February 2006 Alt-Photo-Process-L By Subject

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"The Image Wrought" Alt Show in Austin, TX
 Dan Burkholder 02/02/06-09:25:47 PM Z
$2.6 million gum print?
 Lew 02/17/06-05:36:37 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/17/06-04:40:34 PM Z
 Gawain Weaver 02/17/06-10:27:11 AM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/16/06-11:07:17 PM Z
 Gawain Weaver 02/16/06-11:04:05 PM Z
 Bruce Pollock 02/16/06-10:09:42 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/16/06-09:27:15 PM Z
 Gawain Weaver 02/16/06-06:49:05 PM Z
 sam wang 02/16/06-06:37:48 PM Z
'Pond' Photo Sells for 2.9M, Sets Record
 REDROCKET 02/15/06-11:53:02 AM Z
 Eric Nelson 02/15/06-11:16:59 AM Z
(no subject)
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/16/06-02:02:05 AM Z
1st temperaprint
 dklinker 02/09/06-05:26:44 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/09/06-09:15:48 AM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/09/06-08:50:14 AM Z
 Alex Chater 02/09/06-02:14:50 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/08/06-09:37:02 PM Z
Address for Reply To
 Dave Soemarko 02/15/06-10:15:49 AM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/15/06-10:07:53 AM Z
Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 02/01/06-12:00:01 AM Z
Alt-photo Reminder
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 02/27/06-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 02/20/06-12:00:00 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 02/13/06-12:00:01 AM Z
 holtsg@duke.usask.ca 02/06/06-12:00:00 AM Z
any experience with da vinci brushes
 BOB KISS 02/25/06-11:35:12 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 02/24/06-04:00:35 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/24/06-02:26:31 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/24/06-02:16:10 AM Z
 Tom Hawkins 02/23/06-11:17:38 AM Z
 Kerik 02/23/06-11:02:16 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/23/06-10:58:36 AM Z
 Tom Hawkins 02/23/06-10:45:27 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/16/06-09:31:55 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 02/16/06-11:11:49 AM Z
 BOB KISS 02/16/06-08:02:49 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/16/06-08:01:12 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/16/06-07:57:11 AM Z
 BOB KISS 02/16/06-07:20:15 AM Z
 christine shepherd 02/10/06-04:22:49 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/10/06-12:19:49 AM Z
Art and Alternative Processes: Lecture and Exhibition by Terry King and O...
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-02:36:52 PM Z
Art and Alternative Processes: Lecture and Exhibition by Terry King and Open Competition
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/14/06-12:50:33 PM Z
article in Economist
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/15/06-09:40:49 AM Z
 Bill William 02/02/06-10:58:43 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/02/06-03:21:08 AM Z
 permadocument 02/02/06-02:12:12 AM Z
Best temperature to store Ziatype chemicals
 steve.muc@t-online.de 02/14/06-06:00:52 AM Z
 steve.muc@t-online.de 02/14/06-05:57:34 AM Z
 connector Pope 02/06/06-01:26:46 PM Z
Chemicals and Safety
 Kate M 02/19/06-10:15:39 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/19/06-06:17:29 PM Z
Chemistry and risk
 Bob Maxey 02/20/06-01:29:12 PM Z
 Kerik 02/20/06-11:02:11 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/20/06-11:00:01 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/19/06-08:51:28 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/19/06-05:31:29 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/19/06-03:10:41 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/19/06-02:16:49 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/19/06-01:55:00 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/17/06-09:50:09 PM Z
 BOB KISS 02/17/06-09:32:00 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/17/06-06:51:37 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/17/06-05:00:55 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/15/06-02:47:06 PM Z
 Kate M 02/15/06-01:10:08 PM Z
Chemistry and risk)
 Judy Seigel 02/21/06-01:32:12 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/21/06-01:09:21 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-11:59:28 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/21/06-10:07:05 AM Z
Choosing the best gum to pigment ratio.
