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"The Art of Enhanced Photography"/"Themography"
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/05/00-12:39:37 PM Z
 dean kansky02/04/00-05:03:19 PM Z
6X8 film (holders)
 Les Newcomer02/01/00-04:28:33 PM Z
??? on list
 Sil Horwitz02/21/00-11:46:14 AM Z
 James Romeo02/21/00-10:37:34 AM Z
[Fwd: ASA of HIE]
 Sam Wang02/01/00-09:42:05 PM Z
 Dan Koons02/01/00-09:39:52 AM Z
 Cor Breukel02/01/00-03:58:41 AM Z
[Fwd: Upcoming Photogravure Classes]
 Walt Goettman02/14/00-08:17:42 AM Z
 Walt Goettman02/14/00-08:06:01 AM Z
[RMP] Print Viewing (fwd)
 Wayde Allen02/14/00-05:01:56 PM Z
 Wayde Allen02/14/00-04:41:21 PM Z
Additionally, PALLADIO
 Steve Shapiro02/27/00-01:53:35 AM Z
 Joseph Arkins02/15/00-09:13:07 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/15/00-12:33:45 AM Z
 Moulay02/14/00-09:18:41 PM Z
 Russell Cothren02/14/00-03:26:25 PM Z
 John Deluca02/14/00-12:10:33 PM Z
 erobkin@uwc.edu02/14/00-12:05:54 PM Z
 Robert Lyman02/14/00-12:07:32 PM Z
 Robert Lyman02/14/00-11:55:48 AM Z
 Ken Sinclair02/14/00-10:32:55 AM Z
 Jack Fulton02/14/00-11:26:45 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/14/00-11:22:43 AM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/14/00-11:21:11 AM Z
 Bill Collins02/14/00-11:19:03 AM Z
 James Romeo02/14/00-11:15:33 AM Z
 dean kansky02/14/00-10:50:05 AM Z
aerosol windex
 Ray Rogers02/14/00-12:35:11 PM Z
aerosol/clean air
 dean kansky02/18/00-03:16:06 PM Z
 James Romeo02/06/00-10:34:33 AM Z
 Steve Shapiro02/05/00-10:00:26 PM Z
 BillNoll@aol.com02/05/00-08:23:21 PM Z
 James Romeo02/05/00-06:47:24 PM Z
albumin- from egg or powder-
 Cor Breukel02/22/00-05:58:53 AM Z
 Lasse Mellberg02/22/00-03:10:47 AM Z
Alt-photo-process Monthly Reminder (latest update: Oct 25,1999)
 mmorrill202/04/00-02:08:44 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/04/00-01:42:04 PM Z
Alt-process info (from Bob Schramm)
 Carl Weese02/27/00-11:49:28 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander02/26/00-04:55:47 PM Z
Another off-topic query
 Eric Boutilier-Brown02/13/00-09:53:45 PM Z
 stan johnson02/13/00-08:48:39 PM Z
 Brian Ellis02/13/00-09:19:08 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/13/00-09:40:11 PM Z
 Peter McDonald02/13/00-09:03:01 PM Z
 Les Newcomer02/13/00-08:30:04 PM Z
 Dan Smith, Photographer02/13/00-08:22:33 PM Z
 James Romeo02/13/00-06:47:54 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/13/00-06:19:30 PM Z
 Peter McDonald02/13/00-06:02:53 PM Z
Anti-Newton film (instead of oil) for scanning
 FDanB@aol.com01/31/00-11:49:06 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/02/00-10:43:56 AM Z
Arches platine problems
 Ray Rogers02/10/00-09:33:17 AM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/10/00-09:00:09 AM Z
 Ray Rogers02/10/00-08:26:04 AM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/10/00-04:35:26 AM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/10/00-03:43:18 AM Z
 Neal Oshima02/09/00-06:40:32 PM Z
 Ray Rogers02/09/00-09:52:19 AM Z
 Stefan ÷rtel02/09/00-03:28:38 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/08/00-02:54:20 PM Z
 Lukas Werth02/08/00-02:05:01 PM Z
 garimo02/08/00-01:00:55 PM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/08/00-09:39:46 AM Z
 Vrueh, G.J. de02/08/00-08:22:22 AM Z
Arches platine problems Below you find a link to an example e xemplifying the trouble I sometimes
 Vrueh, G.J. de02/11/00-01:53:36 AM Z
att Pete and all UK!
