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/21/05-07:42:49 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/21/05-06:43:12 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/20/05-05:43:25 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/20/05-05:32:19 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/20/05-02:08:40 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/20/05-01:45:38 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/20/05-12:22:27 PM Z
Gum problem(s)
 Judy Seigel 12/03/05-12:27:31 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/02/05-03:00:57 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/02/05-01:15:31 AM Z
 MARTINM 12/01/05-05:37:27 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/01/05-04:32:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/01/05-12:02:07 AM Z
Gum problem(s) - Sizing pH for cyanotype
 Don Bryant 12/23/05-09:21:56 PM Z
GUM: "the whole thing all at once"
 Robert W. Schramm 12/15/05-09:42:19 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/15/05-09:40:27 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/15/05-09:07:55 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/15/05-08:55:13 PM Z
Hands-On Pictures Christmas Event:Cyanoype Rex Group Photo 12/13/05-09:31:33 AM Z
Herschel's Genius (was: terry king's website was searching for the elusive)
 Milenko Grgar 12/12/05-12:56:40 PM Z
Herschel's Genius (was: terry king's website was searching for theelusive) 12/13/05-03:10:19 AM Z
 Milenko Grgar 12/12/05-10:26:55 PM Z 12/12/05-03:36:11 PM Z
 ryberg 12/12/05-02:54:52 PM Z
How to apply curves in PS for digital negatives... 12/02/05-12:03:17 AM Z
Image formation in gum
 Katharine Thayer 12/20/05-01:30:01 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/19/05-03:25:43 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/18/05-06:29:56 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/18/05-10:42:03 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/18/05-09:53:38 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/17/05-02:35:04 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/17/05-12:29:53 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/17/05-12:25:22 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/17/05-08:40:37 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/16/05-03:59:02 PM Z
 Kate M 12/16/05-12:42:55 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/16/05-12:38:23 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/16/05-11:23:20 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/16/05-10:32:21 AM Z
 Jack Brubaker 12/16/05-10:08:11 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/16/05-07:35:51 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/16/05-06:27:08 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/16/05-05:05:24 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/16/05-04:32:06 AM Z
 Bob Maxey 12/16/05-03:45:23 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/16/05-03:36:11 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/16/05-03:28:31 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/16/05-03:22:11 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/15/05-07:43:49 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/15/05-07:23:31 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 12/15/05-06:30:47 PM Z
 Jack Brubaker 12/15/05-06:24:02 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/15/05-04:20:39 PM Z
Image formation in gum (2)
 Judy Seigel 12/21/05-07:54:58 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/21/05-12:20:17 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/20/05-05:29:01 PM Z
Image formation in gum - Glue and Glass
 Bob Maxey 12/16/05-04:02:47 AM Z
Info from Mike Ware
 dklinker 12/22/05-02:28:18 PM Z
Inkjet (2200) digital neg banding
 Jeremy Moore 12/06/05-08:16:07 PM Z 12/05/05-10:20:12 AM Z
 Clyde Rogers 12/06/05-08:20:12 AM Z
 Kai Hamann 12/04/05-09:32:15 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/04/05-09:28:56 AM Z
 Janet Neuhauser 12/04/05-07:30:11 PM Z
 henk thijs 12/04/05-07:18:06 AM Z
 Clyde Rogers 12/03/05-06:37:42 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 12/03/05-05:56:07 PM Z
 Clyde Rogers 12/03/05-04:30:29 PM Z
 Kai Hamann 12/03/05-04:12:27 PM Z
 David & Jan Harris 12/03/05-04:00:44 PM Z
 Kai Hamann 12/03/05-04:05:38 PM Z
 Clay 12/03/05-03:23:18 PM Z
 davidhatton 12/03/05-03:22:59 PM Z
 Clyde Rogers 12/03/05-02:47:48 PM Z
iron-silver processes
 Joe Smigiel 12/13/05-07:51:59 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/12/05-01:06:30 AM Z
Japanese Papers
 nze christian 12/16/05-07:43:41 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/16/05-02:25:20 AM Z
 nze christian 12/16/05-01:34:19 AM Z
 Matthew Magruder 12/14/05-02:52:44 PM Z
 dan jones 12/14/05-01:31:38 PM Z
Lippmann photography
 martinm 12/28/05-11:06:33 AM Z
Liquid Ag Emulsion and a non-standard developer?
 Mark MacKenzie 12/15/05-07:33:07 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 12/14/05-11:09:08 PM Z
 Kate M 12/14/05-11:49:27 AM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/13/05-10:11:59 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/13/05-09:45:16 PM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/13/05-04:09:14 PM Z
Metallic paint and gum printing (correct subject line)
 Joe Smigiel 12/03/05-02:31:28 PM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 12/03/05-12:14:04 PM Z
Monitor calibration (OT)
 Katharine Thayer 12/30/05-01:41:17 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/30/05-10:38:07 AM Z
 Matthew Magruder 12/13/05-09:32:07 AM Z 12/13/05-04:14:41 AM Z
New Orleans visit?