 Paul Gega 02/15/06-10:38:39 AM Z
 Kate M 02/14/06-08:20:28 PM Z
 Paul Gega 02/14/06-11:50:35 AM Z
 Hamish Stewart 02/13/06-07:09:31 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/13/06-05:49:45 PM Z
 Paul Gega 02/13/06-05:30:29 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/13/06-05:19:58 PM Z
 paul gega 02/13/06-04:34:04 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/13/06-09:43:04 AM Z
 paul gega 02/13/06-09:31:17 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/13/06-08:51:13 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/13/06-08:39:18 AM Z
 paul gega 02/13/06-08:07:42 AM Z
Coating and/or conservating
 Richard Knoppow 02/08/06-04:54:57 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/08/06-02:56:22 PM Z
 Gawain Weaver 02/08/06-01:29:08 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 02/05/06-07:14:39 PM Z
 fb 02/05/06-05:23:16 PM Z
Coating prints with polyurethane wood finish
 Eric Neilsen 02/04/06-11:18:49 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/04/06-06:02:10 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/04/06-04:42:30 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/04/06-12:31:17 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/03/06-03:15:32 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/03/06-01:19:42 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/03/06-03:35:47 AM Z
 Bill William 02/03/06-02:11:19 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/03/06-01:13:12 AM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/02/06-08:42:36 PM Z
 Don Bryant 02/02/06-07:44:23 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/02/06-01:07:10 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/02/06-12:57:42 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/02/06-12:22:51 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/02/06-12:04:01 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/06/06-03:27:49 AM Z
Combo Prints
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/05/06-05:11:35 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/05/06-04:46:26 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/05/06-03:54:52 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/04/06-11:24:03 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/04/06-09:11:02 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/04/06-02:43:53 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/03/06-06:44:26 PM Z
 Keith Gerling 02/03/06-07:53:04 PM Z
Company in the Spotlight
 Fredric Harrington 02/06/06-06:04:32 AM Z
Contemporary Tintypes
 Ritab19106@aol.com 02/18/06-11:34:19 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/17/06-06:45:09 PM Z
 Best, Dianne 02/17/06-07:09:01 AM Z
 etienne garbaux 02/16/06-08:03:31 PM Z
 Ritab19106@aol.com 02/16/06-05:41:11 PM Z
converting an image to greyscale for diginegs
 Sandy King 02/12/06-09:10:11 AM Z
 Pam Niedermayer 02/11/06-11:35:38 PM Z
 Michael Healy 02/11/06-10:20:06 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/11/06-02:18:34 PM Z
 Don Bryant 02/11/06-02:16:59 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/11/06-01:26:57 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/20/06-07:12:52 AM Z
 sam wang 02/19/06-04:52:34 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/19/06-11:35:32 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/19/06-11:25:48 AM Z
 Richard Knoppow 02/18/06-06:23:37 PM Z
 sam wang 02/18/06-02:46:41 PM Z
 ryberg 02/18/06-11:19:30 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/18/06-08:40:16 AM Z
 sam wang 02/17/06-08:17:31 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/17/06-06:56:40 PM Z
 David & Jan Harris 02/16/06-04:33:10 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-12:31:26 PM Z
 T.E. Andersen 02/16/06-12:05:31 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/16/06-12:01:08 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/16/06-11:25:40 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-10:11:52 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 02/16/06-09:56:18 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-09:35:06 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-09:30:41 AM Z