 peter fredrick02/21/00-01:32:04 AM Z
 James Romeo02/20/00-10:06:04 AM Z
 Carl Weese02/02/00-11:14:05 AM Z
Blue toning in Post-Factory
 Judy Seigel02/29/00-08:33:11 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/29/00-03:15:45 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/29/00-03:15:45 PM Z
 Rhonda Gushee02/18/00-10:27:08 PM Z
Calibration of Digital Negatives
 Judy Seigel02/29/00-07:55:09 PM Z
 David J. Romano02/29/00-02:58:33 PM Z
 Garet Denise02/29/00-01:33:49 PM Z
Calling London.
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/04/00-01:42:46 PM Z
Can someone tell me WHY it happened?
 dean kansky02/10/00-02:13:31 PM Z
Carlton Watkins show at the National Gallery of Art (from the AP)
 Richard Knoppow02/19/00-10:18:35 AM Z
 Lasse Mellberg02/10/00-01:45:17 PM Z
Continuous Tone Duplicating Film @ Photo Warehouse
 Hamish Stewart02/09/00-07:31:52 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/08/00-09:53:39 PM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren02/08/00-08:44:08 PM Z
 James Romeo02/08/00-06:23:54 PM Z
 Brian Ellis02/08/00-04:12:02 PM Z
 John Richardson02/08/00-11:35:16 AM Z
 Vamaza@aol.com02/08/00-08:27:13 AM Z
Crane's Papers
 Peter Hopkins01/04/80-01:43:02 PM Z
Cranes Paper
 Nick Makris02/26/00-09:39:19 AM Z
Cyanotype(?) question
 Ed Herny02/08/00-01:20:41 AM Z
Dag info needed
 Richard Morris02/04/00-02:23:23 AM Z
 James Romeo02/03/00-11:01:52 AM Z
 Wayde Allen02/03/00-11:54:13 AM Z
 Richard Morris02/03/00-10:27:20 AM Z
 Wayde Allen02/03/00-10:49:06 AM Z
 Wayde Allen02/03/00-10:42:32 AM Z
 Richard Morris02/03/00-02:26:04 AM Z
 Jack Fulton02/02/00-07:40:53 PM Z
Dates and names in history
 Campos & Davis Photos02/14/00-07:14:39 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/14/00-07:20:07 AM Z
 Walt Goettman02/14/00-06:53:49 AM Z
 Richard Morris02/14/00-02:51:11 AM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/14/00-12:00:57 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/13/00-11:35:55 PM Z
 garimo02/13/00-03:46:23 PM Z
 Mats Broberg02/13/00-02:59:29 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/13/00-12:45:48 PM Z
Deep thoughts from dumb people
 John Rudiak02/13/00-09:58:41 PM Z
Dektol vs Clayton on Ortho Litho film
 Wayde Allen02/15/00-06:59:05 PM Z
 Garet Denise02/15/00-04:48:49 PM Z
 Wayde Allen02/14/00-04:38:32 PM Z
 Kathryn Garrison02/14/00-03:14:00 PM Z
Digital b/w negs
 Judy Seigel02/29/00-07:46:08 PM Z
 Norman J. Ford02/29/00-06:34:54 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/29/00-03:44:21 PM Z
 ira bartell02/29/00-12:58:36 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/29/00-11:51:30 AM Z
 hisun.wong@citicorp.com02/29/00-02:04:52 AM Z
 Andy Darlow02/28/00-06:20:00 PM Z
 Darryl Baird02/28/00-10:59:51 PM Z
 Art Kerbs02/28/00-08:20:43 PM Z
 Norman J. Ford02/28/00-07:38:25 PM Z
Digital negs update
 Andre Fuhrmann02/16/00-10:02:29 AM Z
 Nick Makris02/16/00-08:52:47 AM Z
Droppers and brushes
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/09/00-03:51:17 AM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/08/00-03:10:34 PM Z
 Don Bryant02/08/00-12:43:36 PM Z
 John Richardson02/08/00-11:28:56 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson02/08/00-09:02:12 AM Z
 Joachim02/07/00-10:34:55 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/07/00-12:40:50 PM Z
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/07/00-11:04:16 AM Z
Droppers and brushes.