 Shannon Stoney 12/11/05-07:18:16 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/11/05-10:43:31 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/15/05-09:02:49 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/13/05-03:38:25 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/13/05-02:02:19 PM Z
Nikon D-70 for dig negs
 Juan Miguel Jusdado 12/12/05-02:11:28 PM Z
 Don Bryant 12/11/05-08:59:03 PM Z
 BOB KISS 12/28/05-08:54:53 AM Z
Off Topic Spam-Free The Family Jewels 12/06/05-05:24:31 PM Z
 Shannon Stoney 12/06/05-08:10:08 AM Z
OT: Nikon D-70 for dig negs
 Tom Ferguson 12/12/05-09:50:31 AM Z
 Thom Mitchell 12/12/05-07:56:00 AM Z
 Dan Burkholder 12/12/05-04:05:12 AM Z
 STUART GOLDSTEIN 12/11/05-07:38:55 PM Z
 sam wang 12/17/05-01:42:09 PM Z
 BOB KISS 12/17/05-07:28:30 AM Z
Other Name for Platinic Acid
 Eric Neilsen 12/20/05-12:53:18 PM Z
Paper negative???
 Katharine Thayer 12/13/05-08:25:37 AM Z 12/13/05-07:46:28 AM Z
 davidhatton 12/13/05-03:55:07 AM Z 12/12/05-12:07:53 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/12/05-11:07:36 PM Z
 henk thijs 12/12/05-04:04:08 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/12/05-09:50:07 AM Z
Paper negative??? Just a start. 12/12/05-11:13:12 AM Z
paper negatives
 Kate M 12/12/05-12:57:06 PM Z 12/12/05-12:33:35 PM Z
Paper Negatives - a start
 Christopher Wright 12/13/05-10:21:33 AM Z 12/12/05-05:13:48 PM Z
Paper nergs without oiling. 12/14/05-12:12:50 PM Z
 henk thijs 12/14/05-10:33:42 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-09:57:08 AM Z
 henk thijs 12/14/05-05:51:14 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/13/05-04:17:00 PM Z
 Kate M 12/13/05-12:31:48 PM Z 12/13/05-04:07:44 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/03/05-10:38:04 AM Z
Photography and Printmaking in Italy - May 2006
 Jon Lybrook 12/23/05-02:21:12 PM Z
Pigment stain on sized paper
 Kate Mocak 12/27/05-03:20:14 AM Z
Plane of Sharp Focus
 Kai Hamann 12/25/05-12:18:40 PM Z
 John C. 12/25/05-10:49:17 AM Z 12/25/05-09:17:40 AM Z
 Lew 12/25/05-05:33:56 AM Z
 Dan 12/24/05-09:34:21 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 12/24/05-02:29:49 PM Z
 ryberg 12/24/05-02:10:32 PM Z
 Bruce McCaughey 12/24/05-01:13:50 PM Z
 Gary Shank 12/24/05-10:08:15 AM Z
Platinic Acid ( opps! hit send too early)
 Eric Neilsen 12/20/05-12:57:23 PM Z
 Robert W. Schramm 12/09/05-08:18:56 PM Z
Pure Pt printing and solarazation
 Marek Matusz 12/02/05-08:25:32 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias 12/01/05-09:36:04 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/01/05-09:08:14 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/01/05-08:51:52 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/01/05-08:46:31 AM Z
 Marek Matusz 12/01/05-08:24:01 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/01/05-03:09:45 AM Z
Pure Pt printing and solarization
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/03/05-03:39:26 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/02/05-08:26:41 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/02/05-04:43:40 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/01/05-11:57:39 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/01/05-01:55:25 PM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/01/05-09:55:16 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/01/05-09:32:20 AM Z
Pure Pt printing and solarization..follow up and preliminary conclusions
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/12/05-05:56:07 AM Z
Pure Pt printing and solarization..follow up and preliminary conclusions (re-send)
 Eric Neilsen 12/12/05-12:08:04 PM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/12/05-07:42:03 AM Z
Question: Colour workflow, printing profiles versus Photoshop Curves Only
 Dan Burkholder 12/14/05-08:46:43 AM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/13/05-04:04:06 PM Z
Question: MIS dye inks for DigNegative Using Epson 9000
 Mark MacKenzie 12/13/05-10:08:18 PM Z 12/13/05-09:17:52 PM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/13/05-03:57:40 PM Z
R: What to Call Full Color Gum Prints
 Judy Seigel 12/11/05-02:41:30 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 12/09/05-03:21:53 PM Z
Readily Available Chemicals 2.1
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/15/05-10:22:58 PM Z
Rethinking pigment stain
 Katharine Thayer 12/15/05-07:49:39 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/15/05-06:07:13 AM Z 12/15/05-07:16:29 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/15/05-06:16:49 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-08:49:04 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/14/05-03:36:23 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-01:41:14 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-12:56:55 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-12:23:26 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-11:47:55 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-12:01:24 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-11:16:38 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-11:12:25 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/14/05-11:01:37 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/14/05-10:43:34 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/14/05-10:34:38 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/14/05-10:25:14 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/14/05-09:58:49 AM Z