 David & Jan Harris 02/16/06-09:10:25 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/16/06-08:55:53 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-08:33:25 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/16/06-08:18:10 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/16/06-02:15:53 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/16/06-12:14:38 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-11:53:34 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-10:55:08 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-10:48:45 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/15/06-09:31:39 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/15/06-09:55:17 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-09:30:04 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-09:20:44 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-08:59:45 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-08:22:40 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-02:50:47 AM Z
Cyanotype & Ferric Oxalate
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-12:01:01 AM Z
Cyanotype & Ferric Oxalate & APIS 2006 & Retro-invention & Herschel
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-12:13:01 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-02:24:38 PM Z
Cyanotype Eraser Maybe Reducer
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-12:16:58 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/15/06-10:31:30 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/15/06-10:22:25 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/15/06-09:09:37 PM Z
Cyanotype Reducer
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/02/06-12:20:55 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/02/06-12:04:57 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/02/06-12:01:08 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/01/06-07:35:52 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/16/06-02:25:48 PM Z
Cyanotypes in camera
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/17/06-04:01:44 AM Z
deep dark shadows monochromatic gum
 Paul Gega 02/13/06-04:38:54 PM Z
 Hamish Stewart 02/13/06-03:11:43 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/10/06-10:31:38 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/10/06-12:10:19 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/09/06-02:39:18 PM Z
 Tom Sobota 02/09/06-11:39:44 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/08/06-01:28:45 PM Z
 Marek Matusz 02/08/06-08:34:49 AM Z
 Tom Sobota 02/08/06-05:57:07 AM Z
 paul gega 02/08/06-01:40:22 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/07/06-10:13:10 PM Z
 Dave Rose 02/07/06-07:55:14 PM Z
 paul gega 02/07/06-04:42:21 PM Z
Developer for Van Dyck Brown Process
 Yves Gauvreau 02/23/06-03:24:44 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/23/06-03:04:13 PM Z
 Sandy King 02/23/06-02:54:02 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/23/06-01:51:26 PM Z
 Sandy King 02/23/06-01:35:18 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/23/06-01:30:28 PM Z
 Sandy King 02/23/06-12:57:09 PM Z
 Bruce.campbell@att.net 02/23/06-12:39:40 PM Z
Digital Negs - breaking the rules
 Eric Neilsen 02/18/06-11:24:44 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/18/06-05:13:20 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/18/06-04:50:25 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/17/06-09:40:17 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/17/06-09:10:37 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/17/06-06:03:02 AM Z
 Carlos Gasparinho 02/17/06-05:39:00 AM Z
Dissolving Ferric Oxalate Kallitype
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/10/06-02:22:03 PM Z
dissolving hardened gelatin
 Keith Gerling 02/13/06-12:44:39 PM Z
 Sam Wang 02/13/06-09:56:27 AM Z
 Keith Gerling 02/13/06-11:24:25 AM Z
Dry chemical
 Yves Gauvreau 02/20/06-09:06:55 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/20/06-07:07:47 PM Z
 Daniel Williams 02/20/06-06:40:37 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/20/06-06:28:03 PM Z
Epson 2200 and MIS inks
 Don Bryant 02/24/06-04:39:33 PM Z
 Marek Matusz 02/24/06-10:41:11 AM Z
Ferric Oxalate in the Uk
 john@johnbrewerphotography.com 02/06/06-01:47:03 PM Z
First gallery ' experience'
 Christopher Lovenguth 02/13/06-12:32:18 PM Z
 Charlie Goodwin 02/13/06-10:20:25 AM Z
 davidhatton@totalise.co.uk 02/13/06-09:06:02 AM Z
 Charlie Goodwin 02/13/06-01:55:34 AM Z
 A.E. Graves 02/12/06-07:51:25 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/10/06-07:24:32 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/09/06-03:56:53 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/09/06-02:22:55 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/09/06-07:18:53 AM Z
 Dave Rose 02/08/06-09:54:41 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/08/06-05:01:34 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 02/08/06-02:37:07 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/08/06-02:04:45 PM Z