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/07/00-07:07:56 AM Z
 Carl Fransman02/07/00-02:00:07 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/05/00-11:25:39 AM Z
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/05/00-02:12:07 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/05/00-12:34:14 AM Z
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/04/00-01:34:11 PM Z
Epson transfer
 Andy Darlow02/09/00-03:32:27 AM Z
 emily kate02/08/00-09:11:33 PM Z
 garimo02/08/00-06:23:19 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/08/00-05:53:49 PM Z
 john mann02/08/00-02:09:12 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson02/08/00-03:36:35 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/08/00-02:58:56 PM Z
 Jack Fulton02/12/00-06:41:59 PM Z
Festival Alternative Photgraph
 peter fredrick02/25/00-05:49:43 PM Z
Festival of Alternative Photography
 James Romeo02/25/00-09:25:46 AM Z
 peter fredrick02/25/00-04:55:14 PM Z
 Darryl Baird02/06/00-05:33:22 PM Z
 Hamish Stewart02/06/00-04:59:52 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/05/00-02:05:40 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/05/00-10:49:13 AM Z
 Ed Stander02/05/00-06:37:47 AM Z
 garimo02/05/00-03:24:12 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/05/00-12:24:56 AM Z
 Liam Lawless02/04/00-09:42:04 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/04/00-09:33:03 PM Z
 James Romeo02/04/00-03:26:31 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/04/00-12:41:06 PM Z
Film Aristatone
 James Romeo02/05/00-09:15:29 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/05/00-10:21:01 AM Z
Forwarding archived Info
 Nick Makris02/16/00-09:18:46 AM Z
George Eastman House Historic Process Workshops
 Gordon J. Holtslander02/15/00-02:39:36 PM Z
Good Book
 Judy Seigel02/11/00-03:36:01 PM Z
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/11/00-08:34:16 AM Z
Good night Silverprint !
 James Romeo02/18/00-06:07:35 PM Z
Good thoughts Roger
 Jack Fulton02/04/00-01:28:46 PM Z
 Lasse Mellberg02/13/00-09:57:20 AM Z
gum-Spirts of Salts
 Andre Fuhrmann02/07/00-04:37:21 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren02/06/00-12:56:50 PM Z
 Don Bryant02/06/00-11:24:46 AM Z
 Randall Webb02/06/00-10:48:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/05/00-02:02:14 AM Z
 Randall Webb02/04/00-05:43:22 PM Z
 Peter Marshall02/03/00-04:31:04 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/03/00-01:00:32 AM Z
 Garet Denise02/02/00-11:41:22 PM Z
 Jack Fulton02/02/00-07:46:15 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/02/00-07:30:11 PM Z
 James Romeo02/02/00-07:06:04 PM Z
gumoil workshops
 Karl P. Koenig02/04/00-05:50:45 PM Z
H and D Curve and the ISO Scale equivalents?
 Les Newcomer02/12/00-05:28:01 PM Z
 Sandy King02/12/00-10:30:16 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/12/00-06:44:09 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow02/11/00-06:00:30 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow02/11/00-05:55:26 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow02/11/00-05:48:49 PM Z
 Les Newcomer02/11/00-04:28:50 PM Z
 Ray Rogers02/11/00-04:00:31 PM Z
 James Romeo02/11/00-03:34:22 PM Z
 Ray Rogers02/11/00-02:34:06 PM Z
H and D Curve sorry
 Les Newcomer02/11/00-04:40:36 PM Z
Heavy base fog developing Tri-X in Rodinal
 Andre Fuhrmann02/10/00-03:54:06 AM Z
 Vamaza@aol.com02/09/00-08:30:01 PM Z
helios news
 Jcpronier@aol.com02/16/00-11:29:46 AM Z
 DAVID DISTEFANO02/13/00-03:34:31 PM Z
History of alt +
 Tom Sobota02/07/00-06:05:20 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com02/07/00-01:41:05 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/07/00-01:11:39 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/06/00-05:35:34 AM Z