 Jack Brubaker 12/14/05-09:53:09 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/14/05-09:08:15 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/14/05-04:55:51 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/13/05-09:36:20 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/13/05-09:27:59 PM Z 12/13/05-09:09:33 PM Z
 Dave Rose 12/13/05-08:38:29 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/13/05-01:16:19 PM Z
searching for the elusive cyanotype rex
 Kai Hamann 12/12/05-08:56:59 AM Z
 Peter Marshall 12/12/05-11:05:59 AM Z
 John Brewer 12/12/05-06:16:43 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/12/05-01:38:50 AM Z
 ryberg 12/11/05-05:16:17 PM Z
Shameless Workshop Plug 12/04/05-09:37:29 PM Z
Sharp plane of focus 12/31/05-11:29:40 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 12/27/05-01:08:23 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/27/05-12:09:16 PM Z
 Dan 12/26/05-04:00:27 AM Z
 John C. 12/25/05-01:35:35 PM Z
Silver Nitrate Tracer
 Robert 12/02/05-11:42:37 PM Z
 Susan Huber 12/03/05-12:04:41 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/02/05-03:09:30 PM Z
 David Barker 12/02/05-03:00:29 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/02/05-02:27:48 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/02/05-02:14:03 PM Z
 Robert 12/02/05-01:12:18 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/02/05-11:03:08 AM Z
SISTAN 12/10/05-05:51:26 AM Z
Sistan Formula 12/11/05-11:02:19 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/11/05-09:57:16 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/11/05-03:28:42 PM Z
 Sandy King 12/10/05-04:54:11 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/10/05-03:10:14 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 12/10/05-02:55:21 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/10/05-06:43:38 AM Z
 marc bruhat 12/10/05-05:27:40 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/10/05-05:03:29 AM Z
 marc bruhat 12/10/05-04:30:55 AM Z
Sizing paper with gelatin
 Dave Rose 12/27/05-10:16:16 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/27/05-12:34:21 PM Z
Sizing paper with gum and dichromate
 Loris Medici 12/29/05-06:15:23 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/27/05-08:58:41 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/27/05-02:27:34 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/27/05-02:22:49 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/26/05-12:15:50 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/26/05-11:48:38 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 12/26/05-11:08:07 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/26/05-08:51:40 AM Z
 Loris Medici 12/26/05-05:41:39 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/20/05-01:20:11 PM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/20/05-01:06:17 PM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/20/05-01:00:28 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/20/05-12:17:54 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/20/05-12:03:29 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/20/05-11:33:30 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/20/05-11:23:38 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/20/05-10:58:18 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/20/05-10:31:59 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/20/05-10:06:09 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/15/05-08:51:42 AM Z
Sizing paper with gum and dichromate, AND glut
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/15/05-08:46:38 AM Z
Sizing paper with gum...
 Yves Gauvreau 12/15/05-09:51:56 AM Z
So, Dan. . . ? Was: Inkjet (2200) digital neg banding
 Grace Taylor 12/06/05-01:09:11 PM Z
 PhotoGecko 12/05/05-02:47:50 AM Z
son of a gum tonal inversion test
 Katharine Thayer 12/11/05-02:48:40 PM Z
 Dave Rose 12/07/05-09:50:04 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/07/05-10:21:13 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/07/05-08:55:31 AM Z 12/06/05-11:34:37 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/06/05-11:05:53 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/06/05-07:14:01 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/06/05-09:40:04 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/06/05-06:18:37 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/06/05-02:11:25 PM Z
sorry about last posting.....
 Carmen Lizardo 12/03/05-12:12:02 PM Z
spraying dichromate
 Jack Brubaker 12/16/05-04:01:05 PM Z
spraying dichromate. was: What do you think of...