 Kate Mocak 02/08/06-01:28:02 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/08/06-07:07:34 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/08/06-06:03:00 AM Z
 permadocument 02/08/06-03:48:50 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/08/06-03:34:22 AM Z
 permadocument 02/08/06-03:20:46 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/07/06-10:54:02 PM Z
 ethan+ 02/07/06-03:22:24 PM Z
 Kerik 02/07/06-03:19:46 PM Z
 Peter Howey 02/07/06-02:59:31 PM Z
 Kate Mocak 02/07/06-02:53:52 PM Z
First gallery ' experience']
 A.E. Graves 02/14/06-12:24:07 PM Z
 davidhatton@totalise.co.uk 02/14/06-09:00:06 AM Z
 A.E. Graves 02/13/06-05:21:12 PM Z
flat tonal scale / gum bichromate
 Dave Rose 02/12/06-10:54:36 AM Z
 paul gega 02/12/06-07:35:07 AM Z
Fwd: any experience with da vinci brushes
 Ender100@aol.com 02/23/06-12:10:10 PM Z
Fwd: Cyanotype
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-02:26:35 PM Z
Fwd: Cyanotype & Ferric Oxalate
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-02:27:09 PM Z
Fwd: Digital Negs - breaking the rules
 Ender100@aol.com 02/17/06-01:50:49 PM Z
Fwd: gas, outgassing, outsourcing, outgassing, gasouting, gout, goat gassing
 Ender100@aol.com 02/04/06-01:48:28 PM Z
Fwd: Nikon D200 (for alt)
 Pam Niedermayer 02/06/06-02:26:27 AM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/05/06-04:37:49 PM Z
Fwd: Retro-Invention: cyanotype rex, chrysotype rex and platinum
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/06/06-07:29:07 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/06/06-07:20:22 AM Z
Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown
 Ender100@aol.com 02/01/06-12:53:31 PM Z
Fwd: second attempt at this question about digital printing...
 Ender100@aol.com 02/15/06-09:50:22 PM Z
Fwd: spectral sensitivity of platinum/palladium and cyanotype coatings.
 Ender100@aol.com 02/21/06-03:07:05 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/21/06-01:44:57 PM Z
Fwd: using a scanner as a densitometer?
 Ender100@aol.com 02/22/06-02:17:12 PM Z
 Editor, P.O.V. Image Service 02/04/06-02:16:30 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/04/06-02:10:03 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/04/06-01:55:40 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/04/06-01:27:25 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/04/06-01:19:41 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/04/06-12:16:58 PM Z
Gelatin sizing/cyan/gum
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/13/06-08:42:44 AM Z
 paul gega 02/13/06-08:27:17 AM Z
Getting back into Cyanotype (classic formula)
 paul gega 02/13/06-08:14:57 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/12/06-02:31:18 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/12/06-09:22:50 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/11/06-11:46:25 PM Z
 john@johnbrewerphotography.com 02/10/06-05:30:09 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/10/06-02:31:43 PM Z
 REDROCKET 02/10/06-01:26:26 PM Z
Glassine Envelopes
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/13/06-11:52:05 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 02/13/06-04:18:33 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/13/06-02:59:01 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/13/06-02:39:29 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/13/06-01:58:45 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/13/06-01:47:57 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/13/06-12:36:56 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/13/06-12:10:53 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/13/06-12:28:42 PM Z
 Bob Maxey 02/13/06-02:24:49 AM Z
 Gawain Weaver 02/13/06-11:29:31 AM Z
 etienne garbaux 02/13/06-08:22:05 AM Z
 Louis de Stoutz 02/13/06-04:07:46 AM Z
 etienne garbaux 02/13/06-12:27:29 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/12/06-11:53:18 PM Z
 etienne garbaux 02/12/06-05:39:59 PM Z
 Pam Niedermayer 02/12/06-04:31:50 PM Z
 John C. 02/12/06-04:32:09 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/12/06-01:04:55 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/12/06-10:10:47 AM Z
Gum & dmax
 Lew 02/17/06-11:55:50 AM Z
gum bichromate - classical pigments set.
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/08/06-08:35:05 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/08/06-08:26:22 PM Z
 paul gega 02/08/06-03:15:00 PM Z
Has any one used DCP varnish for alt prints?
 Eric Neilsen 02/01/06-09:13:13 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/18/06-11:05:02 AM Z
 Carlos Gasparinho 02/16/06-02:20:20 PM Z
Hey, Christina!!