History of Photography
 Peter Marshall02/28/00-03:35:08 PM Z
 James Romeo02/27/00-10:06:12 AM Z
 Peter Marshall02/25/00-03:57:08 PM Z
 Jack Fulton02/25/00-10:50:42 AM Z
 Rob Altomonte02/25/00-07:13:12 AM Z
 Clyde Soles02/24/00-09:17:04 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/24/00-08:06:32 PM Z
 John Deluca02/24/00-03:48:22 PM Z
 Darren Phil Clark02/24/00-03:42:07 PM Z
 John Deluca02/24/00-01:46:22 PM Z
 Nate02/24/00-11:45:54 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/24/00-10:39:08 AM Z
 Rob Altomonte02/24/00-10:28:02 AM Z
Homemade paper and Luminos
 Erin Orourke02/24/00-04:03:11 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/24/00-09:35:33 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson02/24/00-09:14:06 AM Z
 Tom Ferguson02/24/00-08:56:22 AM Z
 Chris Read02/24/00-02:28:20 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/24/00-02:01:16 AM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/24/00-01:52:39 AM Z
 Nelson Goforth02/24/00-12:36:43 AM Z
 Gary Miller02/24/00-12:46:36 AM Z
 garimo02/23/00-10:51:36 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/23/00-09:29:53 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/23/00-05:20:50 PM Z
 Chris Read02/23/00-02:07:25 PM Z
 garimo02/23/00-12:23:14 PM Z
 Erin Orourke02/23/00-10:49:50 AM Z
Hypo: History of
 Sil Horwitz02/11/00-10:51:55 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/11/00-08:43:34 AM Z
Ilford film high fog/film base density
 Sandy King02/09/00-10:21:06 AM Z
 Cor Breukel02/09/00-04:50:15 AM Z
 Dan Smith, Photographer02/09/00-02:53:04 AM Z
Images of Woodburytype prints
 Mats Broberg02/17/00-11:29:12 AM Z
Inkjet problems
 Joao Ribeiro02/08/00-09:02:49 AM Z
International standard light
 Ray Rogers02/12/00-12:38:25 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/11/00-11:10:24 AM Z
International standard lighting
 Campos & Davis Photos02/12/00-07:29:33 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/11/00-06:07:58 PM Z
IR meter
 Jacques Augustowski02/04/00-06:33:22 PM Z
 Colin McKie12/31/69-05:59:59 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/02/00-11:47:11 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/02/00-08:48:06 AM Z
 David J. Romano02/02/00-07:46:15 AM Z
Is this alt?
 John Deluca02/18/00-12:33:44 PM Z
 Richard Koolish02/18/00-12:11:00 PM Z
Jobo handles, Jobo response
 Kurt Tomcala02/02/00-07:37:05 AM Z
 William Laven02/01/00-07:18:25 PM Z
Liquid Light
 garimo02/01/00-12:26:35 PM Z
 Erin Orourke02/01/00-11:28:16 AM Z
Liquid Light Problem
 Campos & Davis Photos02/21/00-03:25:29 PM Z
 Karin2001@aol.com02/21/00-12:27:51 PM Z
 Darryl Gage02/21/00-11:39:21 AM Z
 Susan Bloom02/21/00-07:00:45 AM Z
 Gary Miller02/21/00-12:28:10 AM Z
 Darryl Gage02/20/00-01:57:57 PM Z
List of list servers
 Richard Knoppow02/09/00-11:43:32 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander02/09/00-11:03:27 PM Z
 Les Newcomer02/09/00-06:23:06 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/24/00-03:09:19 PM Z
 Witho Worms & Jorien van Santen02/24/00-01:13:42 PM Z
Many thanks
 Jack Fulton02/04/00-01:32:55 PM Z
Materials from PSA Journal Archives
 FotoDave@aol.com02/26/00-11:02:05 PM Z
 RBikamera@cs.com02/20/00-07:38:00 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/20/00-12:09:56 AM Z
mordancage kit
 Peter Marshall02/19/00-03:57:06 AM Z
 Philippe Ayral02/18/00-11:54:31 PM Z
 Nate02/18/00-09:00:45 PM Z
 Jonathan Bailey02/18/00-04:24:02 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/18/00-02:28:57 PM Z
mordancage kit
 Susan Bloom02/18/00-11:43:19 AM Z
Mordancage: background and formula (long post)
 Judy Seigel02/19/00-01:44:28 PM Z
 Jonathan Bailey02/19/00-08:00:09 AM Z