 Jack Brubaker 12/16/05-09:38:34 AM Z
Step Wedge
 etienne garbaux 12/09/05-05:11:43 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/09/05-04:42:26 PM Z
 Ricardo Wildberger Lisboa 12/09/05-03:48:23 PM Z
terry king's website was searching for the elusive
 John Brewer 12/12/05-10:36:05 AM Z 12/12/05-11:53:50 AM Z
 ryberg 12/12/05-10:18:57 AM Z
Thank you:
 Juan Miguel Jusdado 12/11/05-04:23:53 AM Z
Tonal inversion (was (Gum) Tonal scale)
 Tom Sobota 12/07/05-11:15:00 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/07/05-09:02:06 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/07/05-07:48:58 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/07/05-12:24:39 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/05/05-02:55:44 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/03/05-02:45:56 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/03/05-02:25:20 PM Z
 Jack Brubaker 12/03/05-01:33:53 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/03/05-01:16:34 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/03/05-12:53:03 PM Z
 Katharine Thayer 12/03/05-12:34:11 PM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 12/03/05-12:09:53 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/03/05-12:05:34 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/03/05-11:10:22 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/03/05-10:44:54 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 12/03/05-10:27:08 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/03/05-10:13:01 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/03/05-10:06:31 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/03/05-04:36:00 AM Z
Trivia time: room temperature solubility of platinic acid
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/12/05-04:36:57 AM Z
 Sandy King 12/09/05-09:04:29 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/09/05-08:37:27 AM Z
 Clay 12/09/05-08:12:09 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/09/05-07:57:06 AM Z
 Clay 12/09/05-05:32:52 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/08/05-11:46:10 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/08/05-11:05:45 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/08/05-10:39:02 PM Z
 Sandy King 12/08/05-06:11:47 PM Z
 Kerik 12/08/05-05:51:34 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/08/05-05:18:43 PM Z
 Clay 12/05/05-06:45:00 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/05/05-11:06:31 PM Z
 Marek Matusz 12/05/05-11:58:46 AM Z
 Clay 12/02/05-05:59:02 PM Z
Trivia time: room temperature solubility of platinic acid (re-send)
 Sandy King 12/12/05-09:15:29 AM Z
 Sandy King 12/12/05-07:11:54 PM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 12/12/05-07:41:16 AM Z
Trivia time: room temperature solubility of platinic acid)
 Eric Neilsen 12/10/05-11:38:00 PM Z
 Sandy King 12/09/05-08:29:26 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 12/09/05-07:10:40 PM Z
tween 20
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/06/05-11:01:44 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/06/05-09:44:21 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/05/05-09:41:38 AM Z
UV Compact Fluorescent Bulb
 Judy Seigel 12/23/05-07:13:44 PM Z
UV Compact Fluorescent Bulb Canadian Source?
 Eric Neilsen 12/22/05-01:21:42 PM Z
 ryberg 12/22/05-11:02:44 AM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/22/05-07:18:31 AM Z
 Michael Dowdall 12/22/05-07:05:06 AM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/22/05-05:07:26 AM Z
 ryberg 12/21/05-10:03:53 PM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/21/05-09:52:06 PM Z
Van Dyke Reducer
 Ryuji Suzuki 12/16/05-05:23:12 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/16/05-04:57:14 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/16/05-04:32:00 PM Z
varnishes for alt and the elusive soehnee
 Pam Niedermayer 12/29/05-08:53:54 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/28/05-11:21:54 PM Z
 Mark MacKenzie 12/28/05-12:18:40 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 12/27/05-11:00:55 PM Z
Volunteer Needed To Print Step Wedge
 Michael Koch-Schulte 12/07/05-11:35:38 AM Z
What do you think of...
 Judy Seigel 12/15/05-07:43:55 PM Z
 Jack Brubaker 12/13/05-10:07:42 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/12/05-11:10:22 PM Z
 Peter Marshall 12/12/05-10:13:47 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 12/11/05-02:51:12 AM Z
 Kate M 12/09/05-02:19:40 AM Z
 Don Bryant 12/08/05-06:44:35 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/08/05-01:12:36 PM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 12/08/05-12:30:47 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/08/05-12:01:00 PM Z
What to Call Full Color Gum Prints 12/08/05-10:07:54 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 12/08/05-02:00:58 PM Z 12/08/05-12:41:44 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 12/08/05-11:38:10 AM Z 12/08/05-10:46:43 AM Z
where can I get ferric citrate? can I make it?
 Judy Seigel 12/11/05-12:23:09 AM Z
 Daniel Williams 12/09/05-09:18:26 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 12/09/05-07:55:55 PM Z
 ryberg 12/09/05-03:48:11 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 12/09/05-02:31:12 PM Z
 Sandy King 12/09/05-02:20:12 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 12/09/05-10:56:12 AM Z 12/09/05-07:55:55 AM Z
 Don Bryant 12/08/05-06:46:37 PM Z
 Scott Small 12/08/05-06:44:44 PM Z
 ryberg 12/08/05-04:45:09 PM Z

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