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/03/06-03:31:48 PM Z
 Sandy King 02/03/06-02:48:06 PM Z
 Kerik 02/03/06-02:42:10 PM Z
ink jet cost
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/03/06-03:12:09 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/03/06-02:23:06 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/03/06-02:14:35 PM Z
lessons in making digital negatives
 Kees Brandenburg 02/28/06-08:21:53 AM Z
 Francie van der Wielen fotografie 02/28/06-06:00:50 AM Z
Liam Lawless
 Judy Seigel 02/01/06-12:40:46 AM Z
Mental Patients wanted for Photography Position
 john@johnbrewerphotography.com 02/19/06-04:57:20 PM Z
 John C. 02/19/06-11:17:55 AM Z
 Witho Worms 02/03/06-06:40:41 AM Z
missing posts
 John Roseborough 02/15/06-10:41:53 PM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/15/06-10:15:46 PM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/15/06-10:12:38 PM Z
 etienne garbaux 02/15/06-09:53:29 PM Z
 etienne garbaux 02/15/06-09:41:41 PM Z
Nikon D200 (for alt)
 John 02/11/06-12:45:54 AM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/10/06-10:18:06 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/09/06-10:47:19 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/09/06-01:43:48 PM Z
 Peter Marshall 02/07/06-04:03:54 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/07/06-09:05:06 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/07/06-08:10:52 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/07/06-01:48:24 AM Z
 Pam Niedermayer 02/06/06-04:47:03 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/06/06-01:59:26 PM Z
 Rodolpho Pajuaba 02/06/06-01:51:56 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/06/06-01:03:32 PM Z
 Rodolpho Pajuaba 02/06/06-12:57:13 PM Z
 Rhody Simpatiko 02/06/06-12:52:37 PM Z
 Kerik 02/06/06-12:47:30 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/06/06-12:37:28 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 02/06/06-10:29:04 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/06/06-10:40:19 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/06/06-09:57:33 AM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/06/06-08:30:09 AM Z
 Pam Niedermayer 02/05/06-04:23:51 PM Z
 Mark Kronquist 02/05/06-03:12:59 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/05/06-01:47:58 PM Z
 Marek Matusz 02/05/06-12:42:05 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/05/06-11:35:26 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/05/06-09:41:34 AM Z
off topic warning about purchasing cameras online
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/20/06-04:20:53 PM Z
 Grillo Michael 02/20/06-02:16:34 PM Z
 Mark Kronquist 02/19/06-04:44:17 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/19/06-01:49:08 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/19/06-01:40:40 PM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/18/06-04:03:35 PM Z
 Pam Niedermayer 02/18/06-04:01:37 PM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/18/06-03:41:38 PM Z
 Thom Mitchell 02/18/06-03:21:47 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/18/06-03:07:08 PM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/18/06-02:36:56 PM Z
off topic warning about purchasing cameras online from ***holes
 Ender100@aol.com 02/18/06-02:53:21 PM Z
opportunity in PA
 jt allen 02/15/06-06:40:11 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/15/06-08:06:43 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/15/06-01:09:04 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/15/06-01:42:58 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/15/06-01:22:22 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/15/06-01:12:19 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/14/06-11:54:14 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/14/06-10:09:49 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/14/06-04:23:24 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/16/06-01:18:03 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-12:19:01 PM Z
 T.E. Andersen 02/16/06-12:05:17 PM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/16/06-05:11:41 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/16/06-04:58:13 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/16/06-04:44:22 AM Z
 Breukel, C. (HKG) 02/16/06-04:08:59 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/15/06-08:13:00 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-10:49:40 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/15/06-10:36:06 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-10:25:50 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/15/06-09:51:11 AM Z
 Warren Wilson 02/21/06-11:12:15 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/21/06-04:26:18 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-03:54:01 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/21/06-03:32:33 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/21/06-03:06:47 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 02/21/06-02:55:39 AM Z