More on Waxed Negatives
 Garet Denise02/11/00-09:22:06 PM Z
Mortensen's Metalchrome Process
 Peter Marshall02/28/00-03:35:08 PM Z
 Kathryn Garrison02/28/00-12:57:34 PM Z
 Liam Lawless02/27/00-09:47:51 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/26/00-01:14:34 AM Z
MSDS source for Ilford products
 Darryl Baird02/19/00-12:29:15 PM Z
Need help form UK
 Randall Webb02/04/00-11:59:48 AM Z
 Randall Webb02/04/00-11:59:48 AM Z
 James Romeo02/04/00-10:27:27 AM Z
Negative "damage" solved was negative damage
 Kathryn Garrison02/01/00-05:58:52 PM Z
negative damage
 Judy Seigel02/03/00-02:15:03 AM Z
 Les Newcomer02/01/00-04:31:20 PM Z
 Les Newcomer02/01/00-03:39:16 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/01/00-02:17:38 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson02/01/00-09:21:24 AM Z
 David.Clark@Walsworth.com02/01/00-09:13:13 AM Z
 Dave & Erin02/03/00-12:29:57 AM Z
Negatives on the epson 750
 Garet Denise02/08/00-05:59:05 PM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/08/00-10:28:08 AM Z
 Paul Jordan02/08/00-10:12:07 AM Z
New Book of Platinum and Palladium Images
 Gary Miller02/27/00-09:06:36 PM Z
 Robert Lyman02/27/00-04:41:00 PM Z
 Stephen Harrison02/27/00-01:23:09 PM Z
nice Shutterbug article on D. Burkholder
 Andy Darlow02/05/00-03:51:36 PM Z
No Supplier Silverprint problem
 James Romeo02/16/00-05:32:17 PM Z
 henk thijs02/16/00-02:41:50 PM Z
non-silver in graduate programs
 Karl P. Koenig02/09/00-05:26:51 PM Z
 Karl P. Koenig02/09/00-05:24:58 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/07/00-12:41:26 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren02/05/00-03:24:51 PM Z
 Sam Wang02/04/00-06:00:40 PM Z
 Mark Malloy02/03/00-12:26:51 AM Z
 Jonathan Long02/02/00-09:01:18 PM Z
 Karl P. Koenig02/02/00-05:55:00 PM Z
 FotoRR@aol.com02/02/00-10:14:03 AM Z
 Maria Olmedo02/02/00-09:38:11 AM Z
 Sarah Van Keuren02/02/00-09:30:30 AM Z
non-silver in graduate programs UNM
 DFStein@aol.com02/03/00-10:41:23 AM Z
 john mann02/03/00-09:01:39 AM Z
opening archives Help w/mac
 FDanB@aol.com02/09/00-03:50:41 PM Z
 YAPAR@aol.com02/09/00-02:59:28 PM Z
Optimizing For Maximum Quality in a Pt/Pd Print
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/03/00-10:20:54 PM Z
 Sandy King02/06/00-02:18:18 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/26/00-08:28:21 PM Z
 Bob and Carla02/26/00-11:30:59 AM Z
 D. A. Saunders02/26/00-07:57:57 AM Z
 Bob Kiss02/25/00-09:35:23 PM Z
 Kerik717@aol.com02/22/00-01:06:41 PM Z
 Bob Kiss02/22/00-12:04:54 PM Z
Palladio Company UV unit w/ vacuum
 Carl Weese02/06/00-11:55:39 AM Z
 Robert Lyman02/05/00-08:10:02 PM Z
 Robert Lyman02/05/00-07:38:25 PM Z
 D. A. Saunders02/05/00-03:36:07 PM Z
Palladium prices
 Joachim02/17/00-09:08:01 PM Z
 James Romeo02/17/00-06:28:57 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/17/00-04:28:58 PM Z
 Lbmartin@aol.com02/17/00-04:01:36 PM Z
 Larry Watson02/17/00-01:36:17 PM Z
Peter's Valley
 Susan Bloom02/27/00-05:54:02 PM Z
pH Problem
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/22/00-09:06:46 PM Z
 Ray Rogers02/22/00-10:46:26 AM Z
Pictures of the Woodburytype press
 Mats Broberg02/15/00-11:26:56 AM Z
 John Deluca02/14/00-12:03:39 PM Z
 Jack Fulton02/14/00-11:01:50 AM Z
 mark dungan02/13/00-10:39:55 PM Z
 hisun.wong@citicorp.com02/13/00-10:03:42 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson02/13/00-09:47:05 PM Z
 Eric Boutilier-Brown02/13/00-09:25:03 PM Z
 RBikamera@cs.com02/13/00-08:51:41 PM Z
projection printing Polaroid
 Bill Collins02/07/00-11:49:46 AM Z
 Larry Watson02/05/00-11:32:34 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson02/05/00-07:00:53 PM Z
 James Romeo02/05/00-06:35:30 PM Z
 emily kate02/05/00-04:46:47 PM Z
PVA = GUM????