 Kees Brandenburg 02/21/06-02:40:53 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/21/06-02:43:21 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-02:23:14 AM Z
Pictorico & Translucent II
 Kees Brandenburg 02/21/06-04:00:57 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-03:25:10 AM Z
Pictorico for Zone Plate
 Tom Ferguson 02/22/06-09:15:47 AM Z
 T.E. Andersen 02/22/06-07:57:05 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/22/06-07:21:18 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/22/06-02:52:03 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/21/06-10:34:07 PM Z
 Daniel Williams 02/21/06-11:02:07 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/21/06-09:20:16 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/21/06-12:02:13 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/20/06-03:36:35 PM Z
Pictorico in a Vacuum Frame
 Jon Lybrook 02/28/06-05:02:52 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/27/06-12:24:22 PM Z
 jpptprnt1@verizon.net 02/27/06-10:50:09 AM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/26/06-08:51:29 PM Z
 jpptprnt1@verizon.net 02/26/06-12:27:36 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/24/06-06:31:50 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/24/06-04:46:07 PM Z
 Jeremy Moore 02/24/06-02:42:49 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/24/06-02:24:17 PM Z
Pictorico OHP seetings for an Epson R220 printer
 REDROCKET 02/14/06-12:15:52 AM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/13/06-10:58:29 PM Z
 REDROCKET 02/13/06-10:26:27 PM Z
postcards (off topic)
 Janet Neuhauser 02/15/06-07:36:08 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/15/06-08:09:01 AM Z
 Michael Healy 02/15/06-07:46:04 AM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/15/06-09:49:47 AM Z
 Matt Magruder 02/15/06-06:35:04 AM Z
 Janet Neuhauser 02/14/06-07:41:38 PM Z
Premier Universal Clear Film -- anyone used it?
 Jordan Wosnick 02/21/06-10:34:19 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/21/06-10:27:56 AM Z
 Jordan Wosnick 02/21/06-09:47:05 AM Z
Quarz Halogen light source
 Joe Smigiel 02/03/06-06:40:49 AM Z
 davidhatton@totalise.co.uk 02/03/06-05:01:05 AM Z
 davidhatton@totalise.co.uk 02/03/06-04:57:19 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/02/06-04:43:48 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/02/06-01:27:56 PM Z
 davidhatton@totalise.co.uk 02/02/06-10:45:59 AM Z
Retro-Invention: cyanotype rex, chrysotype rex and platinum
 Loris Medici 02/07/06-12:43:22 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/06/06-04:44:49 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/06/06-01:49:04 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/06/06-01:29:12 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/06/06-07:42:04 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/06/06-07:14:45 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/06/06-06:38:38 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/03/06-07:16:19 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/02/06-11:51:28 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/02/06-07:48:58 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/02/06-07:40:06 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/02/06-07:30:01 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/02/06-06:32:14 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/02/06-06:10:29 AM Z
second attempt at this question about digital printing...
 Lambert McLaurin 02/16/06-09:42:18 AM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 02/15/06-04:12:04 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 02/15/06-04:07:35 PM Z
 BOB KISS 02/10/06-03:01:48 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/21/06-12:59:40 PM Z
 Tom Ferguson 02/21/06-09:37:30 AM Z
 Don Bryant 02/21/06-06:49:08 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/21/06-06:02:03 AM Z
 Hamish Stewart 02/21/06-05:46:16 AM Z
 kris 02/21/06-09:27:12 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/21/06-09:12:59 AM Z
spectral sensitivity of platinum/palladium and cyanotype coatings.
 Kerik 02/21/06-11:56:06 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-11:51:42 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-11:34:27 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/21/06-11:30:49 AM Z
 T.E. Andersen 02/21/06-11:12:50 AM Z
 Sandy King 02/21/06-10:40:07 AM Z
 wcharmon@wt.net 02/21/06-10:10:14 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-09:41:28 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/21/06-09:34:17 AM Z
 Clay 02/21/06-08:11:33 AM Z
 Sandy King 02/21/06-07:26:32 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/21/06-03:52:06 AM Z
spectral sensitivity of platinum/palladium and cyanotype coatings.)