 Cor Breukel02/07/00-04:39:51 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer02/06/00-02:56:35 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer02/06/00-02:43:23 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/05/00-11:02:38 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/05/00-10:24:37 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/05/00-01:18:58 AM Z
 Katharine Thayer02/04/00-01:57:46 AM Z
 Ray Rogers02/04/00-09:29:13 AM Z
Q: preservative -- was: gum-Spirts of Salts
 Judy Seigel02/07/00-12:28:14 PM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/07/00-04:20:48 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/05/00-02:23:13 AM Z
 Andre Fuhrmann02/03/00-03:37:19 AM Z
Re : Cyanotype(?) question
 roger.kockaerts02/08/00-03:27:46 AM Z
Re : Dag info needed
 roger.kockaerts02/04/00-04:41:08 AM Z
 roger.kockaerts02/03/00-11:13:03 AM Z
Re : History of alt +
 roger.kockaerts02/07/00-04:07:10 AM Z
Re : mordancage kit
 roger.kockaerts02/19/00-04:38:17 AM Z
re Festival alternative Photography
 peter fredrick02/25/00-05:58:18 PM Z
 James Romeo02/18/00-10:05:24 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/22/00-05:57:28 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/22/00-04:53:24 PM Z
Silverprint No Problem !
 peter fredrick02/20/00-01:58:42 PM Z
 peter fredrick02/19/00-04:00:18 AM Z
Slides and a question
 David.Clark@Walsworth.com02/07/00-08:30:29 AM Z
 John Brubaker02/05/00-04:53:14 PM Z
 James Romeo02/05/00-03:56:35 PM Z
 stuart goldstein02/05/00-09:34:43 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/05/00-01:13:08 PM Z
 dean kansky02/05/00-12:51:04 PM Z
Stand Development
 Sandy King02/13/00-01:11:43 PM Z
Super XX
 Alexander L. Wallace02/14/00-07:26:15 AM Z
Supplier Silverprint problem
 Randall Webb02/19/00-10:08:25 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/18/00-04:22:02 PM Z
 James Romeo02/18/00-01:23:46 PM Z
 BillNoll@aol.com02/18/00-11:29:46 AM Z
 Brian Ellis02/18/00-10:26:08 AM Z
 James Romeo02/18/00-10:18:50 AM Z
 Ray Rogers02/17/00-09:26:04 AM Z
 James Romeo02/16/00-05:21:42 PM Z
 Nash Computer Technology02/16/00-03:02:54 PM Z
 James Romeo02/16/00-01:31:24 PM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/15/00-07:25:01 PM Z
 James Romeo02/15/00-05:15:30 PM Z
Supplier Silverprint problem (off topic)
 Peter Marshall02/19/00-03:57:06 AM Z
 Campos & Davis Photos02/18/00-04:28:28 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/18/00-02:19:47 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/18/00-12:41:58 PM Z
 David.Clark@Walsworth.com02/18/00-11:13:47 AM Z
Thank you all
 James Romeo02/21/00-05:51:55 PM Z
toner pigments, transfer lithography
 Garet Denise02/09/00-09:18:05 AM Z
 ira bartell02/07/00-07:02:04 PM Z
Transfer fluids
 Alan Elliott02/23/00-04:18:32 AM Z
transfer solvents
 alex chater02/12/00-04:07:31 AM Z
 Randall Webb02/11/00-06:17:06 PM Z
 Kirk Williams02/11/00-06:14:41 PM Z
 Kathryn Garrison02/11/00-10:23:01 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/11/00-12:17:58 AM Z
 Randall Webb02/10/00-05:31:52 PM Z
 dean kansky02/10/00-02:36:00 PM Z
transfer solvents, photo-silkscreen
 Judy Seigel02/20/00-11:45:45 PM Z
 Gregory Parkinson02/12/00-07:38:18 AM Z
 Barm50@aol.com02/22/00-05:43:54 PM Z
 Gary Miller02/21/00-09:02:00 PM Z
 RBikamera@cs.com02/21/00-08:19:43 PM Z
 RBikamera@cs.com02/21/00-08:13:54 PM Z