 Loris Medici 02/24/06-02:07:42 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/24/06-08:58:22 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/23/06-02:28:16 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/22/06-01:29:21 PM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/22/06-01:11:27 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/22/06-02:49:49 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/21/06-05:25:38 PM Z
st armand canal paper
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/27/06-11:21:47 PM Z
Stouffer wedge (was VDB is "Brownprint" process?)
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:26:52 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:26:01 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:25:29 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:24:52 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:24:19 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:22:10 AM Z
 Sandy King 02/23/06-02:45:50 PM Z
 Richard Knoppow 02/23/06-02:37:03 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/23/06-01:42:21 PM Z
 Grace Taylor 02/23/06-12:40:09 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/23/06-11:17:07 AM Z
 pulpfic@sunshinecable.com 02/23/06-10:18:06 AM Z
taking care of "the magic brush"
 Ender100@aol.com 02/04/06-02:26:36 AM Z
 Venkatram Iyer 02/04/06-01:28:21 AM Z
 Carmen Lizardo 02/03/06-02:59:01 PM Z
temperaprint & foaming
 Loris Medici 02/15/06-02:30:56 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/14/06-08:56:14 PM Z
 martinm 02/14/06-11:11:38 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/14/06-06:43:23 AM Z
 martinm 02/14/06-06:17:04 AM Z
 Alex Chater 02/14/06-05:13:43 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 02/14/06-04:26:42 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 02/14/06-04:21:26 AM Z
 dklinker 02/13/06-02:44:37 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/13/06-01:49:53 PM Z
 Dave Soemarko 02/13/06-01:00:26 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/13/06-12:15:39 PM Z
tempraprint why yupo
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/16/06-05:46:41 PM Z
 dklinker 02/16/06-03:36:33 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/15/06-03:54:58 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 02/15/06-03:53:40 AM Z
 dklinker 02/14/06-03:23:31 PM Z
 bsinger 02/14/06-11:31:59 AM Z
Terry King London Talk & Exhibition this week.
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/19/06-09:28:31 AM Z
 jamesromeo 02/28/06-10:23:11 PM Z
 John C. 02/27/06-12:36:26 AM Z
 alt-list 02/26/06-10:23:39 AM Z
 alt-list 02/25/06-04:16:02 PM Z
 John Grocott 02/19/06-02:14:09 PM Z
 John Roseborough 02/15/06-10:57:52 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/11/06-08:16:25 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/03/06-05:26:14 AM Z
TEST & Direct Carbon ?
 John Grocott 02/19/06-06:31:53 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/19/06-02:58:37 PM Z
Test - Please Ignore
 Dave Soemarko 02/09/06-08:45:39 AM Z
Test message - Delete
 Don Bryant 02/24/06-06:01:06 PM Z
the posting problem
 Alberto Novo 02/03/06-05:34:20 AM Z
 Temi 02/02/06-05:08:09 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/01/06-05:26:33 PM Z
 John 02/04/06-05:49:14 PM Z
 Judy Seigel 02/01/06-01:34:01 AM Z
Time (and OT motorcycle commentary and URL)
 Arie Knoops 02/07/06-09:33:01 AM Z
 Pam Niedermayer 02/05/06-05:50:43 AM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/04/06-10:23:54 PM Z
 John 02/04/06-09:58:54 PM Z
 Dan Burkholder 02/04/06-08:50:13 PM Z
Two questions regarding Gluteraldahyde
 Keith Gerling 02/15/06-01:01:52 PM Z
 dsb.kiz@gmx.de 02/21/06-06:53:46 AM Z
 ben.hamilton@orica.com 02/19/06-04:33:19 PM Z
uses for graded paper stock??
 Sandy King 02/18/06-11:05:09 AM Z
 Eric Neilsen 02/17/06-11:06:55 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/17/06-09:34:06 PM Z
using a scanner as a densitometer?
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/23/06-12:30:57 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/23/06-12:21:37 AM Z
 Liam Lawless 02/22/06-10:08:32 PM Z
 Michael Koch-Schulte 02/22/06-09:52:34 PM Z
 Kai Hamann 02/22/06-09:27:05 PM Z
 Jack Fulton 02/22/06-07:02:53 PM Z
 Liam Lawless 02/22/06-02:10:04 PM Z
 Ender100@aol.com 02/22/06-01:09:15 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/22/06-08:21:04 AM Z
 T.E. Andersen 02/22/06-07:33:37 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/22/06-06:53:49 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/22/06-06:38:12 AM Z
 Alberto Novo 02/22/06-03:10:22 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/21/06-02:13:37 PM Z
 Alan Mynett 02/21/06-01:29:14 PM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/21/06-01:08:24 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/21/06-12:38:15 PM Z
 ryberg 02/21/06-11:27:53 AM Z
using a scanner as a densitometer? II
 roman sokoler 02/21/06-12:05:00 PM Z
 john@johnbrewerphotography.com 02/21/06-11:44:21 AM Z
UV Unit
 Schuyler Grace 02/21/06-04:06:14 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/21/06-03:32:26 PM Z
 Jon Lybrook 02/21/06-03:00:54 PM Z
 Schuyler Grace 02/21/06-02:44:36 PM Z
 Gerry Giliberti 02/21/06-02:31:39 PM Z
Van Dyke toning trying to remember...
 Daniel Williams 02/24/06-05:59:48 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/24/06-05:43:11 PM Z
 Christopher Lovenguth 02/24/06-05:31:14 PM Z
Vandyke colors?
 Yves Gauvreau 02/28/06-10:10:28 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/28/06-07:45:20 AM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/28/06-07:35:23 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/28/06-02:28:35 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/28/06-02:24:26 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/27/06-06:55:37 PM Z
 Joe Smigiel 02/27/06-06:16:33 PM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/27/06-04:47:05 PM Z
VDB is "Brownprint" process?
 Susan Huber 02/25/06-06:37:05 PM Z
 Susan Huber 02/24/06-07:27:55 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/23/06-08:55:09 AM Z
 Yves Gauvreau 02/23/06-08:34:11 AM Z
 Sandy King 02/23/06-07:37:19 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/23/06-07:40:44 AM Z
 Susan Huber 02/23/06-07:16:00 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/23/06-06:09:24 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/23/06-05:52:17 AM Z
Why use cyanotype in-camera?
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/18/06-02:32:04 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/18/06-02:25:22 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/17/06-09:20:25 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/17/06-04:22:48 PM Z
 Loris Medici 02/17/06-11:49:49 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/17/06-11:41:30 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/17/06-03:42:55 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/17/06-02:50:48 AM Z
 Ryuji Suzuki 02/17/06-01:38:29 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/09/06-10:46:41 AM Z
 Kerik 02/09/06-08:48:18 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 02/09/06-04:09:12 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/09/06-02:48:52 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/09/06-01:19:57 AM Z
 Christina Z. Anderson 02/08/06-01:55:14 PM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/08/06-09:24:20 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/08/06-08:50:30 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/08/06-08:38:58 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/08/06-08:08:08 AM Z
 Clay 02/08/06-05:43:53 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/08/06-03:46:31 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/08/06-03:43:21 AM Z
 Hellena Cleary 02/08/06-03:31:26 AM Z
 Don Bryant 02/07/06-09:19:30 AM Z
 Kerik 02/07/06-09:13:34 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/07/06-09:09:14 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/07/06-08:48:57 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/07/06-06:35:23 AM Z
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/07/06-06:16:42 AM Z
yupo & casein
 Sam Wang 02/07/06-08:11:54 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/07/06-12:53:52 AM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/06/06-05:41:40 PM Z
Yupo and foam rollers
 TERRYAKING@aol.com 02/08/06-02:50:03 AM Z
yupo and gum
 Marek Matusz 02/03/06-08:08:42 AM Z
 Loris Medici 02/03/06-03:26:51 AM Z
 Sandy King 02/02/06-05:47:56 PM Z
 Gordon J. Holtslander 02/02/06-05:09:58 PM Z

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