 Jonathan Long02/21/00-07:21:42 PM Z
 emily kate02/21/00-04:27:43 PM Z
 RBikamera@cs.com02/21/00-03:24:23 PM Z
Traveling Portfolio - Preliminary Announcement
 FotoDave@aol.com02/16/00-02:24:35 PM Z
Traveling Portfolio's Images Online
 FotoDave@aol.com02/16/00-02:26:43 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/16/00-02:16:00 PM Z
Two days with PT/PD
 Eric Neilsen02/13/00-06:39:44 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/13/00-11:44:03 AM Z
 fishy02/13/00-10:38:26 AM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/13/00-11:14:12 AM Z
 Carl Weese02/13/00-06:18:48 AM Z
 Nick Makris02/12/00-06:39:04 PM Z
UK Patents Office
 Mats Broberg02/16/00-02:36:15 PM Z
Unintentionary reading of email
 James Romeo02/26/00-10:32:33 AM Z
 peter fredrick02/26/00-10:01:48 PM Z
 Lukas Werth02/25/00-02:38:10 PM Z
Unsizing Paper
 FotoDave@aol.com02/17/00-10:02:01 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/17/00-12:51:43 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/16/00-09:34:55 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/16/00-07:48:29 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/16/00-01:45:37 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/09/00-10:21:25 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/09/00-09:57:42 AM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/09/00-09:23:44 AM Z
 Garet Denise02/09/00-09:07:18 AM Z
 Ray Rogers02/09/00-08:36:27 AM Z
 Liam Lawless02/08/00-09:09:20 PM Z
 FotoDave@aol.com02/08/00-08:14:39 PM Z
 Olivier GERARD02/03/00-11:02:20 AM Z
Update on UV lamp degradation
 Les Newcomer02/12/00-07:09:36 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/12/00-05:36:09 PM Z
 William Laven02/12/00-03:40:36 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/11/00-07:38:51 PM Z
 Michael Mutmansky02/11/00-05:02:08 PM Z
 Michael Mutmansky02/11/00-04:39:41 PM Z
 William Laven02/11/00-04:23:06 PM Z
 Michael Mutmansky02/11/00-09:33:22 AM Z
URL's in email
 erobkin@uwc.edu02/10/00-08:42:42 AM Z
UV sensitivity
 Judy Seigel02/29/00-07:41:40 PM Z
 Art Kerbs02/29/00-06:34:09 PM Z
water in the coating mixture
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/07/00-08:15:33 AM Z
What's in Kodak SII (or "S2") Activator Solution?
 Richard Knoppow02/09/00-06:37:45 PM Z
 Usuff Omar02/10/00-08:28:53 AM Z
Where do I get supplies?
 Robert Lyman02/05/00-02:15:37 PM Z
 Jonathan Long02/05/00-01:40:24 PM Z
Widow of Ansel Adams Dies Associated Press obit
 Richard Knoppow02/04/00-06:26:36 PM Z
William Mortensen Mystery
 Judy Seigel02/24/00-02:19:11 AM Z
 Steve Shapiro02/24/00-12:29:22 AM Z
 Judy Seigel02/22/00-11:58:40 PM Z
 Sil Horwitz02/22/00-09:36:48 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow02/22/00-08:39:34 PM Z
 Steve Shapiro02/22/00-07:52:20 PM Z
 Judy Seigel02/22/00-12:13:28 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson02/21/00-11:34:06 PM Z
 Joseph Arkins02/21/00-11:34:53 AM Z
 DENNIS KLINKER02/20/00-08:08:31 AM Z
Woodbury revisited!
 Mats Broberg02/13/00-10:48:26 AM Z
Woodburytype press
 Mats Broberg02/22/00-10:47:08 AM Z
Ziatype and Ammonium dichromate question
 Carl Weese02/08/00-07:17:20 AM Z
 Lukas Werth02/06/00-04:01:46 PM Z
 Jeffrey D. Mathias02/06/00-04:36:41 PM Z
 Carl Weese02/06/00-12:10:09 PM Z
 Lukas Werth02/06/00-10:05:55 AM Z
 Philippe Ayral02/06/00-07:04:34 AM Z

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